Spencer Pratt hearts gay marriage

October 24th, 2008 // 112 Comments

To all the readers who thought Spencer Pratt is gay, give yourselves a big ol’ pat on the back. Turns out that, despite their staunch Republican upbringing, Heidi and Spencer are huge supporters of same-sex marriage. Especially Spencer. The guy loves it (I mean, LOVES it) and couldn’t help but share his feelings with E! News:

“I think it’s your own choice,” Montag said last night at the opening of Svedka presents Hollywood, DC: Lights! Camera! Election!, an art show at the World of Wonder Storefront Gallery in Hollywood. “I think, you know, whoever you decide to marry–boys, girls, whatever you like–it’s up to you.”
Pratt credits his girlfriend’s glam squad with his open-mindedness. “Heidi’s hair and makeup people are my favorite people in the world and they happen to be gay,” he said. “So if they wanna go marry each other, good for them.”

But don’t worry; they’re still huge supporters of John McCain who, surprisingly, hasn’t locked these two in Guantanamo Bay before he dives even further in the polls (There’s still time, Senator. Maverick their asses!):

They don’t think Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama will hurt Sen. McCain. “I think McCain is strong and great,” Montag cooed. “And, you know, who needs Colin Powell?”

Heidi Montag: a vapid, mountain of chin and funbags dismissing the career of Colin Powell. Only in America, folks. In the meantime, I included just one pic of Spencer on this post and the rest are all Heidi – which I now realize is like putting a birthday hat on a tumor: Cute, but what the fuck?


  1. sarahzook


  2. hhhhhh


  3. kay

    I second that

  4. twzzlrgirl

    Ok, yes they are ridiculous and stupid and cheesy as shit, but that post, Superfish, was priceless. I’m still laughing…hat on a tumor! Cute but what the fuck!


  5. in the minority (aka i have a 3-digit iq)

    um.. she really is an idiot. so she purports to be for gay marriage, but the first thing out of her mouth is that she thinks it’s a choice.

    seems analogous to mccain’s harping on obama’s lack of experience and then choosing for his running mate a woman whose experience consists of shooting wolves and failing to have the talk with her daughter. also, how republicans whine about the evils of “big government” while they in turn invade the privacy of americans (read: the patriot act, attempts to overturn roe v. wade, and this insane ban on gay marriage).

    don’t like gay marriage? don’t have one. oh wait, i’m pontificating in words that are neither vulgar nor convoluted. i better go back to blogging on the dailykos.





  8. H

    FISH! You said you’d stop it with this nonsense!


    stop posting photos of these SUPER douche bags. I can’t stand that guy he need to have a plane crash on him from a attack of something that goes PEWPEWPEW die mo fo

  10. stop it right fucking now

    seriously, unless the one with boobs is showing them stop fucking posting about these two. everytime you do a baby kills jesus, so you’re directly responsible for Christs death

  11. ishi-san

    YOU PROMISED US NOT TO POST ABOUT THEM ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. easymilt


    You promised and lied to all of us. We don’t care to hear about them. Do you want us to stop reading your blog? WTF

  13. Oh no!

    Mr. Fish, YOU PROMISED!!! She is not in a bikini, nor are they dead. These idiots are not newsworthy, even for this site. Please, for the love of God, stop posting about them!
    Oh, and #5, you are so smart. I’m really impressed by your pretentious vocabulary! However, most intelligent people I know don’t boast about their IQ (and since 100 used to be the norm, I’m not sure that the “3-digit” boast is so impressive anymore). Just sayin.

  14. Derek

    I HATE THEM. Bikini pictures only (except for the one with the gun-that was funny)

  15. Nutsack

    HA! Fish didn’t just make these asswads more famous. He just fucking destroyed them in Republican circles. You can’t support gay marriage and be a Republican. That’s like trying to be a Nazi but you love Jews. They’re going to lose their hedge funds and secret decoder rings.

    Except for Spencer who left his up a dudes anus in the Philippines.

  16. Jamie's Uterus

    I thought you were going to stop posting about these 2 pieces of shit, unless that disgusting Heidi wore a bikini?

  17. Skeps

    You know, as long as it’s not the usual stupid fucking photo shoots, I’m ok with news about them, or i guess i should say news involving them. this post for example is actually interesting, so kudos you airheaded douchbags for making it back

  18. Super-douche powers…ACTIVATE!!

    Form of a q-tip

    Shape of …an ear canal

    Now shove it in past the point of resistance please

  19. Naddy

    ok thats it! everytime you post about them Imma…Imma…Umm…..I will…..randomly punch someone..If I end up in jail its all your fault

  20. Randal

    Hey you two, thanks for stopping in again for I missed the both of you yesterday. Thanks for sharing your photos and lives with us here at the Fish.

    Spencer, who and what people are, are who and what people are and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s what makes us who we are. Your comments only goes to show how level headed and mature you’ve become.

    Heidi, looking as beautiful as always. Love your smile!


  21. Allen's Woody

    WTF Fish! Are these two fuckbags that interesting??? Why don’t ever post the pics I’ve sent you of Soon Yi’s clinical exams!

  22. dude

    The Fish’s Credibility

  23. mer

    Didn’t you say we wouldn’t have to see these two anymore?

    Seriously, please end it.

  24. Naddy

    Id tell ya where Id put diamonds on her bloody breakfast maybe she will choke and die

  25. grobpilot

    See the size of that turdball’s foot? You know what they say about the size of the feet corellating to the size of the pussy, right?

  26. Jon

    Please, for the love of anything good this country last left, let us stop posting about these 2 diseases…
    Seriously, I know everyone would like to see them fall down a ditch and never come out but I have a much crueler end in mind:

    I hate to get serious here but we must root out the notion that it’s ok to be a celebrity for the sake of being one.

  27. Did anybody watch the video?

    WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!

  28. Jonny D

    Not much more to add but STOP IT PLEASE. NO MORE posts of this lantern jawed ho bag.

  29. umm… am I missing something? I thought these 2 had fallen into the depths of a “no one cares, so I’m not posting about them” hell hole.

    where the fuck is paris?

  30. btw, I don’t read any other tabloid journalism blogs. I read this one because, well, let’s face it, you’re fucking hilarious. stop posting about speidi or I will revoke my love of the superficial and take my reading elsewhere.

  31. BEAM

    When did this site turn into Daily Kos? Everyday it’s Republicans this and Republicans that.


  32. obannion

    ok i see what’s going on here now…the superficial is on the payroll of the obama campaign along with speidi…those 2 geniuses are always on here, but only when they’re pseudo supporting john mccain…cool now i know! maybe they’ll stop being posted on here after the election!

  33. Rowan

    WTF?!?! You said you weren’t posting about these two douchebags anymore?! I’m SO annoyed!!!!!

  34. everybody

    #32 – here’s something funny: John McCain still thinks he can win the election!


  35. Integrity Check

    “However, to show that I’m not an unreasonable man and for the sake of journalist integrity, I will make the following exceptions in allowing you on this site:

    1. Heidi wears a bikini.
    2. Heidi covers her topless chest in maple syrup while stumping for Sarah Palin at a Klan rally.”

    So which of these conditions have been met?

  36. freeside

    Why do you secretly love these two morons? Especially Spencer. I’m guessing you’re a HUGE supporter of gay marraige, too.

  37. Twinkie

    What the fuck, Fish?

    I thought we were on a douche twin moratorium?

  38. Anu

    where’s the big ‘ol fake engagment ring?

  39. savage beast

    DUDE….you are clearly smashing your self-imposed no D-bag twins rule. I had hope for the future of the site, but now I just can’t tell. Please for all of our sakes dont post anymore pictures of these morons…unless of course the chin flashes her lunkers!

  40. Davey

    Don’t post them at all. Not even bikini pictures, coz who the fuck wants to see an ugly ghostly Jay Leno with implants?

  41. Matt

    You really should stop posting about them.

  42. YOU IDIOT!


  43. Infected Boil

    Dear Superficial Writer,

    I stumbled upon this site recently and have enjoyed the posts and commentary. I do believe you are letting down your most loyal fans by posting pictures and articles about “these two douche bags.” I don’t really think you care, as people seem to take sick pleasure out of writing perverse and disgusting comments about them…and they just don’t stop.

    I will say that if the posts about people of this type continue, I will not visit this site any longer. Others may do the same, I’m not sure. But I would think that you should keep interest level up in your site, as the ad revenue and traffic play an important part of your income. How else are you going to pay for the hookers and penicillin?

    Next time, don’t post about these douche bags because people think you are becoming one too.

  44. Guest

    Umm….didn’t you say there would be no more posts about these two?

    Nobody cares about them && it pisses us off when they’re on here.

  45. BraskyBuzzonSOB

    Seriously this is getting old! STOP POSTING ABOUT THEM!!!! (unless they die)

  46. mike

    Why do you guys continue to post about these two fucktards. Especially after you claim your going to stop. I don’t even wanna see any bikini pics. Unless they die, nobody cares.

  47. Matthew

    again stop posting those two SERIOUSLY and they doucebags and also they should get cat aids!

  48. Ac

    you promised. you promised not to post about them, fish. I am so sad.

  49. lame


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