Simon Cowell Fell Down the Stairs

Simon Cowell was rushed to the hospital this morning after taking a tumble down his stairs. According to TMZ, the former American Idol judge woke up feeling dizzy in the middle of the night and stumbled down a flight of stairs. Don’t ask me why this is news.

We’re told Simon was asleep in the upstairs bedroom of his London home. He woke up in the middle of the night, felt dizzy, and tried to go downstairs to the kitchen for some milk. He slipped on one of the stairs and tumbled to the bottom.An ambulance came, put him in a neck brace and neighbors saw Cowell placed in the back of the ambulance on a stretcher. We’re told doctors have performed a CAT scan and there does not appear to be any serious injury. (from TMZ)

Check out my new Jeff Foxworthy joke: “You could be a celebrity… if you make the news for sleepwalking down your own staircase.”

Simon Cowell is fine, by the way. When you’re worth a half billion dollars, they tend to be a little overcautious about your health. I’ll keep monitoring this story though, and I’ll keep you all updated as to the next time he takes a dump.


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