Simon Cowell’s Banging Carmen Electra

The last time we checked in on Simon Cowell’s love life, he was being robbed by a one-night stand after a series of failed relationships where women wouldn’t stay with his money while he perpetually cheated on them. (Dames, amirite?) So after that the only logical step is to just start hiring prostitutes. Or Carmen Electra. Whatever you want to call it. Via HuffPost Entertainment:

Cowell called in to 102.7 KIIS FM’s “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Wednesday and revealed that he and the “Baywatch” babe, who was previously married to Dave Navarro and Dennis Rodman, are seeing each other.
When Seacrest asked Cowell whether or not he is dating Electra, the former “American Idol” judge admitted, “She’s not my girlfriend. We’re people who date. She’s adorable, isn’t she?”

Granted, Simon Cowell is nowhere near the level of fame he was during his Idol heyday, he is so sloppy, crazy rich that there’s not a single man, woman or child he couldn’t bang if he wanted to. So the fact that he’d pick Carmen Electra of all people makes absolutely zero sense. That’s like walking into an awesome restaurant that will make anything you could ever want to eat and going, “Do you have just an old, half-eaten sandwich laying in the back? Preferably one that still tastes like Dennis Rodman. Ooh, and with a pinch of Dave Navarro.”

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