Stephen Collins Won’t Be Charged With Child Molestation. Yup.

Despite audio tapes where he allegedly confesses to molesting several children, Stephen Collins will not be facing any charges from the recently re-opened investigations by the NYPD and LAPD because the statute of limitations has expired. So not only is that awful, but I’m pretty sure this is how Freddy Krueger got started, and now we have to deal with that shit. Nobody go to sleep! TMZ reports:

TMZ posted audio of Collins confessing to wife Faye Grant that he molested and/or exposed himself to 3 girls … ages 11 – 13. And, as we reported … the NYPD and the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. have open investigations. The LAPD is also looking into the case they closed 2 years ago.
But law enforcement sources in all 3 police departments tell TMZ … the cases will go nowhere. All 3 cases are decades old, and our sources say prosecution would be barred by the statute of limitations.
The NYPD case is the one with the best argument that the statute hasn’t run … as we reported the victim came forward in 2012 and spoke with NY detectives. But that case involves an incident in the 70s and we’re told law enforcement has all but given up on a viable case.

However, there is allegedly another victim out there who was molested as recently as 2007, but hasn’t come forward yet:

Stephen Collins’ wife accused the actor of using his famous role on “7th Heaven” to gain the trust of two parents so he could molest their kid … and the allegation is stunning because if true it would mean he molested at least one child as recently as 2007.
Faye Grant sent a scathing email to Collins last year — obtained by TMZ — in which she claims he used his Reverend Eric Camden persona to get close to the parents of one of his victims.

On a more positive note, Stephen Collins has basically been fired from everything and dropped by his agent essentially making him a pariah in Hollywood. Then again, all he has to do is become an Academy Award-winning director, or make Thriller, and it’ll be like the whole thing never happened. How hard could it be?

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