Snooki Called ‘Lindsay Lohan Wannabe’ in Court of Law

Snooki appeared in court today to face charges for her drunken arrest last month and managed to walk away with only a $500 fine, but not before the judge compared her to Lindsay Lohan causing Paris Hilton to shoot a butler and scream, “What the fuck?!” into a pile of Dalmatian pelts. Us Magazine reports:

Scoffing, Judge Murray derided Polizzi as a “Lindsay Lohan wannabe.” He also wondered whether the star’s antics weren’t pre-scripted for her hit reality show; he told her to decide if “it was worth trading your dignity for a paycheck.”
He added that her actions were “rude and self-indulgent.”

On a more predictable note, it took Dina Lohan less than an hour to slap herself in front of a camera and say she’s “disappointed” with the judge’s choice of words, and in her defense, she’s right. It’s not like Snooki’s out there physically connecting a Maserati with children in strollers. I mean, Jesus, there used to be a time when people actually worked for something instead of having it handed to them on reality TV. I blame Iron Chef.

Photos: Splash News