Shauna Sand claims husband punched her in the implants

December 2nd, 2008 // 66 Comments

Shauna Sand, who I had no idea is married, was awarded a restraining order against her husband Romain Chavent yesterday after he allegedly punched her in the breasts this weekend. Even worse, she had just gotten reconstructive surgery on them. On top of those claims, he also supposedly took naked pictures of her kids and threatened to sell them, according to TMZ:

Among the claims, Shauna says Romain once “threatened to sell nude photos of my children that he took of them when he was babysitting.”
In the documents, Shauna also claims in March 2008, Chavent punched her in the stomach and threw her into a wall. And in 2007, Romain allegedly strangled, punched and threw Sand across the room. Shauna says she was granted a restraining order for the 2007 incident, but had it dismissed “because he promised to change.”
But Romain has made accusations of his own — once filing for a restraining order against Shauna in April because he claimed she threatened to ruin his life. Romain’s claim was later dismissed.

Okay, ignoring the confusing fact that she didn’t sick the Feds on an asshole who’s allegedly packing nude photos of her kids, I don’t know what’s worse: That this Romain guy punched Shauna Sand in her newly implanted breasts (It’s common knowledge at that stage you’re supposed to delicately massage them with dollar bills) or that he attempted to file a restraining order claiming she tried to “ruin his life.” Really? If that’s a valid legal defense, then I’m suing McDonalds for forgetting my McNugget sauce last night. You ever eat one of those things dry? That’s a taste that will never leave you. Or in other words, cut me a check, Grimace.

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  1. Star

    If she doesn’t stop with those ridiculous shoes, I’M going to punch her in the implants!

  2. denise

    who the hell is this skank anyway

    and still ugly

  3. justifiable

    Who the fuck was representing her in court – Elle Woods?

  4. Stiles

    I hope she didn’t get brain damage from that donkey punch to the boob.

  5. Clem

    She looks like Donatella Versace’s kid sister – and by that I mean she looks like a 57 year old who spent way too much time in the sun.

  6. AmberDextrose

    That’s some snout. She looks like reflection in a spoon. After the spoon was used to stir a tin of spaghetti hoops.

  7. Drunkman

    It’s a good thing nobody would want to see (let alone buy) naked pictures of her otherwise she might really have a problem.

  8. Rob

    she looks like a duck. She’s fucking ugly. I’d drop a looper in her face just to cover up that duck bill

  9. Groucho

    Is she deliberately going for the “I hope people think I’m a porn star” look, or is she just oblivious?

  10. From hot to not in less than 5 years… much like Jenna Jameson.

  11. Fluffy Butt

    . Orange face
    . Crooked beak
    . Droopy silicon tits

    I wonder if this woman ACTUALLY feels sexy. she is the best case of Nasty Fake i’ve ever seen. looks like an 80 year old woman that’s had WAY TO MUCH constructive surgery.

  12. She continues to punnish america?

  13. Rob

    the only thing she’s got going for her is that she has a Vagina**, most guys can just shut there eyes and bang away, she’s just plai fugly.

    ** that we know of

  14. is she still a single? someone just found she is wondering on the famous online affairs site !!!.sugarb a by, a place for rich men to seek extramarital relationship… you can guess what she is doing there if she really joined the service.

  15. What was this Shauna tranny dude best known for?

    Hmmm…threatening to sell child pornography as revenge. That should take you straight to the top…of the FBI Most Wanted list.

  16. Kristin

    She SO looks like Janice from the Muppets in the 6th photo

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