Stephen Collins To Faye Grant: ‘Now I Can’t Make Money Anymore. FACE.’

“Aw yeah, totally can’t make money anymore because people think I’m a child molester. SUCK IT!”

Now that Stephen Collins is a complete Hollywood pariah after he allegedly confessed to molesting children during a therapy session secretly recorded by his wife Faye Grant, he and his lawyer thought it’d be clever to point out that she just screwed herself out of half of his future income by trying to bring an alleged pedophile to light. Because that’s what important here: the money. TMZ reports:

Collins’ lawyer filed new legal docs — obtained by TMZ — in which he says the divorce trial between the actor and Faye Grant just got a whole lot easier, because there won’t be a fight over future income.
Collins’ lawyer says, “Faye’s decision to parade that recording … has resulted in Stephen having no income other than investment income and pension income.”

And here’s the part where you break out your violins:

His lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, adds, “Stephen suffers greatly from the pillaring (sic) by the media surrounding Faye’s unlawful recording.”

Notice how nobody’s denying the contents of the recording, but I mean, what kind of bitch does that and gives it to the police? Doesn’t she realize how much money she just lost? Money is precious. You have to protect money. If money isn’t treated with the utmost of care, what does that say about us as a society? I’m literally about to break out in song. ♫ I believe that money is our future, teach it well and let it lead the way… ♫

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