How The Hell Is Pete From ‘Smallville’ Banging More Twins? We’re Talking About This

August 8th, 2013 // 14 Comments

Right up until the minute Sam Jones III went to jail for being the Oxy King of Hollywood, he was banging Karissa Shannon and presumably her sister because drug money is still money. Now he’s with The Howe Twins because 34 years ago, Hugh Hefner went, “Mmm, I want some chocolate,” followed nine months later by, “This mansion ain’t no place for a baby.” Which has to be the case, or else the episode of Smallville when Pete left the show to become The Fast And The Furious is like Moses to twin vagina. “Kryptonite cars gonna drop all them double panties!” he probably said, but nobody listened. Nobody listened…

Photos: Bauer-Griffin


  1. TheJoaker

    You answered your own question in the first sentence. Drugs. Lots of them.

  2. Cock Dr

    Nice reuse of the Shannon twins huge bulging plastic baboon butts photos.

  3. I know they’ve been around and all but I would still bury my face and other things in those asses for a few days.

  4. Jack Napier

    They’re from the UK and fans of the BBC?

  5. o0

    White children are a dying breed these days. All the woman want to get with negros.

  6. anonym

    He’s the envy of black men from the 1960′s.

  7. anonym

    and those Howe sisters are fame whores, so they’re easy lays

  8. Did you miss the entire uproar about the Shannon sex tape and his giant cock? I imagine the whole ‘giant cock’ thing is what attracted them and they stayed for the fame-whoring.

  9. Fish, I’d put up the Venn diagram that shows the intersection of “Skanks who take off clothes for money” with “Skanks who will put out for drugs”, but honestly, it’s just one circle.

  10. Gandhi

    Karissa Shannon posed for some epic ass shots in her day.

  11. The asses on those twins. Mmm.

  12. $$$ is how the hell. Girls like that aren’t exactly choosy … except with the heft of your wallet.

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