How The Hell Is Pete From ‘Smallville’ Banging More Twins? We’re Talking About This

The Superficial | August 8, 2013 - 2:58 pm

Right up until the minute Sam Jones III went to jail for being the Oxy King of Hollywood, he was banging Karissa Shannon and presumably her sister because drug money is still money. Now he’s with The Howe Twins because 34 years ago, Hugh Hefner went, “Mmm, I want some chocolate,” followed nine months later by, “This mansion ain’t no place for a baby.” Which has to be the case, or else the episode of Smallville when Pete left the show to become The Fast And The Furious is like Moses to twin vagina. “Kryptonite cars gonna drop all them double panties!” he probably said, but nobody listened. Nobody listened…

Photos: Bauer-Griffin