Spencer Pratt: ‘The Marriage Was Fake’

August 2nd, 2010 // 76 Comments

After Heidi Montag filed for divorce on Friday, Spencer Pratt decided to go nuclear and throw The Hills producers under the bus by revealing to People their marriage was about as real as Heidi’s tits, chin, ass, back, kneecaps, nose, jaw, eyes, elbows, solar plexus, earlobes…:

“I love Heidi but our marriage was a show – it was part of The Hills world,” Pratt said Friday. “And that world is on a sound stage.”

In classic Tila Tequila-style, Spencer then took to his Twitter and started firing off insane tweets at MTV and “Beefy” Lauren Conrad because what the hell else is he gonna to do? Become a relevant figure in the entertainment industry? BAHAHAHA!

@mtv I got served with divorce papers? I thought that preacher at the wedding was one of the actors like my paid friends and family & exWIFE
@mtv This whole time I have really been married? I thought we did that for ratings?
@MTV Heidi left me seasons ago! Hello! she just didn’t have beefy LC to film with anymore so she had to be stuck with King Spencer! sucker
@laurenconrad beefy now your dreams and prays have come true so now your free to try and date my ex-wife! SEE you in MALIBU @ BUI beefy LC

Okay, first off, Lauren Conrad can’t be a lesbian because that would actually make her interesting and then the universe would collapse on itself. Second, I’m pretty sure this level of bridge burning is a precursor to suicide, so I hope nobody minds that I brought cake. It’s Fudgie the Whale, so don’t worry, it’s completely appropriate.

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  1. ClassyDirtyChick

    ahhhhh First. First thing in the morning for me too. My day. it hath been completed.

  2. Colin

    hes full of it.. hes just pissed shit went to hell

  3. Heidi and Spencer
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    he’s a douche, and she’s a headcase. They are perfectly suited for each other

  4. I’m now accepting bets on when Spencer tweets himself out the closet.

  5. Heidi and Spencer
    Commented on this photo:

    You said that we were finished talking about these people.

    You lied.

  6. Fishstix

    Holy shit
    This whole time I thought that he was her gay brother

  7. ishi-san

    I wish he would run & jump around in the bushes playing GI Joe in tights again! That was fun! awww good times.

  8. Hemingway

    Superfish wins +50 points for a Fudgie the Whale reference.

  9. “It’s Fudgie the Whale, so don’t worry, it’s completely appropriate.”

    oh this is probably the most accurate statement about this situation .

  10. Heidi and Spencer
    Commented on this photo:

    spencer pratt and heidi montag fuck off and eliminate yourselves from the face of this planet

  11. X

    I fucking love Fudgie the Whale.

  12. Kelley

    So what’s up next for Spencer … a ton of plastic surgery ? Jesus …

  13. Boodiba

    I bet he’s going to try to become a faith healer.

    • kayk

      Why would you even risk giving him ( or MTV ) that idea.

      Honestly people…. be careful what you say on these forums. I’m pretty sure it’s were E! gets most of it’s ‘ideas’.

  14. jumpin_j

    Oh please, the Fudgie The Whale cake is the same as the Father’s Day cake and it’s not even June.

  15. Heidi and Spencer
    Commented on this photo:

    They continue their unfortunate slide down to hell

  16. captain america

    ……………..this is american though.

    • sucks to be YOU

      …….yup this is americA…and you’re some fat dirty jealous immigrant that comes on here crying and complaining like a bitch because you WISH you could be over here AND apart of IT…

  17. Smells like fish

    Don’t worry about Spencer. He’ll be all right financially. I hear he just landed the new spokesperson job at Summers Eve….

  18. yes

    Spencer is fucking gorgeous, I’d fuck him all day long. I want to play with his salchicha.

  19. Randal's Rectum

    Watch out Ladies, the Pratt-ster is on the prowl. Rawr!

    Randal’s Rectum

  20. Heidi fan

    I feel sorry for Heidi. In all their interviews she looks like she’s really in love with him, and he obviously not with her. I hope she doesn’t fall for any more twats like him. The guy should dissappear. He’s nothing without her. They both have their issues, but she’s the only one capable of showing actual talent. He was riding on her coat tails.

  21. HLM

    I’ll take a slice of that cake please…And a front row seat to the inevitable conclusion to this whole thing. (Just so I can make sure it really happens.)

  22. Patrice

    Say what you want about Spencer, but at least he sort of keeps sh*t real! My apologies go out to all the naieve teeage girls and pathetic 20-somethings who actually thought that a split second of ANY of that show was “real”. I mean, did we really need Spencer to clarify? LOL.

  23. Parker

    Thak goodness this is all starting to make sense now. I could never figure why Heidi would marry a gay man. Of course it was for the tv show. I’m sure like most women, Heidi likes anal sex but using a strap-on to give her gay husband a few kicks couldn’t have been very pleasant for her at all. That’s probably what messed up her head.

  24. udkcoco

    He looks like he’s trying to pull a jauquin pheonix… Only he’s too retarded to know its supposed to be a joke.

  25. Judy

    These two are really mean creatures.

  26. jaime


  27. Kel

    Talk about bitter because Heidi finally opened her eyes to how f-inf insane Spencer was!!! Heidi thank you for coming to your sense and leaving that dip sh*t!!

  28. Heidi and Spencer
    Commented on this photo:

    I would fuck the shit out of her. Fake or not

  29. Sugar

    I have to give Spencer props for being somewhat honest for once. It still doesn’t excuse their attack on the public for the last 2 years or whatever but I appreciate him coming clean.

  30. Lady Blah Blah

    Anyone who hasn’t seen Martin Scorcese’s 1982 film The King of Comedy and who is as amused and disgusted as I am about how any fool can become a celebrity today for reasons having zero to do with actual talent and skills, might check it out. Warhol predicted the “famous for 15 minutes” thing and in KoC, Scorcese presciently shows how easily it can be accomplished by those who are determined to be “famous.”

    • As spot on as your observation is, I still find it slighty unsettling that a Pratt entry somehow ended up producing a comment with both Warhol and Scorsese (and tangentially De Niro) in it.

  31. Amy

    I guess I’m the only one who thinks he’s actually hurt by the divorce. If you read the tweets, it sounds like he’s a proud kid trying to make others believe that it was “all a show, etc.” Sounds to me like he’s trying to save face by pretending it was *completely* fake which we know it wasn’t. They didn’t have to go as far as they did. I think they really loved one another (or were infatuated) and when all the attention went away, they couldn’t handle it anymore.

    • electricgirl

      thats exactly what i thought when i read this! he doesn’t want it to look like he’s a loser who got dumped, so he’s pretending the whole thing wasn’t real. not that it was totally real, i’m sure their whole relationship had a lot to do with getting attention, but it wasn’t just something mtv dreamed up.

  32. yo

    really.. gay people cant get married.. but these ducheshits can do it for ratings. flawed.

  33. Glenn

    You mean the marriage was a sham? Oh no, my universe just fell apart.

    Please stop posting about these people – they will disappear quicker.

  34. Uhhh

    And in related news: water is wet.

    I just keep being surprised.

  35. Bunny Foofoo

    I’m calling it first: Tila Tequila & Spencer Prat are going to start dating. It will be epic; two bigger talentless fame-whores do not exist.

  36. VeronikaL

    I don’t know about Tila Tequila and Spencer Pratt. I see him being attracted to an older woman….Spencer Pratt + Kate Gosselin. I’m sure Spencer is great with kids :)



  38. Frassington T Bear

    Everyone has his day and some days last longer than others. *nibbles a cookie*

  39. groucho

    you have to admit his INSANITY is the most interesting thing to come from the hills.

  40. Weird Al

    I knew he wasn’t banging her or he would have looked a little more interested. I thought he was gay.

  41. anonym

    kill these 2 bitches already.

    i’m tired of hearing about them

  42. Twister Knickers

    This site has the funniest comment section of any blog…except for Perez where all they do is call him a fat celebrity-whore. That’s funny, too!

  43. Harley

    I’m sorry, but this is just another stunt to get people interested in them again. Their wallets are running empty, so what better to fill them up than perhaps a magazine that will get exclusive stories about their troubled relationship, etc (any mag to do so would be f’ing stupid). I won’t believe any of this bs until the divorce is finalized and both start getting fisted by a different person. Just because papers were filed doesn’t mean they’ll actually go through with it. Next thing you know, they’ll start talking about how they’ve reconciled and are getting a show about how they went from the lowest lows to being happy together again. Barf.

  44. Heidi and Spencer
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    Wow, Heidi looks beautiful….maybe those surgeries were a good idea???

  45. Heidi and Spencer
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    I don’t know this shot might make her want to get another dose of lipo to her chin! She looked better before, at least the face.

  46. Ruttiger Hower


  47. shilla

    I guess both are 100% burnt now. there’s no way back.
    yay :D

  48. KarlHungus

    I have no clue who spencer pratt is, nor have ai ever watched one second of the “The Hills” but i can say 100% sure that he likes cock

  49. Superduper123

    The way he mugs for the camera and gets all worked up makes me wonder if he’s gay. Straight guys move on, they don’t pose for publicity shots and they don’t act like divas.

  50. Cardinal Fang

    First name Spencer. Last name Pratt. Dude, how did you even get a girl to touch you?

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