Sharon Stone “forgets” her bra

January 26th, 2007 // 95 Comments

Sharon Stone was spotted leaving The Ivy without her bra on, which is the equivalent of wearing a big sign around her neck that says “Look at me! I want attention!” I mean yeah, people will look at you, but they’ll also look at a naked clown walking into Chuck E. Cheese’s. That doesn’t mean he’s a star.


  1. Pretty perky for a 48 year old.. moreso than Jessica Simpson at 20whatever.

  2. zygote99

    Her bra is probably with her panties…

    (C’mon, remember no underwear in Basic Instinct?!)

  3. jrzmommy

    old lady boobies.

  4. DrBob2607

    Those puppies just are screaming for a Cincinnati Bowtie…

  5. tinbird_01

    Icky icky poo. Is there anything that woman won’t keep out of the media? I don’t understand what’s wrong with ppl! It takes a few seconds to throw on undies/bras…

  6. jazzdrummer420

    will she just go away already!!!!!1

    She gets nominated for a razzie and must’ve thought what the hell, I got’em let’s flaunt’em

  7. Charm

    Sharon, you famous for your beaver not your boobs, stick to what you know.

  8. misanthrope

    Well, they are better than Pam’s. So, that’s not saying anything.

  9. RichPort

    So it took her nearly 50 years to start puberty?

  10. GGIRL

    I think she looks great for a woman her age. Her boobs are a bit to round for my taste, but anyhow, who doesn

  11. GGIRL

    So looks great for a woman her age! Her boobs are a bit roundish…but good anyway. i

  12. GGIRL

    So looks great for a woman her age! Her boobs are a bit roundish…but good anyway. i

  13. At least she can aford it! Have you seen Barbara Streisand’s monsters? She has better bubbies han many girls with 16!

  14. GGIRL

    So looks great for a woman her age! Her boobs are a bit roundish…but good anyway. i

  15. bootface

    I’d hit it

  16. GGIRL

    sorry I posted that many times…connection

  17. GGIRL

    With that face…I don

  18. bogika

    At least she can aford it! Have you seen Barb Scarecrows huge sucking monsters? Sharon has better bubbies than many girls with 16!

  19. mike hawk

    I tasted round boobs once. in fact i grew up in miss stones’ blouse. smugglin’ balloons. miss stone gives me a warm heart. on.

  20. Binky

    Looks like they’ve never seen the sun…Marilyn Manson – type breasts… I guess she never needs to turn on the lights in the bedroom…The whiteness is blinding !! AAGGGHHHHH !

  21. rmeno

    lol..who cares if she’s not wearing a god bra’s are NOT comfortable..when I get home that’s the first thing that comes off! I don’t blame her..if I could get away with NOT wearing one I would.
    PS. They look great from someone her age.

  22. agtdonut

    She’s so pathetic! Why doesn’t she bring her sleeping bag with her and just move into The Ivy?!?! Bitch is there everyday it seems to get her old drooping turkey neck photographed, the food can’t be that good. She just looks like some old crusty twat grasping on to whatever threads of attention she still gets. Too bad for her she can only get attention for her body, not her body of work. Poor Sharon, you can buy new tits but not a new neck. Gobble Gobble!

  23. danielle

    They remind of Regina George’s mother.

  24. out_to_fish

    I would tap that. round and perky ! o !

  25. missdavis

    Has anyone noticed her roots in some of the pics? Mutton.

  26. tits_on_snack

    i think she wants to be thought of as a sulty sex symbol who’s pushing the envelope etc etc etc etc

  27. GGIRL

    So used to be so cute, what a pitty he face looks like that. Anyways, I still prefer natural boobs, good perky ones…16 to 20s ;)

  28. GGIRL

    i think she doesn

  29. Jenster

    It’s a pity, she has a cute outfit on and for once she has a normal hairstyle.
    She almost got it right.

  30. MrSemprini

    Izzat Oliver’s sister or sumpn? Like, who?

  31. Add a paper bag and punch my ticket to Slap City!

  32. BigJim

    I’ve figured why Viagra is so popular. It’s not because old men have a physiological problem with achieving erection; it is because old women are just so very ugly.

  33. CarnieWilson

    I don’t think she forgot

  34. Pointandlaugh

    she looks GREAT. I’d do her.

  35. JungleRed

    She had a stroke, remember? You’d forget things too…

  36. ch474

    Isn’t this the same no talent tart that recently issued a statement that she’s leaving behind her quote/unquote “sexy” image to develop her equally quote/unquote acting “skills”. Lube yourself up you shrivelled old prune, and pay cash in advace, because that’s the only way you can get some moderately well hung bisexual pretty boy to insert his heavy duty Saran wrapped poker up your well worn highway. Better yet, save whatever “millions” you’ve “earned” and just buy fresh batteries for your new best friend. Must be an exciting conversation … click – Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    As for looking at older women out braless, I’m all for it. So long that is, if they have enough to actually look at.

  37. serial snarkalec

    The old cunt does the skank-wrapped-in-classy like nobody’s bidness. Everybody’s good at something!

  38. mbarkr

    You know what? For her age (almost freaking 50) – that chick is Red Pepper, Fire-Ass, hot.

  39. wedgeone

    Lest you all forget how INSANE she is – didn’t an entire film crew piss in her bathtub water before a scene in one of her movies, because of the way she treated everyone?
    There has to be enough brain to go with the body, so that she knows not to act like a total bitch or a piece of gravel (ergo, Jess Simpson). Otherwise, it’s more pain than pleasure.

  40. fame is funny

    Grandmas Gone Wild!

  41. Morticia

    She had a boob job recently. She’s still in the “Everyone look at my new fake boobs” stage.

  42. bigsteamyone

    Oh man ! , this broad really is looking old.
    Look how tight her face is pulled back.Frightening I must say . She wears those big sunglasses to hide her hideous face.

  43. acatnamedfrank

    Who really cares if she’s a bitch in real life; we don’t have to live with her.

    I think she looks pretty good for a woman her age.

  44. acatnamedfrank

    BUT, in the 3rd pic, if you look closely, it looks like she’s sporting some dandruff. That is NOT attractive.

    “Don’t wear black without the Blue… Selsun Blue”

  45. MrSemprini

    How sure are we that those are real and not some latex prop she got from a movie set? Ever thought of that, HUH? EVER THOUGHT OF THAT??

  46. Anonymous

    The fact that her boobs are “too round” suggest that she had implants, albiet small, subtle ones.

    Obviously, she wants people to notice her and she’s trying hard to flaunt her “goods.” Look how far back her shoulders are in every photo–unnaturally so. Her shoulders are that far back so she can thrust out her man-made chest.

  47. BarbadoSlim

    And to think that people are trying to eat in the vicinity, this leathery thing has been ridden hard and put away wet one too many times for my taste.

    cover that shit up grandma you’re embarrassing yourself.

  48. magickal

    Oh put a fucking bra on already. Nothing screams desperation like a washed up old hag trying to flash her “special parts”. I mean, it’s gross enough when Paris, Britney, Hohan etc, do it, but, at least they’re in their young twenties. She’s an old bitch. “aint nobody wanna see dat shit”.

  49. freakspeely

    God, she’s trying SO hard to stay relevant. Sharon, it’s not 1991 anymore, darling.

  50. tiredofeverything

    What is wrong with you people. Sharon is a goddess. I’m 45 and I look like shit. I would trade with her in a second. She would kill herself if she were me. In fact I was considering it a few days ago. Sharon is beautiful. If I looked like her I’d be naked all the time. Give her a break. I just can’t say enough about her. She gives us gals hope.

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