Shia LaBeouf Shouted Down A White Supremacist

“Shia! Shia! How much does it cost to dress like a homeless person?”
“I dunno, two, three thousand bucks. Why?”

Usually, the fun of watching a Shia LaBeouf fight video is seeing him getting his ass handed to him in extraordinary fashion. So I honestly don’t know how to react to this latest video because while Shia LaBeouf doesn’t get his ass kicked, the other person is an “alleged” white supremacist who tried to disrupt Shia’s “He Will Not Divide Us” art project. So now I’m even more torn because on the one hand, fart-sniffing pretentious performance art, and on the other, alt-right douche in a Nazi hat. Plus Shia doesn’t even punch him, which really makes me question his dedication to America and more importantly being Indiana Jones’ son.

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Photo: FameFlynet