Snooki Hosted a Pool Party

March 14th, 2011 // 224 Comments

Taking the old adage of surrounding yourself with women less attractive than you to a whole new extreme, Snooki hosted a pool party at Wet Republic in Vegas over the weekend where her bikini fought a losing battle with her ass, leaving nothing but death and carnage in its wake. Nuclear scientists are looking at these right now and wondering how radiation from Japan spread so quickly. “This can’t be right, and yet there’s Gamera eating that poor woman’s swimsuit. No, no, it’s too soon!”

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    • Happy Spillmore

      Vegas is her home away from Jersey…same amount of guidos, gambling, STDs, hookers, drugs and basically nothing but low lifes that would fuck a limbless dog if it had eyeliner, mouse and axe body spray.

      She fits right in.

  1. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    oh my jesus fuck that is disgusting

  2. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    god dammit i looked :(

  3. Linzie

    Shit!!! My eyes!!! My Eyes!!!!

  4. Is the facebook tag “Be the first of your friends to like this” under the photo supposed to be ironic, or just an accusation of mental illness?

  5. Snooki's Taint

    Look at that ass. Now look at me. Now look at me on a horse. Now look at the horse’s ass. Anything is possible when you smell like Snooki and not a lady.

  6. boing

    a horrible way to start off the week…

  7. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    LMFAO!!! That man’s face is priceless! “please put your unsightly ass away”

  8. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Its snarky, shitty ass comments like these that make women feel insecure and throw up after they eat!

  9. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    The expression on the guy behind them says it all…”Just protect your penis man…you’ll get through this”

  10. Jimbo

    Was she the big floating whale in the pool for all the kids to slide off of?

  11. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Between the saggy ass, the saggy tits, muffin tops and old people, this looks like the party of the century to be missed.

  12. Linzie

    I hope the pool is large enough…

    • piedlourde

      Penny-pinching in the New Economy:
      Weigh Snooki down at the bottom of a medium-sized swimming pool, and you only have to use half the amount of water to fill said pool. One of the more practical uses of Archimedes’ principle. Yay, learnin’!

  13. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    You didn’t say it was a “The Biggest Loser” pool party.

  14. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    “A donut just fell out of my vagina?! Dibs!!”

  15. fx

    Last time I saw so much cottage cheese was when I visited Breakstone’s factory

  16. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    That’s one slice of pi I wouldn’t want even on 3-14.

  17. Deathwina

    On the bright side, my self esteem and body image issues just skyrocketed.

    • damn

      ha ha, me too. although next to her, it isn’t difficult to have better self-esteem. I’m just glad I’m skinny and not a ho-bag.

      • elove

        me too!!! Man you think if she had all that dough she would get some lypo… Snooki eats too many snickers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. The Six Cans of Aqua Net Pauly D Uses Each Night

    Can someone please convince Snooki to host her next party at Club Radiant in Fukushima, Japan?

  19. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    Commented on this photo:

    at first I thought you were just making a joke about surrounding yourself with uglier girls….but sweet lord – those are some ugly girls. You would think in Vegas they would have at least discovered plastic surgery or eating disorders.

  20. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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  21. Crabby Old Guy

    “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.” – Dean Vernon Wormer, Farber College (1962).

  22. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    Hugh Jass
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    It’s the dance of the wookiees

  23. If this shot doesn’t become a series of memes in the next 15 minutes than the internet deserves to be fired.

  24. IreneWienne

    That was just revolting.

  25. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Man, what a sausage fest.

  26. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    heidi doby
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    Thank god Snooki and the other fat girl left their tops on. Come on Snooki, girl go on a diet. That sht is nasty

  27. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    what am i lookin’ at here?

  28. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Every one in this shot is looking away from Snookie’s ass like it’s the Ark of the Covenant.

  29. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Oh “Blue Shirt Dude”, I don’t know who you are, but you have earned your money today, my friend.

  30. ElleKay

    The Superficial – Because She’s Ugly.

  31. oliver laurel

    If I wanna see an ugly fat chick who thinks shes hot, I’ll go to Walmart on a warm Saturday afternoon.

  32. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    The guy looks to be wrist deep.

  33. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    Snooki loves being photographed, but apparently her bikini is camera-shy.

  34. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    4-way death snatch
    the cosmic chasm that will destroy us all

  35. Look at the other guests. Never have they experienced such repulsion, shame and embarrassment. This is Vegas, mind you.

  36. DarthBlue

    How can someone with no ass have stretch marks on their ass?

  37. Unimate

    I used to kind of want to do her.

    Not anymore.

  38. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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  39. Truth, Justice, and the Rough way

    Why does she always look like someone that needs to be fed pea soup when she wears those oversized glasses and hat…

  40. RebelMinion

    How in the hell did they train Shamu to wear a hat and walk on its tail?

  41. Name

    *Insert beached whale joke here*

  42. Richard McBeef

    The spring migration of the wildebeest has begun. As cows gather near a watering hole, several young males look on. Will this be their opportunity to mate?

  43. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    She should have just borrowed Kim Kardashian’s leather pants.

  44. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    "Your Shitty Life" Handbook
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    …Don’t put your $10 pedicure at risk. Wear cleats when kicking your dignity another twenty feet.

  45. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
    Senor Trout
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    Wow! That whole ‘As a fat kid, I keep my shirt on at the pool to hide my fatness’ strategy is paying serious dividends.

  46. “Snooki hosted a pool party at Fat Republic in Vegas over the weekend”

    There, I fixed it for you.

  47. Snooki Bikini Ass Wedgie
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    A man walks into a talent agent’s office and says that he has an act…

  48. Rancid

    If Tysons was able to replicate those meaty thighs, they would solve world hunger.

    Hillary Clinton wrote a new book: “It feeds a village”

  49. Jeremy Feist


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