Sophie Monk Dumped a Millionaire and Other News

March 8th, 2011 // 42 Comments

- Sophie Monk forgot the part where you break-up with your mark after the wedding. [Popeater]

- Chuck Norris doesn’t think there’s enough intolerance in high schools. [Dlisted]

- Robert Pattinson can be yours provided you don’t expect him to sparkle too much and have a few hours to sit by the freezer in anticipation. [FilmDrunk]

- Emma Watson dropped out of college. [Lainey Gossip]

- Britney Spears demonstrates the magic of Photoshop. [Hollywood Tuna]

- Bobby Brown says his daughter doesn’t drugs. [Starpulse]

- Which makes this photo all the more hilarious. [DrunkenStepfather:NSFW]

- Somewhere an MTV producer just got an erection. [BuzzFeed]

- Adult Swim explores the mind of Contra. [Heavy]

- George Lucas probably won’t sue over this. [theCHIVE]

- Avril Lavigne is old-fashioned. [Maxim]

- Celebrities getting shitfaced at Mardi Gras. Whee! [TooFab]

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  1. That mannequin is hot.

  2. Sophie Monk
    Double D
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s OK. Her nipples are already looking for a replacement tycoon.

  3. Sophie Monk
    Double D
    Commented on this photo:

    Ever since she made the Dark Crystal, Kira has been off the map. Good to see her again!

  4. Anonymous

    She is frighteningly ugly.

  5. Sophie Monk
    Double D
    Commented on this photo:

    magnetic left nip

  6. Mike

    I dont like her plastic surgery looking face, its a deal breaker!

  7. Jackie

    Snap-on face.

  8. Eric

    Turkey’s done!

  9. Urine Vandersloot

    I would rest my balls on her chin

  10. Deacon Jones

    She’s hot. …..for a Brit.

    This girl would be scrubbing toilets in Sao Paulo.

  11. Satan's bitch

    Petulant Barbie’s neckwear resembles those curtain pulls that are outlawed.

  12. Rough Tuesday

    If anyone missing Al Lewis, have no worries. I think he’s been reincarnated as the world’s youngest grand mother….

  13. timmy the dying boy

    It’s pretty obvious that Romanian men aren’t at all fussy.

  14. Sophie Monk
    Commented on this photo:

    OMG! Sophie is so fucking sexy!! Hottest babe in the world and most perfect face.. I could fuck her perfect face forever! Definitely the hottest babe in the world hands down.. Every other girl give up now!

  15. Alex

    I’m Aussie and Sophie is very popular over here. She has a great sense of humour (Australian humour), is down to earth and stunning. I’ve seen her in person shopping once a few years ago.

    I’d like to see Sophie with someone real and down to earth like herself. Not some loser billionare playboy who treats women like objects. Why does she have to date these materialistic billionares or shallow plastic surgeons? Please find a real man Sophie – one who can laugh at himself and is a GENUINE guy.

    • Rough of carnage

      Yeah, date a “genuine guy” and ignore superficial laws? Youre in lala land.

      • Alex

        She can’t find a genuine guy in the circles she mixes with. Maybe she should try her agent or just not a really old womaniser or a rock star (they always are cheaters)

  16. Alex

    P.s. Dear haters, you’d all be worshipping at her feet, so go back to your basement and get your mum to bring you down some more peanut butter cups!

  17. Rhialto

    Just a notice; I’m not going to base a far important project on something what’s silly like a tv-guide because you all like it that way.

  18. oops i thot it was anna lynn mccord. well i’d have it off with this bird as they say in the 51st state.
    hi to liz for me. did they drop the quid yet for the euro? bad move if you ask me

  19. the captain


  20. Coyote

    She’s a Moped. I would ride her but I wouldn’t tell anyone about it.

  21. Wishbone


  22. Deacon Jones

    This joke was made for her -

    The other day, I was going down on my girlfriend, I said to her, “Jeez you got a big pussy. Jeez you got a big pussy.” She said, “Why did you say that twice?” I said, “I didn’t.”

  23. breaker breaker! speaking of soph’s–new vergara pics on the wire, tight blue dress, fuckin SMOKIN! bueno culo mi amor :)))

  24. Clarence Beeks

    Her plastic face is BUSTED.

  25. Talk Hard

    Nipples still blazing. Winner.

  26. Talk Hard

    I wonder if Avril likes to give an old fashion, a la South Park?

  27. Ducks have nipples??

  28. Sophie Monk
    Commented on this photo:

    Yeahhh… Like Sophie would really post here on superficial. She is the hottest girl ever and any guy who had any type of good taste what so ever would know that.. Go back to fucking your real doll and wishing it was Sophie, the most beautiful girl in the world!

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