Sienna Miller does some topless tanning

August 21st, 2007 // 144 Comments

Not sure when Sienna Miller turned into Lindsay Lohan, but she was spotted in Ibiza, Spain today doing some topless tanning. And I have to admit, she looks pretty good for somebody who I’ve never seen in a movie and wouldn’t even know was famous except that people tell me she is. This might as well be a picture of my neighbor. She was on Family Feud once and I think that makes her slightly more famous than Sienna.

Click the picture for the NSFW uncensored version.


  1. American... not UKanian

    When I said “your right” I was speak generically not necessarily pointed at one person.

  2. big

    ity bity titie

  3. Learn to spell first of all second of all your free speech applies to one class in american you guys are such hyprocrites

  4. @47 Why waste my time repling to a moron? Everyone on this site can figure out what a piece of work he is. And I am sure there are people just like him in your country.

  5. toiletduck61

    No wonder Jude was fucking the babysitter…

  6. Samiam

    your gay and you like it up the old hershey highway

  7. Texas Tranny

    @ 54
    Sent you a couple.

  8. 55 No one else felt compelled to make a racist remark except for you, coward you have been called out now you need help from everyone else. You and people like you are the problem in your country. Instead of spewing racist remarks and practicing bigotry. How about trying to save your country from debt and foreigners purchasing your so called liberty with your waning currency. You are so obssesed with race you are losing the battle of ownership on your own turf

  9. Sportsdvl

    You complainers are crazy, she looks great. Hey, she’s not a celebrity by my definition as none of us would probably recognize her if she walked up to us on the street, but topless she’s looking good.

  10. @59 Go fuck yourself troll. I kind of figured you were Spook too.

  11. @59

    Gee. I wonder what race Jim is. Jimmy? England is just as bad off as the United States.

  12. Jim is not from England, and does it matter what race he is but I know what you are

  13. @63

    Hey, aren”t trolls those old fairies that are trying to pick up “fresh meat” in the queer bars? I think that is so sad. I think they should do to gay people what they did to the folks in “Logan’s Run”.

  14. @64

    I’m super smoking sexy. That’s what I am.

  15. Jimmy boy is just a troll tring to start some shit. Just ignore it!!

  16. @67

    That’s what I like about this sit. The shit.

  17. flavio

    shut the fuck up losers you’ll never get a girl this hot, even if you sold your car, your house, your girl and your dog.

  18. TS

    @ #1, Kudos for not being completely unoriginal like Joe in the #2 position. Makes him look like even more of an idiot.

  19. flavio

    #55, the US has turned into a hell hole full of people like ‘spook’. its nothing to do with fucking free speech, its about not being a shithead. ‘freedom of speech’ doesn’t constitutionally cover all kinds of things; like shouting ‘fire’ in a restaurant, defamation, libel, and hate speech. that’s right, racist fucks, you are not first amendment defenders. you’re just the scum of the earth.

  20. @69 why? did you try?

  21. beast

    Hey #69
    we know you cant sell your dog because your busy with its weiner

  22. There’s a ton of homos posting here, obviously.

    Do you dudes even LIKE chicks?

  23. hee hee

    @73. Does he sucky-wucky on the peeny-weiny?

  24. Doomhammer

    Why all the drama on this thread? Grow a fucking pair and stop acting like a bunch of women bitches.

    And btw, that Sienna is a nice hot little slut worthy of some of doom’s hand churned love butter……

  25. American... not UKanian

    Your argument against free speech is not being about to yell fire in a restaurant?
    You’re obviously not very bright. Talk to me after you learn a few things about constitutional rights versus constitutional law.

  26. la

    i hate Pepperoni

  27. American... not UKanian

    why do you hate the USA so much?

  28. Texas Tranny

    Yes I do.
    This chick makes my cock hard and drippy in my pretty panties.

  29. @78

    If we poured hot pizza grease on her nipples she would taste better.

  30. td

    I’d like more meat on dem bones.

  31. your mother

    does 69 really do his dog?
    any photos?

  32. Navdoug

    I need some alone time

  33. Texas Tranny

    You want to see?

  34. @80

    We could pour some pizza grease on TT’s pretty panties as well.

  35. Rachael

    My god – i just remembered why i don’t come here anymore – listen to you all. For fucks sake! SHUT UP!


  36. @87

    Dipshit. If you don’t come here, why are you here?

  37. Texas Tranny

    Somebody pissed in her post-toasties.

  38. Sean Preston@30

    o.k. nippy on da lady wittle titty o.k. bye bye now……….

  39. give the dog a bone

    If the dog is black is it a spook?

  40. @91

    It certainly would be “bigger”.

  41. Tonka

    Rachael, don’t leave us. What will we ever do without you? How will we advance if you leave us behind? You’re insight is sooo amazing.

  42. Yeah this is why I don’t come on this site too either!!! Listen to all of you losers!!!!!!
    Ok, I’ll stay.

  43. Texas Tranny

    Tee Hee

  44. @4 say that to a black man face why don’t you pussy

  45. fuphdog

    ahh…one more look and then i’m going home to my fat, pregnant wife…

  46. Chauncey Gardner


    Bye-bye DRY CUNT.

  47. Plain Jane for sure.
    Love the way she is sticking those -A cups out.
    She will have some real back problems someday.

    Why did they leave the pic of her sniffing her arm pit out?

    Just damn.

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