Stephanie Seymour In A Bikini Wins

December 20th, 2011 // 108 Comments

Stephanie Seymour is only a year younger than Pamela Anderson, but I’d feasibly believe one shatted the other out of her vagina, only to sell her to a good home in exchange for hepatitis medication. I’m extremely sensitive is my point. Anyway, here’s Stephanie in St. Barts today where once again Boner Boy is nowhere in sight lest his gay facade be shattered by the world’s largest Oedipus complex. Poor kid probably can’t even be on the same island. “Damn you, erection! Now how am I supposed to try on Chino shorts? *picks up phone* Hello? Mother? Be a dear and swim out to sea, won’t you? Yes, it’s happen- I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT.

Photos: INFdaily


  1. Donald Trump

    Nice fun bags granny!

  2. Parker

    Hooray for Ass Tuesday!

  3. MC

    I don’t care what anyone says… this woman is frickin’ hot! I haven’t seen bad pics of her YET!

  4. Deacon Jones

    Real tits?

    I remember jerking off to her in Victoria’s Secret while I listened to Smashing Pumpkins.

  5. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    i REALLY hate fake boobs. nothing is better than natural, who wants knock off boobs?

  6. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Hugh Gentry
    Commented on this photo:

    holy fuck, that’s sexy

  7. Dan

    My God. A woman *can* look really yummy after kids.

  8. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    There are not enough hours in the day for everything I would like to do to her

  9. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Hugh Gentry
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    damn…I’d bury my face in there for a week.

  10. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Former super model, now a super MILF…

  11. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    She is hot as shit.

  12. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Any Guy
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    god DAMN. and to think that little PUSSY axl rose got to nestle in there in it’s prime years. NO JUSTICE.

  13. Carles

    She sets the bar for MILFs really, really, really high.

  14. cc

    Damn, I’d drive that like a centurion putting a spike in Jesus’ wrist. (In keeping with the spirit of the season.)

  15. stratacat

    wtf is going on with all those bruises on her legs?

  16. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    I want to go to there.

  17. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Even that little girl appreciates that ass.

  18. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    John Hopkirk
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    I would burrow so deep in that ass I’d find sweetcorn from 2007 in there.

  19. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
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    Very clever! She brought along a “Hairy Beach Ape” to feed to Sherman and keep the waters safe for her and the little girl.

  20. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
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    New for 2012. Boner Girl. Available in blue.

  21. maka

    The internet said lose weight, and she listented.

  22. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Eric Djemba Djemba
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    suddenly… an erection

  23. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Eric Djemba Djemba
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    is that ali lohan on the right?

  24. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
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  25. rican

    All I can say is that if I were her son, I’d get a boner too.

  26. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Why not just ask the paparazzi for copies of their photos? They’re better at it than you are and they’re getting your woman from all the proper angles.

  27. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
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    Rowan Atkinson, you lucky bastard!

  28. The Royal Penis

    She’s a fuckin super-Milf.

    Good for her.

  29. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Steffi was a smart angel.
    Don’t marry the rock star; fuck him for a while then marry a nice ordinary looking rich guy.
    She looks freakin’ awesome. Yowza.

    • Jam

      So…I’m guessing he’s loaded. Probably a billionaire. Just a hunch. *checks* Yep. The ONLY way an ugly monkey like that can get even a middle-aged Stephanie Seymour is having money.

  30. I’m definitely fapping to these pics tonight.

  31. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s like she said “I want bolt on fakes, but not the round kind…get me some ovals”

  32. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    The Pope
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    Her thigh looks bruised. Her son must have boney hips.

  33. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
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    The dad from Life Goes On scored him some primo ass.

  34. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
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    God damn, she’s a month younger than me.

  35. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    mike nike
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    Wow Stephanie, you are looking fucking hot baby. I want a taste of your bum baby. oOOOOOOO

  36. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Jim Bob
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    In my next life I want to come back as her bikini bottom.

  37. Skinny

    She looked hotter before she lost that weight. She’s not as firm looking now and her bolt-ons are obvious.

  38. Venom

    Hulk Smash!

  39. kirby

    I’m sure this lady makes Helen of Troy look like a female version of John Goodman.

  40. Bonky

    Now I understand why her son wants to f-ck her. I approve.

  41. Felonious Monkey

    Take note, ladies: the key to aging like a fine wine is to embrace womanly curves and not pretend that you’re still a girl. *looking at you, Demi Moore, Madonna, LeAnn Rimes, etc.*

  42. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    Jimmy Stewart
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    That girl just popped a boner and she doesn’t even care.

  43. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
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    The zoom function is especially useful on this picture.

  44. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
    I'm hard
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    I fapped after seeing this photo of her hot cunt from the back.

  45. Yes, it’s funny to make fun of Boner Boy and all, but let’s be real here. If she was your mom, and she was asking ‘for it’… wouldn’t you tap that^ I’m been damn seriously here – I mean, look at picture #2… IT’S FUCKING CRAZY! You have to be gay not to want to plow that! Then again, she ain’t my mom,. so it’s quite easy for me to complete objective her in the sickest way imaginable.But, so she was my mother… I don’t see how I wouldn’t be down with making a whole lot of retarded babies with her!

  46. Rico Jones

    Still looks good.

  47. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
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    … Merry Christmas, everybody!

  48. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
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    I thought Buddy Hackett was older….dirtier….deader….

  49. Stephanie Seymour Bikini
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  50. Clarence Beeks

    She looks great! She has always been gorgeous, and is aging wonderfully.

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