Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt endorse Sarah Palin

Hey, Republicans, these two are all yours! The new charitable Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt helped kick off the Taco Bell Reality Check Challenge yesterday which helps stop world hunger. When asked about the Vice Presidential Debate, Spencer endorsed his hackey mam of choice Sarah Palin, according to Hollyscoop:

“Well I got my six pack in the car I am a true American like Sarah so were good.”

Perfect, you’ve got your sixer just like Suzie MooseShot. Now here’s what to do if you truly are Spencer Pratt: Lover of Freedom: Down those suckers, pop Heidi in the passenger seat, then play a little game I like to call “How Many Trees Can I Knock Over With My Car Doing 80.” Ready GO!

NOTE: Video after the jump that should disqualify these jokers from any future charity events even if the cure for AIDS is oozing from their pores.