Simona Fusco, so, uh, wow, you just pull em out like that often?

March 27th, 2008 // 249 Comments

Simona Fusco Stratten apparently decided to air off her boobs while vacationing in Hawaii. Clearly those things were burning up because, damn, I’m sorry Kim Kardashian lovers, but there is all kinds of things right with this woman. And not because Simona flashed her jubilees like the sea water is the antidote. Which pretty much makes her a shining beacon of inspiration. I mean, Jesus is sitting in heaven right now going “And, fuck, I just got served. Way to be, JC.”

Big thanks to Roy who saw boobs and knew to contact a real expert. Then eventually me when that guy didn’t get back to him.

NOTE: First four pics are NSFW because of the wind in the boobage.


  1. Christina


  2. deacon jones

    funbags funbags funbags funbags….

  3. Randal

    What a beautiful smile Simona has!

  4. Kim K

    HA! They’re so fake she can’t even feel anything when they fall out, so she doesn’t notice. Ugly old plastic bitch.

  5. Feel_the_velvet

    Those pictures suck. Get the real, uncensored ones. What is this, 4th grade?

  6. nikkk

    They wont uncensor WHYYYY

  7. deacon jones

    Dude, this bitch is hot, why cant the women i work with dress/act like this in the break room?

  8. Jimbojones

    How the fuck are these “NSFW” when the goddamn red stars don’t come off the nice bits?

  9. The first picture on the second page (pic #10) looks like Jimbo with his favorite niece, except it’s outdoors.

  10. jesse


  11. jesse


  12. Mary

    Hey dumbfucks, you’re supposed to CLICK ON THE PICTURE after this page loads to get to the picture without the red stars.

  13. MassGrrl

    Nice body. Great tits. Who the fuck is Samantha Fusco?

  14. Yoseph

    Click the “Full Size” button under the picture, tards.

  15. mrs.t

    Here’s something funny: the stars came right off for me, and I am probably 80% less interested in the nips than every male on this site. ok-50%, let’s be honest.
    Could it be that THIS is the true genius of using a Mac?

  16. Tom

    Because you’d never see anyone but a slutty white woman doing this on a public non-nude beach.

  17. Einstein

    Just click on the picture with the red stars fucking assclowns….

  18. KC

    What a bunch of tards.

    Little kids pulling down mommy’s suit: doing god’s work.

  19. PrettyPinkPonies

    hey Tom

    suck my slutty white vag

  20. PrettyPinkPonies

    hey Tom

    suck my slutty white vag

  21. jesse

    Yeah, this is my first time at this site. I’ve never known that clicking on the picture again gets rid of the stars. Chyah, right! I’ve seen every nipple and vagina posted here.

    Sad, I know, but it wasn’t fuckin working! You are the one that is the dumb fuck.

  22. deacon jones

    I guess that excludes Scary Spice?

  23. Matty

    I love tits as much as the next guy, but honestly… who the fuck is this chick?

  24. Rossco

    Quite unfortunately a couple of the otherwise awesome pics there have their jerk-factor ruined due to children being visible. Dammit! :(

  25. mrs.t

    #23-I don’t think Scary counts as a ‘woman’ at this time.

  26. adrien

    I had the same problem with viewing the uncensored photos. Delete your temp internet files, and access the site again and you shouldn’t have any problems.

  27. Nice tits, who is this chick though?

    Oh, #4 – seriously troll. I’m not on here enough to have my own troll. Just how pathetic is your life?

    #1 – loser!

  28. Mike

    That’s the best part dummy!

  29. what?

    I’m sorry Superfish, I don’t know what your thing is with this woman, but I don’t find her to be hot at all. Her face is ugly and she has a serious case of major cellulite. She has no curves and is shaped like a stick and she owns one hell of a FLAT ASS, celullite filled and all. I know you find anything in a bikini hot, but c’mon, refine your taste a little and rise your standards a bit.
    Now Kim Kardashian, that’s a very different story my friend. Kim Kardashian is a motherfucking goddess of hotness. She’s soo beautiful, she has those perfect boobs, that incredible ass, that perfectly curvy body, and she’s hotter than fire. Kim Kardashian is *roaaaar* fucking insanely HOT. This bitch is NOT. Comparing them is insulting to Kim.

  30. Sheryl

    “I clicked on her nipples but nothing happened”

    Sadly, for the male commenters, that statement holds true here AND in the real world.

  31. Mambo

    peach of an arse

  32. Rick

    Saying “Kim Kardashian is *roaaaar* fucking insanely HOT” is insanely GAY.

  33. mrs.t

    I’m loving ‘peach of an arse’. That will be my new motivational phrase as I suffer through lunges tomorrow morning. Thank you. And my husband thanks you, kind sir.

  34. arligt

    Children children, behave!

    Can’t we just hold hand and sing “We are all big dumb-fucks, we are all the best”. Because I realy think we should all just enjoy this retardish fuckerchic instead of just point fingers at the mentaly-retarded ones slobbering around on this post (no names, no names). Everyones has their right of expressing the retardedness you know.

    Exept for Jimbojones, numb 9. Let’s all just bully him all evening long.

  35. Ang

    #30′s daily routine obviously involves a lot of masturbation. And a lot of Clearasil.

  36. catmore

    Goddamn she needs to do some fucking squats that lower body is godawful compared to the upper.

    She’d be smokin if she didn’t have an old lady cottage cheese ass.

  37. josh

    Eminem called, he wants the pictures of his mom back.


  38. Will

    damn… she’s fucking Hot as hell!
    thats a slammin’ body

  39. Meaghan

    The same people arguing with me before about whether or not this chick is hot are the same people that couldn’t even figure out how to see the non censored version of Fusco’s titties..hahahahahaahaha.

  40. Andy

    She looks great, for a mom. Which means next to a young hot chick she looks AWFUL.

  41. Trover

    She is hawt.

    She must have hired the same agent as Paris, LiLo, that ugly chick from the OC, and KK. Go nekkid, get some fame, bank some dollars, then get ridiculed forever.

  42. Ted Mosby

    Those are my favorite kind of nipples.

  43. Cynthia

    Are you supposed to broil silicone like that?

  44. Oedipus

    Moms are waaaaay sexier than girls your own age.

  45. T

    I know that this site is pretty much a free for all and not to be taken all that seriously, and I enjoy reading most of the stories because they’re hilarious, but can I just ask: is it necessary to speak of Jesus Christ in such a derogatory manner? I’m know the objective is to be funny and I’m not a crazy radical bible thumper but I am Catholic and I find it very offensive.

    BTW Kim Kardashian is MUCH HOTTER than this chick. She’s hotter than most chicks.

  46. Babalu

    You guy’s must be fucking nuts, she is so fucking hot. If you don’t think so go shoot yourself or something and stop contaminating the gene pool… Kim Kardashian is a fat whore, open your eyes

  47. nikkk

    Yeah it wasn’t working for the first few people who commented. including me. Now it is. So stfu

  48. Meaghan

    Mmmmmmm..Oldie Hawn and leather skin. That’s fucking sexy. I like the “throw my head back cackling with glee” pose. She looks so free, so full of life..wait a second, not really. She actually looks like she’ll be dead in about..3 years. Maybe from some kind of prescription drug bad mix cock-tail, or maybe from eating rotten Hummus, or perhaps Aspartame will be to blame for this ladies demise.

  49. Meaghan

    There was no point in time where the pictures never worked, you’re all just fucking morons and can’t handle simple functions like pointing and clicking. You would think since all of you are using Winblows aka Windows for the most part pointing and clicking wouldn’t really be that hard of a task. Or, you’re all 12 year old boys who haven’t been desensitized by the cavernous void that is a woman’s vagina so when you see a pair of titties with disgusting ass tan lines all of the blood that should be in your brains goes directly to your penis. Either way, TITTIES!

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