When Suri Cruise Hides Her Face, Stop Taking Her Goddamn Picture

When it comes to celebrities versus the paparazzi I will almost always go to bat for the paps because despite what pampered stars who work three months out of the year say, taking their picture is a real job. It’s called supply and demand. Not to mention, without the paparazzi this site would be dead in the water, and then we’d all be denied snapshots of life’s foibles like this gem. That being said, when a five-year-old little girl who’s the only celebrity around shields her face because you’re scaring the shit out of her, put your camera down and walk the fuck way. And, seriously, there’s an entire set of these I didn’t download out of.. principle? Am I using that word right? It’s new to me. Anyway, yes, Suri Cruise is adorable and nobody really knows how she got here because it sure wasn’t intercourse – I like to imagine she burst out of an egg like the facehuggers in Aliens. – that doesn’t give you carte blanche to frighten the piss out of her.

Now, on the other side of that token, if someone like Nicole Richie hides her face because she forgot her make-up, you take that whore’s picture like it’s the goddamn antidote. Shit, chase her in her car. No one cares.

Photos: Flynet, Splash News