Snooki and JWoww: ‘We’re Into Family Values’


The pint sized reality star told a Detroit radio show Thursday she “hasn’t had sex in three months” — and has the full interview.
Snooki and Jenni “J-WOWW” Farley were guests on the Mojo In The Morning show and Snookster squelched pregnancy
rumors and dished on how she’s not getting any action.
“You have to have sex to get pregnant,” Snooki told the show’s hosts. “We are really into family values and getting married before… (getting pregnant).”

Last night on Facebook, I floated the suggestion that MTV forced JWoww to turn down a $400,000 shoot with Playboy because they want her and Snooki to star in a spinoff where they pretend to be wholesome girls trying to make it in a godless world. Except I didn’t actually believe it because a.) I wrote it and b.) who would honestly be that dumb to fall for such a premise? Then I remember we’re talking about a network whose prime audience watches 16-year-old girls crap out babies and thinks it’s goddamn heroics. MTV could film a cardboard box in an alley for 36 episodes and it’d be a ratings bonanza because we’re all gonna die.

Photos: INFdaily