‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Has Full Trailer Complete With That Gladiator Music From ‘Man of Steel’

[Ed. Note: Added the Apple embed, so this one shouldn’t get pulled by Paramount. – SW]

Jessica Simpson somehow crammed herself into a bridesmaid’s dress over the weekend, so while Photo Boy and I finish up captioning the shit out of those, here’s the just-released official trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness – Not to be confused with this teaser. – and I’m just going to come right out and guess Benedict Cumberbatch is Kirk’s future son based solely on the fact that both the villain and Alice Eve have British accents. Or, fuck it, he’s Lore. Let’s go with Lore.

Also, while I’m not getting laid, here’s Michael Dorn saying he’s trying to get a Captain Worf show greenlit (h/t Caddy), so just assume Guillermo del Toro is behind it because he’s the Nerd Piper now. More dye in your hair so you look less like Harry Knowles? Yes, my master…