Stephanie Seymour’s Son: ‘I’m Gay, You Idiots’

January 11th, 2011 // 156 Comments

That still doesn’t explain this.

When photos of Stephanie Seymour and her son Peter Brant II hit the Internet, almost everyone was mesmerized by the fact she’s still got it to the point where she gives her own son a boner. Turns out Peter is gay and would appreciate it if everyone stopped saying he’s trying to get to Boobtown with his mom. Whoops. Via Gawker:

I would just like to say that these pictures have been taken completely out of context, my mother and i are very close as she is with all her children. she often hugs and kisses me and my siblings in an manner that is intimate, any mother in the world does the same. that day on the beach we walked around with each other completely aware of the presence of photographers there. We have nothing to hide and with that in mind I would like to say that I am openly gay. At my age my mother and I are almost like friends and I feel open to talk to her about anything (and yes our relationship may be different because of my sexuality).

Anyone read that last little addendum as, “Okay, maybe I go for a titty or two. That’s the whole point of me being gay, dummies,” because I don’t see how that could be interpreted any other way. Then again, I once roomed with a male ballerina who freely walked around groping women’s breasts and they all just laughed it off because he’s gay. It was like watching a magician at work and the first time I realized they might be on to something, those gays. All the boobs you can grab and no one judges you for having a Jon Hamm screensaver? How do you lose?

UPDATE: *runs in, slams door shut* The penis. The penis. That’s how you lose. Gotta stop doing that.

Thanks to Emelie for alerting me on the Twitter apparatus.

Photos: Flynet


  1. Shit that’s WORSE..

  2. Mortimer Duke

    With these sorts of goings on with his mom, how can he NOT be gay. Shit would scar me from pussy for life, too.

  3. She is pretty manly. So this makes perfect sense.

  4. DogBoy


  5. HeyNow

    If being gay allows me to do that with Stephanie, Hellooo Friscooooo!!

  6. DOucHe BaGELs

    WHAT ABOUT THE BONER???!!!!!????

  7. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    mother and son…i bet she used to have sex with him and now thats why he is gay!! it fucked himup..gross , he is grabbing his moms tit.

  8. I didn’t realize gay people tongue kiss their mother while groping her boobs. I learned something today.

  9. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Crabby Old Guy
    Commented on this photo:

    Um, yeah, that looks like ANY mom and teenage son. Well, in a David Lynch film. Wonder if she’s interested in adopting me – I’ll show her a woody that’ll bring a motherly tear to her eye.

  10. he’s literally a mother fuckin cock sucker…

  11. Hugh Gentry

    gay or straight, he still had a boner. Kid, I want to fuck your mom.

  12. MAMA

    “… any mother in the world does the same …”

    BZZZZT! Wrong, boyo! The last time my son felt me up he was 6 months old and breastfeeding.

  13. Helpyourfellowman





    • Person


    • Congrats, HYFM – you’ve left scat all over this thread and somehow you’ve still not managed to write one coherent or relevant (let alone witty) comment. Way to go.

      I know we’re not supposed to be encouraging 13 year olds to kill themselves, but really, you must have a closet with a rod and access to a rope.

      Use them wisely.

      • Chiss Sweeze

        “Justifiable,” your comments to “Helpyourfellowman” reveal you to be an utterly vacant human being, completely unburdened by mature thought or civility. So the gloves are off. Talk about “scat.” You, asshat, are the very definition.

        HYFM expresses their feelings, and lacking any yourself, you
        oh-so-wittily mock the sentiment. But you then go on to suggest HYFM would be better off dead, for the horrible offense of not being nearly as witty-as-thou. So, following your logic, let’s try this: Perhaps your mother should have made friends with a coat hanger and spared us all from your wearisome wittiness. Oh, sorry – was that not witty enough for you?

        It could be said that, with my comments, I’ve now lowered myself to your level – but I don’t mind. Perhaps later, after you’ve Tweeted about what you ate for lunch today and update your FaceBook page to let everyone know the results of your most recent herpes test, you’ll respond with something witty. I would expect nothing less from someone like you.

      • Chiss Sweeze – OMG, what a drop-dead funny name! Such deathless wit! Seriously, how can stand to live with yourself with breaking into hysterical laughter every other minute? Look, you humorless wad of crackjam, if someone can’t even make sense when they respond to comments, and then do it all over the thread, it’s fucking annoying. I sincerely don’t give a shit if HYFM is only “expressing his feelings” – and judging by some of the responses, neither does anyone else. And if you’re such a sensitive little snowflake that you can’t tell sarcasm when you see it, that’s also too bad. Also too bad that you’re probably closely related to HYFM – my condolences for having defective DNA and all, but next time let your annoying shit of a kid fight his own battles.

    • Anna

      Hey, your name wouldn’t happen to be Peter Brant II, would it?

      • Anna, since “I’m gay” and “our relationship may be different because of my sexuality” doesn’t make any more sense than HYFM’s responses do, you may be on to something there.

        Good deal – that means HYFM can easily afford to buy himself both a closet AND some fucking rope.

    • probono

      Peter? Peter is that you? My dad makes me wet, is it because he’s family?

  14. Geez this family dynamic and kid is screwed up. I wouldn’t be surprised when he gets older that he flips out or flew over the cuckoo’s nest. SMH

  15. Can anyone say damage control.

  16. Inmate 12236969

    1. How old is the kid? Looks old enough to dress himself?

    2. Does being gay mean you can’t button your own pants?

    3. My mother was never intimate with me.

    4. Dude mothers are not friends they’re mothers; so no wonder you’re gay.

    5. Hang out with friends then maybe you can get a female shot of leg because you got a boner looking at your moms boobs.

    6. I’d get a boner looking at your moms boobs too.

  17. That’s no boner. That’s a bulge, look how tight his trunks are. You guys need to learn how to spot a cock. Kid is packin’!

    • Inmate 12236969

      Well I don’t know BI Buy I’m not an expert on checking out cocks. I just know if my mom looked like that and rubbing her boobs up on me I’d get a boner and that’s fucking sick!

      I wonder if their favorite movie is Spanking The Monkey?

  18. tally

    he may be gay but his mother isnt!

  19. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks to me as if there is something wrong with the lenght of hands and fingers on pic 2. Greentigs from photoshop.

  20. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    He’s still young enough to adore his mom- he probably doesn’t even see his mom’s boobs as sexual till now. The media totally made something beautiful- (mother son bonding)- totally gross. Poor kid, hope he doesn’t make the media’s comments seriously.

    • Tommy Lee's Dick


    • You people are lame

      From that angle he couldn’t even see where his hand was. He’s just giving her a hug. You people are desperate to think there is anything wrong with this. My son and I would do the same.

  21. Reggie Rhino

    I think she was just checking to see if he still had one hanging…..
    “Son, let mommy see if she can cure you of this idea that you are gay!”

  22. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Cardinal Fang
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s still hot after all these years

  23. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Two questions:
    1) why is he grabbing her boob?
    2) So if he was straight it would be ok to do kiss her on the lips? Please.

  24. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    the media didnt make anything…none of my guy friends grab their moms tits AT ANY AGE…this is sick to be honest, i bet there are some really perverse secrets in that family, lots of molestation going on i would not doubt!

  25. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    these two are lovers. Gay or not. He is being sexually fulfilled by his mother. She should know better then that on how she is behaving? Shame on her. Someone should look into her being very creepy with her own kids????????

  26. MarkM

    I’d like to be gay ALL over her!

  27. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    these two are lovers. Gay or not. He is being sexually fulfilled by his mother. She should know better then that on how she is behaving? Shame on her. Someone should look into her being very creepy with her own kids????????

    I am happy to see I am not the only one bothered by these images. creeeeeepy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. fap

    Gay confession + incest scandal = WIN!

  29. Yeezy's Son

    Poor kid. He had two chooses: Be straight and have Freudian fantasy about your Mom’s thick, sweet body OR say your gay and take it up the ass.
    He claims to have taken the later. But i dunno. His mom’s body is the best thing i’ve seen on for 2010. DAYUM. She thicker than a snicker.

  30. Stubble and poop, Dude, stubble and poop.

  31. I always wondered if I were born to a woman who was considered SuperModel hot, if I would grow up being able to appreciate a womans beauty or, because she was my mother and Id idn’t look at her in a sexual manner, would I then not be able to appreciate the sensual beauty of an attractive woman?

    Then I stopped fapping to pictures of Stephanie Seymour in Sports Illustrated and went to wipe off my hand.

    As gross as the concept is, not many would blame the kid if he did get a woody from looking at his mom. She’s still freaking hot!!!

  32. Hmmm...

    What’s worse:
    Saying you’re gay; or admitting to the world you’re going to be doing a remake of “Taboo” with your real mother.

  33. Turd Ferguson

    Gay. Straight. FUCKING CREEPY is what it is, no matter how you spin it.

    All that aside, I would ride his mother for days just like I fantasized 15 years ago …

  34. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s reasonable to say that a distort relationship with a father can make one gay, but I can’t tell what one can become after such empathy with a mother. Maybe no girl is good enough for a guy like this, but is sucking other’s penis a solution?

  35. Rough: I like you & I like others too

    That is one example of not just spewing crap from the anonymity of your computer just because you can, and not being able to back it up. I knew something was off, but I kept my mouth shut and not gone for the cheap jokes.

    • And we thank you for it.

      • Rough: I like you & I like others too

        Really snacks? I knew you and the royal we was mind melting with the 800 pound gorilla. I just had no evidence.

    • Rough: I like you & I like others too

      Did you and “they” draw straws of who is going to break down the news to me? or did you just elect yourself to do it? Im going to select the latter, since I have a feeling this website is making you see things that is not there…Need a shrink?

      • balls

        You can go back to keeping your mouth shut, now.

      • Dear R.I.L.Y.& I.L.O.T,
        I want to understand you dude, but you are an enigma. Seriously, did you type a message and then run it through Google Translator a dozen times because that shit is MYSTERIOUS!
        Keep up the good(?) work,

    • Rough moves the crowd in unison

      You ever been accused of being too apparent LR?

  36. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Many gay men have mothers like Stephanie, who are inappropriately close to their male children from early childhood as a way of compensating for a lack of intimacy from the men in their lives. Of course, this short circuits the child’s sexual development and attitudes towards the opposite sex. Well done, Stephanie.

    • jeff-minneapols

      ok doctor thanks for the advise.

    • Jaco

      Many americans have idiot views like mk, who are inappropriately close to their bibles from early childhood as way of compensating for a lack of common sense in their own personality throughout their lives. Of course, this blurs the american’s intellectual development and attitudes towards normal live. Well done, mk.

  37. James

    She looks so damn delish, those chunky mom-thighs and butt and all. Would if I could!

  38. whatthefuck

    Is it weird I find the son prettier than the mom

  39. Galtacticus

    I fell asleep and i just woke up about an hour ago. What’s it now again? Oh, is it that *yawn* Hehehehehehehe

  40. lightdragon

    I’d say he is bi-sexual or gay. I remember one of Stephanie’s peers in the 90′s. Rachael Williams. Said she was gay all the way. about a six months later it was confirmed she was pregnant from her boyfriend.

  41. Nero

    Couldn’t he get more loose beach shorts? Hehehehehehoho

  42. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Commented on this photo:


  43. Rhialto

    Holy crap! What’s it now again?! Is this still going on?! *Roars*

  44. my only one

    If he is gay and thats how they interact i buy it, THEY ARE RICH people!!
    rich people do not follow the same logic we normal humans do, rich and famous might i add,
    even if he was straight, and he said that’sh how they are always, i still buy it,

    I think my favorite thing about this pics is her delicious boobs
    specially in that top. that top was made perfect, i want to suck on those so bad

    • Jerry

      I know what you mean, have you seen all those rich, losers that need that matchmaker woman to find them a date. All of them, such losers.

  45. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Omg, you guys, lighten up. Not every mom-kid relationship has to be like the one you had. Just because their relationship doesn’t follow the cookie-cutter kind, it doesn’t mean it’s sordid. You guys always love to jump to inappropriate conclusions. Is “benefit of the doubt”/”innocence” a thing of the past in pre-Apocalyptic America?

    My gay friends and I can get touchy-feely every now and then, precisely because there is no malice. I mean, gay + mom, you’d think they’d be safe from wagging tongues. Guess not. You guys are sad.

    • CANDY

      Umm…I’m not sure how YOU grew up but to the majority of the population…the way they are touching eachother is strange and NOT normal. If you think this is then maybe you should evaluate your on relationship with your family :O

  46. Gando

    Today’s worth is “idiots”. That’s all.

  47. sean

    Just shows you that homosexuality is caused by abnormal upbringing or childhood abuse.

  48. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    It looks like he accidentaly grabbed her tit while hugging her… You can tell it wasnt purposeful. But that still does not explain the boner pic…

  49. Jerry

    This is just plain wrong, and sick, did I mention sick. What’s next …. their horse.

  50. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    …Maybe there was a hot guy in the background he was checking out….all in all it’s still just f-cked up. If I was gay and grabbed by dad’s junk on the beach it would look twisted so very twisted. It doesn’t matter your sexual orientation still looks like incest.

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