Sienna Miller is Pregnant. Suck It, Jude Law!

January 6th, 2012 // 12 Comments

After two attempts to have a relationship with Jude Law blew up in her face thanks to his insatiable love for banging his children’s nannies – Or “Schwarzenegger Syndrome” for those of you in the medical field. – Sienna Miller has finally exacted her revenge by letting some hipster (Tom Sturridge? Sounds made up.) ejaculate into her vagina without a condom on, according to Us Weekly. Because if there’s one clear way to get back at a man, it’s getting knocked up years after we dumped you and having a baby that’s in no way, shape or form our responsibility. Goddamn, you women are cold.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin


  1. Sienna Miller Pregnant Boyfriend Tom Sturridge
    King Diamond
    Commented on this photo:

    I heard that this tool trains UFC fighters.

  2. Is it true that homewreckers beget homewreckers? Or is that just an old wives’ tale?

    • Wives tale. Psychologically speaking, those who have been cheated on tend to be more faithful, as they understand personally the kind of hurt it causes, especially in the case of women.
      This is what makes Jennifer Aniston such an insufferable bitch for her latest conquest.

  3. Donald Trump

    Who is this bitch, and who’s the queer she’s with?

  4. She's been with every Tom, Dick, and Harry

    With as many guys as she’s been with how does she know this Tom is the father?

  5. Venom


  6. tumble weed

    he shaved off all the hairs from his balls & made a cap for her….

  7. V

    this guy is such a loser. he spent years following robert pattinson around, working 2 months a year, tops, then following him again to his own movie sets and award shows and parties… always creeping behind him. Google TomStu creeper.

    It’s like jennifer lopez. women want to get back at men dating the worst possible candidates. now sienna’s pregnant with this loser’s spawn. that’ll teach jude law.

  8. cc

    She’s pretty enough, but he’ll regret it. Ever heard her speak? Flaaaaaaaaaaake.

  9. Lana

    oh come on… you can tell she was born to be glaaamorooouus, looking gorgeours, running around half naked and going off and on with Jude – the only one who can be a really glaaamorouus father. And now oh look at her – she’s pregnant with a baby and another baby made it happen. I can’t imagine her being a mommy as long as it’s not Law’s child, but still hope they’ll reconcile and live happily with all those kids that popped out in their glaaaamorous life.

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