Steven Tyler loved by brides of Christ (And also Jugs McCleavageston here)

Steven Tyler (seen here with girlfriend Erin “Just want you to know I have breasts” Brady) reportedly stopped into a SoHo Starbucks yesterday and almost caused a sister of the church to strip off her habit, according to Page Six:

A witness reports a nun went “crazy” upon realizing that the man next to her in line was the Aerosmith frontman. According to our spy, the nun started jumping up and down and yelling to Tyler “Have a good day” and, “I can’t believe that you are in my Starbucks.”

I had no idea Jesus’ brides were allowed to listen to Devil music and also drink non-blessed coffee. I’m sure they stir it with a crucifix, but what’s next? Blogging? Sorry, but I’m not competing with Sister Big’uns Holy Cathedral of Especially considering that was my original name for this site. The Superficial? What was I smoking…