Sharon Osbourne Had Sex With Jay Leno

Here’s Jay Leno performing for Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert on September 25, 1967 which is roughly around the time he had sex with Sharon Osbourne. As for why I felt the need to share that information, it’s a simple matter of I know it, so now you have to know it and forever may we be joined in Hell. People reports:

The revelation came as part of the talk show’s weeklong “Big Secret” segment, and Osbourne, 60, was the first of the co-hosts to open up with her surprising confession.
“It’s not like it’s a dirty little secret,” she said nervously before telling her story.
“When I was 25, I just moved to America,” she began. “I had met my husband [Ozzy], but we weren’t together. We were just friends. I didn’t have a boyfriend. I never did date a lot at that time, anyway, because I was not very dateable.”
A friend invited her to a club where she saw Leno performing his comedy routine, and Osbourne told her pal that she thought he was “very nice, very funny.”
The pair decided to prank call him. “He liked my voice,” she admitted, so she kept calling back and pretended to be a wrong number.
“One thing led to another,” she continued. “He came to my house and met me and then we had a little fling. The fling was more fling for me and not fling enough for him.”

Sharon claims she doesn’t remember what the sex was like because Alzheimer’s is a golden gift from God to make up for giving us bodies that uncontrollably shit themselves during the last few years we’re alive. He has no idea why he made that a feature.

Photo: Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert