Snooki Legally Declared ‘Annoying’

On top of charges for disorderly conduct and being a public nuisance stemming from her drunken arrest last month, Snooki is now being slapped with a third charge of “criminal annoyance.” Very rarely does the law get something right, this is one of those times. The AP reports:

Prosecutors said at a hearing Wednesday that they will add the charge of annoying people on a beach to the two others the MTV reality show cast member faces after her arrest last month on the beach in Seaside Heights, where the show is based.
The newest charge was presented to an attorney for Polizzi just before he entered a plea of not guilty on her behalf to disorderly conduct and creating a public nuisance. He also entered a not guilty plea to the annoyance count.
“I understand she’s become a public celebrity, but in all honesty it’s really not much of a charge,” Municipal Prosecutor Kim Pascarella said after the hearing.
Polizzi’s trial was scheduled for Sept. 8. If convicted of all three charges, she could face up to $2,000 in fines. But given that she has a clean criminal record, Pascarella said, it would be unlikely that she would face more than $500 in fines for all three offenses.

While I’d prefer the criminal annoyance charge to carry of sentence of arranged marriage to a shark – It’s a nautical town, folks – I love how the prosecutor is essentially calling Snooki a moron for fighting what are basically minor charges. Also, it’s not like there isn’t 8,000 photos and/or videos of her stumbling around the boardwalk before collapsing in the sand like a Jawa hit by R2’s zapper. Seriously, if George Lucas ever makes another Special Edition of Star Wars, he’ll probably just use that footage to save money and “connect with the kids.”

PRODUCER: So are we digitally adding bumpits and jars of pickles to all the Jawas now, Mr. Lucas?
GEORGE: Hold on. Let me check. *picks up phone* Would adding bumpits and pickles to Star Wars shove my cash-penis farther up the ass of your childhood?
ME: Yeah, I guess.
GEORGE: *puts hand over receiver* Do it.

Photos: Splash News