UPDATE: Did They Spill it in Her Liver?

June 10th, 2010 // 68 Comments

As predicted by virtually anyone with even a casual awareness of the situation, Lindsay is now claiming her SCRAM bracelet went off because some spilled a drink on it. And of course Dina believes it because now she has a tiny food pellet to feed her rat-like hunger for media attention. Page Six reports:

“She was at the MTV Awards and somebody spilled a drink on her leg, which must have set off the SCRAM bracelet. She has done absolutely nothing wrong and shouldn’t have to wear the bracelet in the first place. She is doing absolutely fine.”

You know what? I’m actually going to believe this one. No, really, I’m willing to concede that at a crowded party it’s entirely plausible someone spilled a drink down Lindsay’s leg. That being said, it’s also entirely plausible she waited for it to collect in her boot before swinging a cake knife around until everyone agreed she could chug it. “Oh, God, I can still taste the eightball from yesterday. My life is awesome!”

UPDATE: And here’s RadarOnline using science to explain how full of shit Lindsay is.

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  1. Deacon Jones
    Commented on this photo:

    Are those the new Hide-your-Scram Guccis’?

  2. dude

    I’m wearing a SCRAM bracelet right now, no lie, and have been for four months.
    One of the first lies we alcoholics try is “someone spilled a drink on it”. However, this bullshit is always found out instantly. The SCRAM bracelet can detect between alcohol being spilled on it (which registers as a sharp, instant spike) vs. alcohol in the system (which has a long, deliberate slow bell curve). Been there, done that, Lindsay. The SCRAM people have a team of scientists that analyze the data and they don’t make a negative report unless the alcohol matches the second category described here. Fuck, i just wasted a lot of time. But take it from someone who knows: She drank her ass off.

  3. Stabby de Guard

    She probably threw up in her boot and the residual alchol in her system probably made it go off.

    On another issue, i want to be tthat tthe pubiclicity whore judge is loving this attention.

    First bitches

  4. Gen

    She just kind of makes me sad now. Which is not why I read celebrity gossip…

  5. let her drink, just don’t let her pro-create. can they put a scram cork up her cunt?

  6. pimp
    Commented on this photo:

    this new site is fucking gayer then a bag o’ dicks!

  7. pimp

    this new site is gayer then a bag o’ dicks!

  8. 1st
    Commented on this photo:

    NASTY ASS BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Peanutty

    I don’t like change. Please change this back!

    • Peanutty

      Yes, I agree Peanutty. You are right!

      • Did you really just post a reply to your first comment (in order to boost your point) but forget to change the username to something different? You sir, have earned a Gold Star.

      • Peanutty

        Don’t talk to Peanutty like that. Peanutty is a long time poster here.

      • Peanutty

        What is up with that “Who is searching for you?” woman? She is flipping her head around like the exorcist. Man, I hope she doesn’t find you!

  10. Sloot
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks bangin here, just sayin.

  11. FrankNfrtr
    Commented on this photo:

    Double chin & a belly….yeah, she’s camera ready!

  12. Baron Bleeke

    just give her an 8-ball, and put her ina porn movie. its the only way to revive her death spiral of a career.

  13. havoc

    Yeah, its all kind of pointless now……no one cares anymore.

  14. Mike

    I believe she was drinking but once again she proves she is above the law.

  15. AnneShirley

    Doesn’t she get tired of looking like a sloppy used up whore with freckled tits that hang oh-so-low? She used to be so hot in the Mean Girls years. She could have made something of herself. Whenever I see pictures of her now I feel sick to my stomach because I can only imagine how used up this girl’s body is.

  16. Chris
    Commented on this photo:

    what kind of shoes is she wearing

  17. Deacon Jones

    Like those shows, are they the new Scramuguccis??

    (that was terrible)

  18. justifiable

    Forget trying to snow the judge, this numb cunt thinks everyone else who really matters in her world, which is producers, directors, writers and agents, is buying this. Mind you, anyone who’s actually thinking of employing her already has a room temperature IQ anyway, so WTF, right? She’ll never get hired by any production that requires completion insurance unless she drastically changes her life around, and since she’s already been through rehab several times and she – and her mother – are STILL in total denial that she even has a problem, that won’t be happening until she’s at least 40.

    Robert Downey Jr. came back after both prison and rehab, but he’s a gifted character actor as well as a lead, and he had a solid body of work behind him prior to his crash that justified hiring him. This sad case doesn’t. And at 40, because of Hollywood ageism and the lack of good parts for women over 30, she’ll be far too old for Mean Girls 2.

  19. File this under: I hate change. Is it possible for you to stop posting everything past the second sentence “after the jump”? I’m awfully lazy, and having to navigate away from the front page to read something utterly pointless kind of bums me out.

  20. Alex

    I like it. Way faster than before and you don’t have to reference someone to show that you are replying to them. That was soooo 2005.

  21. Jim
    Commented on this photo:

    She should do a little research. If a drink is spilled on it will give a completely different reading than if she injested the drink. The judge will laugh at her.

  22. bar room hero

    slag has an alcohol problem…

  23. jesse

    what happen to this site.. it looks weird to me

  24. These two worthless bitches lie about everything.
    Seriously have they EVER admitted any wrongdoing on anything? Ever?

    What a shitty lesson you are teaching your (worthless scabby whore of a) daughter.

  25. Fan
    Commented on this photo:

    Limp boobs, fat belly, alcoholic…..

    Who wants to bang her anyway????


  26. xtina

    site sux. there are more clicks which is what you bastards wanted. dont you know that any good re-design actually translates to less clicks? site was great before minus the slowness and ad pop-ups.

  27. Marlyn
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    This little bitch is such a joke. Why isn’t her freckled, drunk ass in jail yet? I don’t get it!

  28. Lauren
    Commented on this photo:

    I don’t understand why she doesn’t ever wear a bra? I don’t understand why she doesn’t just get her act together, instead of constantly using her tits & drama for attention. Oh & stop picking sexual roles- we get it lindsay. Why don’t you SHOCK everyone & play a regular role WELL.

    Can you imagine where she’d be if she just stuck by the SNL cast?

  29. vitobonespur

    This is fucking amazing. First she lost her passport. Then she couldn’t find the airline ticket or her itinerary. Or some other bullshit. Now this…???

    Lindsay, you ignorant slut, how many times can the dog eat your fucking homework? And Dina, who the fuck do you think you’re kidding? You’re as full of shit as a Christmas goose and just about as smart.

    Your daughter is slowly killing herself and you sit there with your bare face hanging out lyiing through your teeth, making excuses for her and enabling her to believe she’s getting away with this shit. Here’s a hint: as a start open a dictionary and look up the word “codependency” before your Golden Goose drops dead.

  30. Liposuction

    Am I the only one to notice her flabby and shabby belly bloating out from under her shirt? I mean, c’mon people…… Let her shoot the Linda Lovelace dog fu&%#r film in super 8 the way God intended it.

  31. EuropeanGirl
    Commented on this photo:

    what the hell is she wearing, btw?
    anyway i think she’s still pretty hot for an addicted, drunken bitch like she is.

  32. captain america

    ……and a turttle is turning into a beautiful princess after kissing it.

  33. Ahh, no more @someone; it’s like magic! magic!!1!

  34. mike

    One excuse after another. People like this will never grow up and own up to their mistakes.

    Though, I do believe her and believe someone did spilled alcohol on her bracelet just that LiLo failed to mention that person was really her.

  35. The Authorities are stupid to begin with, don’t they know her blood type is 90 proof. Cmon guys think man think.

  36. polarsyn

    Awwww….sweet. She reminds of my Nana in London. Nana has a flabby belly and droopy Nana boobies and sometimes forgets to button her housecoat. And Nana is usually crocked by 10:00 a.m., especially on Christmas, when she swears someone spiked the Christmas pudding. Maybe this year, Nana can claim someone stuffed her Nana houseshoes full of the Christmas pudding and that’s why she’s already toppled the Christmas tree over three times. Lindsay should hang out with my Nana. They could be BFFs.

    • justifiable

      Nana’s a real pistol, eh? Good idea – they’ll both have a lot in common since it’s a sure bet no one wants to see either one of ‘em on film. Thankfully, none of us will ever be confronted with Mean Girls 2; Mean Nanas: The Payback; I Know Who Killed My Career; The Alkie Trap; Nana Claus; and A Drunky Home Companion.

  37. loli
    Commented on this photo:

    this outfit is fabulous. she’s getting a little chunkier too, double fabulous.

  38. Nevaumind

    The thing that bothers me about this loser is that she thumbs her nose at the justice system and we allow that! All the little teenyboppers learn from this. Not good at all. As far as the crap going on with Donald Trump…when I saw Brett Michales on Oprah I actually considered watching The Apprentice. Then when I read that Trump is considering putting Lindsay on the show, it reminded me why I don’t watch it. Whether it had any merit or not, it seems to become more and more of a Jerry Springer show now. Typical of NBC to renew THAT kind of crap.

  39. herbiefrog

    what you people dont seem to realise…

    is that…

    …one day this will be used gainst Y O U

    …whatever happened to the civil rights movement ?

    or do you *really* enjoy living in a police state

    soon to be a thought police state ?

  40. cupcake

    she is pregnant

  41. Jose

    Thats my Britney.. Keep goin braless baby, you sexy thang.

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