Shia LaBeouf Threatened To Stab The Guy Helping Him After Bar Fight

When Shia LaBeouf found himself getting his face punched in by a shirtless Canadian lumber ox, kind Samaritan Shea Carter who apparently was not a “bro” of the actor or had even met him before, helped a drunken Shia up and convinced him to “lay low” before shit got out of hand. So basically your typical, friendly fight breaker-upper who I like to politely puke on as my way of saying thanks. Shia, on the other hand, prefers talk of knives and shoving them into throats. I blame graffiti. TMZ reports:

Afterward, Carter — a local hip hop artist and bar regular — tried to stop Shia from getting back inside, but LaBeouf got aggressive, spouting, “Well what if I grabbed my knife on you?”
Carter says he quickly grabbed Shia in an effort to protect himself in case the knife threat was serious.
Carter says the actor eventually walked away … so he went back inside the bar. But moments later, Carter says, Shia appeared outside a window and made a throat-slashing gesture at him … before leaving for the night.

Of all the shit I cover on a daily basis, if there’s one thing I absolutely, 100% believe without question, it’s that Shia LaBeouf stood drunkenly wobbling outside a bar window making throat-cutting gestures like a crazy person. To put it in perspective, if this were a poker game, I’d be shoving all my chips plus a baby into the pot while saying, “all in.” (Full Disclosure: I actually try to bet a baby on every hand mostly because Super System 2 had way too many words. Just way too many.)

Photo: Flynet, Splash News