Stephen Dorff Is On A ‘Campaign Of Terror’ Against Leilani Dowding

If you’re wondering just how slow things get in the entertainment business right before the Oscars, you’re reading a post about Stephen Dorff harassing a British reality star he banged a couple times before moving on to her friends. The intrigue is simply palpable! RadarOnline reports:

“They were absolutely inseparable and Stephen told Leilani that he was falling in love with her. She had very strong feelings for him as well,” a source close to the situation tells “However, one night they went out to a club and Stephen began flirting with one of Leilani’s friends and she questioned him about it when they got got home later that evening and things took a real nose dive.
“Stephen went ballistic and that was the first time she got a glimpse of his temper. She became fearful of him at that point and removed herself from the situation. The two ended their relationship shortly after that night, but that was only the beginning of the nightmare for Leilani.”
Leiliani began receiving menacing text messages from Dorff that threatened her life.
“As soon as they broke up, the text messages and Blackberry BBM messages began. Stephen sent Leilani a text message that said, ‘you need to go back to England in a box.'”

I don’t know how many Stephen Dorff admirers there are out there, but he apparently ends relationships by wishing you’d travel back to your homeland in a coffin so put that one in your vagina and let it pickle.

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Photos: INFdaily, Pacific Coast News