Who Wants To See Shia LaBeouf Get Punched By A Shirtless Fat Guy?

October 18th, 2011 // 67 Comments

TMZ has obtained footage of what looks like a drunken Shia LaBeouf getting his face pounded in by a random, shirtless fat guy and this is pretty much all that’s known:

It’s unclear exactly what provoked the attack — but we’re told Shia originally got into it with the man inside a bar called Cinema Public House … and after security kicked them both out, the man tore off his shirt and unleashed the fury all over Shia’s face.

I’m going to assume it happened like this.

FAT GUY: Excuse me, kind sir. Were you perhaps the artistic director for that Marilyn Manson video who compared it to Un Chien Andalou?
SHIA: Indeed I was.
FAT GUY: *puts down nachos* I demand satisfaction. Have at you!

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Photos: Flynet / Video: TMZ.com


  1. Throjo

    He better lay low right now…he better lay low.

  2. cc

    I hope Shia isn’t one of those guys who, when he gets the drink in him, starts to delude themselves into thinking they are tough. That’s just not going to end well for him.

    (And man does he ever look hammered.)

    • stratacat

      it’s not that he thinks he’s tough, it’s that he can’t keep his mouth shut. he’s an IRL troll. he talks shit to get a rise out of people and then he plays the victim when he gets his ass handed to him. this isn’t the first time this has happened. ask anyone who’s ever met him at a bar.

      • Schmidtler

        oh c’mon! didn’t you see the transformer movies? he beat the sh!t out of those giant robots! he’s BADASS!!!

    • V

      Oooohhh CC that is exactly the kind of man Shia is, drink or no drink. In his mind he’s Chuck Norris.

      I hope whoever beat the shit out of him did it well.

  3. KWDragon

    FAT GUY: *puts down nachos* I demand satisfaction. Have at you!

    Uncanny how you had the microphone right there on the street! ;-)

  4. Canadianhouseguest

    Who the hell was trying to hug it out at the end?

    “Can I hug you right now? Can I hug you now?”


    • Frank Burns

      Nothing like a booze-fueled post-defeat ad hoc hug fest to bring a guy back up to snuff. They probably towel him off after he gets out of the shower too.

  5. Shia La Poof

    He insulted me ! he asked if I was a pitcher or a catcher , I answered that I am a pitcher , and he had the gall to suggest that I might like catching for him . I had my honor at stake ! I had to defend my honor !

  6. fap

    The guy on crutches is a scrapper.

    • And LaBeouf isn’t. If you find yourself in a scuffle that can be broken up by a guy on crutches, and you’re *still* getting your ass kicked, then maybe barfighting isn’t your sport.

  7. Deacon Jones

    Dude, this guy is a fucking mess.

    He makes me look like I was a casual drinker when I was in my early 20s.

  8. cooperanimation

    His fist was more than meets the eye

  9. Ben Dover

    I DO I DO I DO, that was cool, he should get his ass kicked daily just for his fucked up name

  10. Mr. Poop

    That fat guy is a man of the people

  11. stratacat


  12. Only in Canada can you get your ass handed to you by a shirtless fat guy and then offered a hug by a stranger. Equal parts hockey and good sportsmanship.

  13. Shia LeBouf and Sheldon Cage – now THAT would be a match to see.

  14. Hey Hick Fuck You!


  15. ace11

    didn’t this dude do the nasty with Megan Fox?

    good job if true

  16. Cock Dr

    Just a bunch of sloppy drunks.

  17. Frank Burns

    Any day I see an ‘A lister’ actor take a punch is a good day. Any chance Ashton Kutcher is in Vancouver? If this helps prevent LaBeouf from inheriting the ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ franchise as they seemed to set up in the last movie, then God bless, shirtless hairy-bellied guy.

  18. Damnrobert

    Looks like Chaz Bono has lost a little weight!

  19. Jack

    Damn. That’s what you get when you don’t have Bumblebee to back you up! Shia better “roll out”……

  20. Really?

    Obviously fatty doesn’t like being rejected. Next time Shia has to be a more receptive bitch.

    Seriously, why can’t he afford bodyguards?

  21. Venom

    Shia LeDoof got beat up? This is the best day ever. lol
    Is it Christmas already.

    This drunk idiot is always starting shit. Got what he had coming to him.

  22. Man, that made my day. I always knew that justice would be wrought by a shirtless fat guy.

  23. ze scoundrel

    I bet he woke up the next day and thought, “Man wouldn’t it have been fun to be the guy who was fighting me”

  24. MInky Wail

    We salute you, our fat, shirtless dark lord!

  25. orlando

    the whole time watching this all I could think was, please die of an overdose, please die of an overdose, please die of an overdose, please die of an overdose, please die of an overdose, please die of an overdose, please die of an overdose, please die of an overdose.

  26. V

    Look at him lying on the floor and then walking away like the little bitch that he is. I can’t stand him and I’m glad he got his ass handed over to him. He’s a horrible person. No friends, not a single person speaks highly of him, ever. He’s a jerk. He even treats his fans like shit. And let’s not forget that time he pronounced “epitome” as “epi-tome”. He’s a moron.

    I don’t get why people give shit to other harmless decent dudes in Hollywood, like robert pattinson for instance, and this asshole gets away with A LOT of bullshit. He’s always starting fights in bars and then claims that it’s becuase he’s a “star”. If that was the case you would see more “stars” in trouble.

    Go to rehab and retire already.

  27. Bumble Bee is going to fuck that guy up.

  28. drunk people are entertaining

  29. Rob

    People dont say “Have at you!” anymore. the shirtless fat guy must have been at least 45.

  30. 1) he really can’t fight back because he has WAY more money to lose in a lawsuit.

    b) that was fun to watch.

  31. Bubba

    Okay– and Shia expects me to believe that he beat up Tom “Bane/Bronson/Warrior” Hardy….but he couldn’t take fat, drunk, out of shape Canadian guy? Right, LeBeouf.

  32. Nick

    To bad the fat guy didn’t say: I told you not to go there! I told you not to go there!! (kudos if you know which movie)

  33. GT

    LaBeouf is preparing for his next role in “Fight Club: Meat Loaf’s Revenge”.

  34. it had to be said

    I like how his boys had to cool him down. As if THIS time he was going to kick ass.

  35. Phil McCracken

    “LaBeouf” is the sound of his melon hitting the concrete.

  36. Tyrone Biggums

    Cryer LaDouche

  37. Slake

    I came.

  38. Carlton Banks

    Anyone else notice the fat guy stumble away like Afro Ninja?

  39. Friday Jones

    Kenneth, what is the frequency? KENNETH, WHAT IS THE FREQUENCY??

  40. Arzach

    So basically the fat shirtless guy did exactly what is written all over Shia’s face “Punch me in the face”

  41. Ponkur

    Wow, scary stuff. But everyone can rest easy, I’ve got news that the fat guy is OK! Apart from bruised knuckles and being minus his favorite Transformers t-shirt, he couldn’t be better.

  42. NotMeNo

    I hear Seagal is looking for a (short-tempered) deputy…..

  43. Kiara

    I just had bad flashbacks of my ex-boyfriend – every weekend was spent breaking up fights like these and listening to drunken arguments. Dodged a bullet there. Going by previous experience, we’ll be seeing more of this type of news from Shia LeDouche.

  44. KoMoDo

    LaBeef probably said something along the lines of “Crystal Skull was the best Indy movie EVAR!” in that annoying argument style he does in every movie. Fat guy goes into nerd rage. Rest is history.

  45. Steven Spielberg

    Shit Labia-f

  46. fandy

    Bumblebee watched and laughed his transformer ass-off.

  47. Pippy Longcockings

    LeDouche is going to be one fat ugly fucker 20 years from now.

  48. Ben Whofleck

    Douchebag LeBouf…gets his ass kicked. Probably still got laid by the hottest chick there.

  49. Lemmiwinks

    A fat guy tearing off his own shirt at the outset of an altercation is a good tactic for unnerving the other person. It immediately conveys to the opponent, “Look how fucking fat I am… I don’t care if I die.”

  50. bd

    thank god turtle was there to talk him down

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