So Chelsea Handler ‘is’ Banging 50 Cent

December 13th, 2010 // 72 Comments
Chelsea Handler 50 Cent

Because she’s the most hilarious woman alive – Not counting Jennifer Aniston’s emails, of course. – Chelsea Handler posted the above pic to Twitter this morning with the following message:

I don’t know why anyone thinks I would ever date a rapper.

Ha! Get it? Because she’s in bed with 50 Cent. That’s so funny, I forgot to tell Angelina Jolie not to suddenly love dark meat. Whoops!

Photo: Twitter


  1. fester

    Nice man-hand, Ms. Handler.

  2. saltydog

    um I don’t think they were attempting to downplay this or hide it. She’s mentioned it on her show more than once

    • Billy Seatsniffer

      I hope he’s peeing on her.

      because goddamn it, somebody needs to.

      • Slapkatyperry

        I thought R Kelly was the one that pissed on women, not that CH wouldn’t like a nice warm Golden shower from 25 cent

    • good

      Nasty pig.

    • James

      No, I completely agree. Based on her arrogance in her TV appearances alone, I can bet all my money that she enjoys to be dominated the sh*t out of her. Despite her image, she’s totally the one crawling on the bedroom floor naked in a collar & leash and being used as a toilet seat.

  3. RandaI

    I’d rather take the 9 bullets to the face.

  4. guy rossi

    WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!?!???!???


    The only thing that it could be is that she has great skills. She has books on a bunch of dudes that banged her. I’m sure she has slut skills

  5. Drundel


  6. All the more reason to label 50, the Bravest Man on the Planet. Been shot 9 times…and banged Chelsea Handler. (shudder)

  7. Senior Pepe

    So she dates Ted Harbert, CEO of Comcast, until she gets her show then dumps him. Now she’s bangin Fiddy…

    Bet Ted’s glad his dick was there first!

  8. Deacon Jones

    Look at her hand….I keep waiting for it to devour his head like the cookie monster, complete with “NOM NOM NOM” sound effects.

  9. Nudgie

    She is just plain nasty and unfunny. He’s Fifty Cent and she LOOKS Fifty…

  10. nonminti

    I had a better opinion about 50 cent…and here you go :(

  11. Zee Brat

    It’s weird seeing someone you like being made fun of on a website that you like. You’ve caused a dilemma here fish.

    • McFeely Smackup

      Wait until you catch Fish banging your mom.

    • rccp

      I agree 100%. Very weird. I love Chelsea and think she’s hillarious. She’s not trying to pretend she’s something that she isn’t.

      • Zee Brat

        Right? It’s kind of like fish and Chelsea have been on the same team for so long, making fun of ridiculous celebrities. WHY ARE MOMMY AND DADDY FIGHTING!?

  12. Chelsea Handler 50 Cent
    Commented on this photo:

    Fiddy – “lemme put this pillow over yo face, I swear its hillarious”

    Chelsea – “omg pics”

  13. GravyLeg

    She likes anal…. Which incidentally is very “1950′s” of her… Sending a black man to use the back door for service…

  14. jojo

    Well she is a two bit whore.

  15. bribios

    A dumpy white chick dating a black guy? Shocking.

  16. drea

    omgeeee 50 is so effing hott im hella jealous

  17. Mike Walker

    Looks like a joke. Who took the picture?

  18. Gab


  19. sarah

    She looks a LOT like Cheryl Hines


    handler got some man hands to handle his big gangsta cock.

  21. H6E6X6

    Look it’s a flat unfunny version of Lisa Lampenelli

  22. heyyouyayou

    Who took the photo? Guess it isn’t “dating a rapper” when you him and the rest of his crew too. Choo chooo chelsea handler is pulling the train.

  23. Boo Boo Muffin Butt


  24. Cybil Shepard will do anything to re-start her career.

  25. Uh...

    I don’t get it. I don’t exactly like 50Cent, but if he’s rich he could obviously score some better tail than that. This is some crap you expect to see at a local Wal-Mart,

  26. ♫ We are, we are, rough generation...♫

    His and hers matching grill. Isnt this romantic?

  27. Burt

    Clearly, Americans still have some hangups about interracial relationships, otherwise nobody would really be talking about this.

    They are two grown adults. They clearly enjoy each other’s company, and that’s all that really matters.

    • anonymous

      why are you assuming it’s all Americans on here commenting? the internet is international.

      as a whole, i think we are more in shock about what an ugly couple they make. not because of their race…they are both just ugly

      • Burt

        I can spot American vernacular when I see it.

        PS. Explain to me why nobody seems to care about all the other “ugly” celebrities and their dates?

      • anonymous

        that’s simple to answer. unlike 50 cent and chelsea, the other celebrities are not being discussed on this blog at the moment

    • McFeely Smackup

      Burt has missed the fact that this is a blog that discusses every celebrity relationship regardless of color, or even if they’re interesting.

      I think the fact that Burt looks for racism in every interracial couple he sees tells us more about him than it does anyone else.

  28. iola

    Wow, he’s def. stepped down his game! hehehheheehehehehehehe

  29. Ash Bones

    Once you go black nobody wants you back…..

  30. Blech

    Handler’s career MUST be suffering if she has to prove what a big ho-bag she is to the public.

  31. Ned

    She’s not funny or hot. Anytime you see her posing in magazines, she’s photoshopped beyond all recognition. I wouldn’t do her with your dick

  32. Mortimer Duke

    Where is John Mayer and his David Duke cock when you need him?

  33. Jesus Beard

    No wonder her face looks like a bag of melted crayons.. black boyfriend with a passion for oral sex explains it all.

  34. wim

    are you sure she isn’t raped at the moment?

  35. Somewhere in time and space, Angelina Jolie is thinking, ‘talk about the pot calling the kettle black…’

  36. JK

    It is amazing to me that people are still so racist in this day in age… I feel bad for the sad people who post these racist things on random websites. What shallow lives you must lead to care, purely based on race, about who other people find attractive. I don’t particularly like either one of them, but wow…I can’t believe such racist morons still exist

    • Burt

      I take solace in the fact that none of them earn more than minimum wage.

    • Ned

      I don’t think it’s hardcore racism.. I think it’s mostly harmless fun with stereotypes. If she was in bed with an Asian dude, it would be jokes about the size of his egg roll, or that she must have sent out for an order of Cream of Sum Yung Guy.
      Or if she was in bed with a leprachaun, it would be jokes about her pot of gold. Or if it was a Jew, it would be “oy, what a schmuck on this guy”.
      Of if it was an Eskimo, “the last living thing he banged was a polar bear”.
      Because she’s in bed with a black guy, the rape, murder, Ebonics, 19-inch dick jokes are inevitable.

  37. Lucion

    @Fish Do you suddenly have a think for Chelsea Handler? I mean seriously, you’ve had her on a tad bit too much later. Put her BFF back up here again, that is at least worth looking at if nothing else.

  38. OKay

    Another one of her pr stunt. This whore will screw him but they are not together. She broke up a marriage with kids involved. How do she have room to talk.

  39. jase

    this is just sick. pukes.

  40. That’s pretty awesome actually. I can’t really hate on 50 cent even though I’m kind of disheartened about the last 10 years of rap music (as opposed to the previous 20 years before that), but maybe that’s my age talking.

    50 was always a curiosity to me even after I moved on from listening to rap. His interviews earlier on in his career were actually pretty illuminating because he’d talk to the foreign press about the rap game and how its all orchestrated by the labels. Yeah, the man cashed in on that, but he’s a whole lot sharper than people give him credit for.

    She’s pretty damn funny too. I say good for them.

  41. Uncle Jemima

    Once you go black no one wants you back.

  42. tally

    god shes fucking gross go have fun with aids you scum fuck

  43. pbs

    Fucking disgusting!!! I will NEVER watch her show again!!!

  44. I always wanted to know what sound street cred made when it went sailing out the window… thanks, 50.

  45. 50 Cent? Jesus, I thought it was Michael Vick smothering one of his dogs.

  46. flip me

    Chelsea Handler is a douchebag. Period.

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