Steven Tyler loved by brides of Christ (And also Jugs McCleavageston here)

June 25th, 2008 // 70 Comments

Steven Tyler (seen here with girlfriend Erin “Just want you to know I have breasts” Brady) reportedly stopped into a SoHo Starbucks yesterday and almost caused a sister of the church to strip off her habit, according to Page Six:

A witness reports a nun went “crazy” upon realizing that the man next to her in line was the Aerosmith frontman. According to our spy, the nun started jumping up and down and yelling to Tyler “Have a good day” and, “I can’t believe that you are in my Starbucks.”

I had no idea Jesus’ brides were allowed to listen to Devil music and also drink non-blessed coffee. I’m sure they stir it with a crucifix, but what’s next? Blogging? Sorry, but I’m not competing with Sister Big’uns Holy Cathedral of Especially considering that was my original name for this site. The Superficial? What was I smoking…


  1. me

    ew… ick… ugh…

  2. surlywench

    Someone tell S.Tyler he needs to give Paris Hilton back her legs.

  3. veggi

    weekend at bernies.. ?

  4. JonBenet Gesserit

    Steven Tyler is in your Starbucks,
    making you feel all oogly.


    oh, yeah, FRIST, sorry, almost forgot…

  5. Deacon Jones

    @4 HA!

    I expected he had better taste in women, even if he is 87

  6. joan buyass

    Now that’s a man’s man

  7. Juliana

    I love Steven Tyler and I would FUC%&$· him if he just crossed my path…

    Oh! And I would gladly hurt all women near him in a heartbeat… ;)

  8. Captain-Insano

    She’s hot in a wholesome-at-the-same-time-slutty looking way. There is nothing wrong with walking around with your boobs-a-boucin’ and a-swingin’ ladies.

  9. ph7

    I love that dirty little groupie slut he’s with. She’ll do anything, I’m sure.

  10. @8
    Hey Juliana
    I kinda almost look like Steven and it’s been a really long time since I took my two inch wonder for a spin. So would ya do me?

  11. Deacon Jones


    Of course, she has a permanent “Fuck me Face”

  12. is a nun who blogs and gave me some Catholicism tips on a main character in a series of novellas I’m finishing up. Sacriliscious.

  13. Reginald RumpALot

    She looks like she needs her face glazed.

  14. some regular

    I want to know what Deacon Jones looks like. Please describe.

  15. Chupacabra

    Is that outfit really day-time or night-time? I mean, come on. Trying too hard, much?

  16. havoc

    I got a feeling this guy would do a nun….no problem.


  17. @11 You are pretty funny troll. You should not over exaggerate how big your dick is.

  18. hot mess

    @12 Deacon Jones

    Those are her tits.

  19. @12 Deacon, She looks like she has a mouth full of Steven’s man jam when they took the picture..

  20. Jimbo/Veggi/Frist!!!

    Just a reminder to all Trolls
    8pm tonight
    You know the chat room

  21. Nothing wrong with her outfit at all. you should take the boobies out for some air every day. that’s one of the things that make this country great!

    oh, #1 – you are a douche

  22. Deacon Jones

    @19 What do you mean? That theyre natural?

    She definitely dabbles in some “ATM”, Im sure some fellow porn hobbists know what this stands for?

  23. havoc

    Yep, she’s pretty hot and certainly no stranger to a healthy dose of baby batter.

    Pick your orifice……


  24. You know someone is going to ask what ATM mean!!

  25. #22 I like her outfit as well. I think I’m going to get me one just like it and wear it to work, maybe I will finally get a raise. Either that or fired. Or they might just give me the rest of the day off..

    #21 WTC??? I was never informed of a chatroom..

  26. Oh, nevermind, duh I’m not a troll..

  27. Just like so many other guys, once the deed is done he’s not that into her as she is into him! Look how SHE is the one doing the holding and in one pik Steven looks like he’s even pulling away!!! What is it guys? Is it just girly to be all affectionate or is Steven just with her for the sex?

  28. huh

    Hey does anybody know what ATM mean?

  29. NY Ted

    It just proves the theory…even if you’re a homely looking skinny rake with no chin who abused himself as a heroin junkie and sings like a cat being skinned over a open fire…that as long as you have MONEY…you too can have big boobed bimbos around your arm!

  30. mike

    @29, Yes, it means my Ass To your Mouth

  31. @31 So it means EATING ass? I thought atm meant the girl gets it in the back door and when the guys about to blow he pulls it out and loads it into her mouth. Which is it?

  32. mike

    @32 Carolina, for #29, it means eating ass. For everyone else it means what you think it means..

  33. mamadough

    if i was a nun, i would masterbate everyday, pretty much til the point where i couldn’t walk….which i guess would make praying easier, right?

  34. nerdkiller

    WTF is this jackass wearing?! I saw him at Sony Studios once and did a double take “woh it’s Mick Jag… aw fuck its just that fucking douche”. Aerosmith is for the dorky parents who didn’t do coke and ludes in the 70s.

  35. Thanks Mike. Your sweet.

  36. Deacon Jones

    ATM =Ass to Mouth – One of Max Hardcore’s favorite moves…

  37. pistola

    he is fucking amazing. there is nothing else to say about this man.

  38. boo

    I think pretty much everyone who comes to this site can tell the difference between the regular posters and the troll(s).

  39. Holly

    Hot pictures.

    hmm i thought ATM meant at the moment

  40. dave

    i dont see any JUGS, or CLEAVAGE, i see some skinny chick in a bad fitting pleather dress chain smoking. not cute.

  41. Angry Lawyer

    What a little twerp he is…I mean, her left can probably weighs more than he does. Mmm…cans.

  42. Buzzy

    What is Sigourney Weaver doing with that skinny broad, anyway?

  43. LL

    He’s gross. He’s always been kinda gross, but now he’s old and gross.

  44. WTF

    He still stuffs a sock in his pants! Does he really think that anyone over 9 doesn’t know. What a dipshit!!!

  45. Spiraticus

    Gross, lol at the weekend at Bernie’s comment.

  46. Spiraticus

    Gross, lol at the weekend at Bernie’s comment.

  47. Hamper Lint

    I’d fuck him …

  48. mona rodriguez

    I love Steven and as long as this girl is good for him and makes him happy shes ok to me. And to all the hateful ,disrespectful people get a life and if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I love you Steven and you look so good. I pray for you everynight. God Bless you and your family.

  49. snarkymalarky

    Come on, everyone knows this…ATM means automatic teller machine
    Ok, just kidding, I do know the sexual definition. What movie was ATM mentioned in? Wasn’t it some Jay & Silent Bob movie? Thats where I got learn-d.

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