Sienna Miller is Finally Someone in a Bikini

August 5th, 2010 // 34 Comments

Here’s Sienna Miller with Jude Law in Ibiza today and based on how ridiculously slow of a news day it’s been so far, I’ll fucking take it. This is like finding a drop of a water on a cactus leaf after crossing a desert. Seriously, who cares if it’s kind of boring and tastes like shame and Balthazar Getty? I posted about goddamn Tila Tequila. There’s no excuse for that.

EDIT: Added a few more pics starting here including one of Sienna Miller making Jude Law look at her vagina because she’s fancy.

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. Mary Jane

    I won. :0

  2. Is it cold out?

  3. jeez never realized how tiny she is up top. but what’s with that crap round her waist. considering how much she loves to show off her butt she covers it at the beach??

  4. Keith

    I liked it better when she banging married men. So much dirtier.

  5. Mean Girl

    She looks better than Telia. Man, it IS a slow news day. I can’t wait until Blohan gets out of rehab or Mel calls Oxanna.

  6. Sienna Miller
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Ain’t love grand?
    Make a sex tape kids….I’d pony up the AMEX for that one.

  7. tusstown

    Whoever invented those sarongs to wear around bottoms should be shot. But this broad is tops on my girl-next-door hot list

  8. Deacon Jones

    Thanks for saving me the trouble Fish of calling you out

  9. alisa

    soooo because she doesn’t have fake tits she isn’t sexy to you? god what has this world come to……………….

  10. Blas

    “a drop of a water on a cactus leave…” WTF fish?

    • Don’t be like that, Blas. When you’re really thirsty you may start hallucinating about leafy cactuses. Cactae. Cactei. Cactaesus. Whatever.

  11. Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Not really sure what’s going on here.
    But it involves drinking wine in the sun & semi-nudity; everyone’s smiling… it seems like good fun.
    From this camera angle it looks like Jude Law is enthralled by Sienna’s bikini clad crotch.

  12. Gapermaker
    Commented on this photo:

    He’s thinking:
    A) It might be tight now, but you wait till I slamfest it and you spew forth my spawn
    B) Plenty of fish on the sea
    C) Keep doing those tricep push-ups and you’ll get the post workout hot protein inject
    D) I AM the law. Jude Law.

  13. josh

    I see a lack of boobs.

  14. Sienna Miller
    Commented on this photo:

    They deserve each other!! Man whore + gal whore = love until a nanny or a married man comes along!!!!!

  15. freebie

    I see real boobs.

  16. freebie

    And they look much nicer than big old round bolted on in your face boobs.

  17. Spungehead
    Commented on this photo:

    Damn, might as well be stirrups in pic 12

    oh, yeah……..first, I guess

  18. Sienna Miller
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m probably the only one who noticed this, but what is going on with Jude Law’s middle toe?!!!

  19. captain america


  20. Ray Sist

    She’\ll look good in a burqa too when the Muzzies take over.

  21. Sienna Miller
    Commented on this photo:


  22. Sienna Miller
    Commented on this photo:

    Nice but meh.

  23. James Crash

    All most flat.

  24. Irresistable Girl

    Why don’t you people print my comments, if you can’t even print it because you find my comments to hurtful because it’s too trueful for you to read, at least when you tell me in my face instead of not printing them at least I know and other people will know that trueful and controversial comments is certainly not welcome on this website

  25. Irresistable Girl

    Hey, have you seen Kelsey Grammer pretty young fresh-face british girl-friend that’s up the duff, now I have to admit Kelsey Grammer is certainly doing well on pulling the young attractive women especially at the age of 55. Let me tell you something this young women who is apparently Kelsey latest flame and she is air-stewardess/hostess for virgin airlines, that’s probably how she and Kelsey met that’s what they say in the Daily Mail. Do you know what this Lady and Sienna have in common, they both in the same age group, they both causasian and they both have blond hair, they both going out with older men that have a successful careers in showbusiness despite the age difference between the two men. But the only thing that I notice Kelsey Grammer Lady and Sienna don’t have in common, that if you look at both of them, you wouldn’t able to tell that Sienna is in the same age group as this lady, because this Lady is about one year older that Sienna. But if you look at her young fresh-face look comparing to Sienna, most people would be shocked to see, that this Lady who is one year older than Sienna, can look reasonably good for her age comparing to Sienna who doesn’t and who is year younger that this Lady. This Kelsey Lady could pass for some-one who is her own age-group and (3 years her junior which would make her age 26) which is a few years younger the most, than her and Sienna age. Oh my God, Sienna better watch out there is a serious competition going on in dating and relationships especially where older causcasian men dating younger caucasian women and she better keep a close eye on Jude that he doesn’t stray because of this type of competition. You look what happen with Jude and his childrens nanny incident and he did said in one interview despite the incident he did apologize for hurting sienna regarding it, but he said he doesn’t regret the affair. So that means never say never with Jude when it comes to being unfaithful again

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