Stephen Collins: ‘I’m Not A Pedophile’

To most people, when you force three young girls roughly ten years of age to pleasure you sexually, that’s basically the exact definition of a pedophile. But if you’re Stephen Collins, flawed human being who’s been forgiven by the love of Christ, that doesn’t count. You’re merely a person who gave into “distortion in thinking.” A small “oopsie” if you will. Three times. With children. That people know of. Gawker reports:

“A pedophile is someone who is mainly or wholly attracted to children. I’m not,” he tells Couric. “I had a distortion in my thinking where I acted out in those ways. But I’m absolutely not attracted, physically or sexually attracted to children. I’m just not.”
Couric follows up, asking the actor, “If you’re not a pedophile, then how would you describe your particular pathology?”After a pregnant pause, he responds, “I think I’m someone who gave in, several times, to exhibitonistic urges. Someone who had big boundary issues as a young man and beyond that… to an extent.”

And because Stephen Collins no longer has an agent or a publicist who should’ve never in a million years let this interview happened, he proceeded to say how a woman once exposed himself to him when he was “10 or 15″ – one of those – but not that he’s blaming her for his actions. You could infer that, but he’s not explicitly saying that. Just so we’re all clear on this incident that might conveniently excuse molesting kids if you wanted to look at it that way. Again, your choice:

Collins also revealed to Couric something about his own childhood that he said may have contributed to his behavior. “I did have someone in my life when I was between the age of about 10 and 15, an older woman, who repeatedly exposed herself to me.” He stopped short of blaming the woman for his actions.
“I did these things because, for whatever reasons — and I tried very hard in the last 20 years to understand. I did them. I’m not saying, you know, this woman did this, and therefore I did it.”

Just to bring everyone up to speed, Stephen Collins admits he molested the three children he confessed to on a leaked audio recording – And only those three! – but the important thing is Jesus forgave him already and he dealt with it privately which conveniently included not apologizing to his victims because a therapist supposedly told him that would make things worse, and he’s not a pedophile because sexually assaulting children doesn’t mean you’re attracted to them, he’s just still confused by a woman exposing himself to her when he was 10, or maybe 15. Not that he’s saying it’s all her fault, but let’s be honest, you can’t completely blame him for all of this. Yup, this is all sounds remarkably healthy, and not all the compartmentalized rantings of a narcissist. Get this man back on TV! He’s suffered enough, you animals.

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