Stop Fapping To Jennette McCurdy’s Sexy Instagrams, Gross Boys

July 24th, 2014 // 20 Comments

Above are Jennette McCurdy‘s leaked photos that I posted just so I had an excuse to write “Jennette McCurdy leaked photos” and make a million Internet dollars. (Redeemable for one free cat photo.) And below is her latest Instagram photo because Sam & Cat is officially cancelled, so it’s not like Nickelodeon can fire her for sexy pictures twice. She’d also prefer it if gross boys don’t look at it and go “fap fap fap” because it’s clearly an artistic expression of her butt in case you couldn’t tell by the caption:

#nofilter #datass #fapfapfap #eww #boysaregross

And Jennette’s right. Can’t a girl pose seductively in her panties on the Internet without some jerk getting an erection in the privacy of his own home? Or is this one of those times when I’m supposed to check my privilege? She’s in her underwear on Instagram! It’s not like dudes are breaking into her house. *hides grappling hook*

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  1. joe blow


  2. SuperJ

    What an asshole she is. It’s like taking someone to the Grand Canyon and saying, “Don’t look at the big hole in the ground”.

  3. I bet she can’t be more dumb even if she tries xD I want to point out two things.

    1) the obvious one, don’t post picture in underwear and make those remarks.

    2) Even more stupid that picture is not that hot, if somebody wants to fap with a picture I bet that he can find millions of picture millions time hotter than that one.

    So Jennette get over yourself you’re not all that.

    • Not So Hot...

      I see sexier, more revealing pictures on the cover
      of the JC Penney’s mailer, every Wednesday.

  4. Miley Cyrusis aslut

    Or she is acknowledging that boys are gonna look and go “fapfapfap”, and making fun of the fact….Who cares what he reasoning is…she posted it for people to see,,,so…..LOOK!

  5. … Bof. Seriously, nothing worth wasting a few minutes flapping over.

  6. JimBB

    What has the world come to when a teenager can’t pose doggy style in skimpy underwear in public without people getting all hot and bothered about it??

    America, I just don’t know you anymore!!!

  7. Deacon Jones

    I swear to God I was creeping on her Instagram page today, I def. missed this one, hahaha

  8. That Dude

    This girl’s See-you-next-Tuesday-ism is slowing and quietly inching toward Kanye level

  9. Visible

    I blame the patriarchy

  10. acad

    I’d hit that until recess was over.

  11. yourmom

    #datassfail #watass?

  12. Daemon8666

    So she thinks it’s totally gross but is willing to let that go because she knows it keeps her relevant? And not just let it go but obviously feed into it? Hell her face isn’t even in the shot, it literally only T&A. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

    But the guys jerking off are the disgusting ones.

  13. If only she didn’t have a chipmunk for a head.

  14. That’s some nice white girl ass. Nothing in the world can stop me from fapping to it. I’m gonna have to give her Instagram a looksee.

  15. John

    McCurdy has become such a classless loser! Sarcastic or not, it makes her look like a tramp who only posts such trash just for the attention. Yeah, I’m sure she’ll get a lot of guys to “fap” to this! Posting such ridiculous hashtags with this photo only proves how screwed up and desperate this girl really is. The fact of the matter is that she needs serious help….and now! So yes McCurdy, keep posting suggestive photos to your Instagram and see how far it advances your so-called “career.” By the way, good luck with all of that!

    “The Soul selects her own Society–
    Then–shuts the Door–”

    -Emily Dickinson

  16. anna


    Does this mean she perfers the likes of Samantha Ronson?

  17. 18-Jermaine McCurdy

    This is getting really quite awful for fans and other former hoes out there, a huge increase by 35% of idiots and anonymous dirty comments that take things way too far indefinitely.

  18. James

    Will someone please xray the photo with the white shirt and shorts?

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