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So I was just about to give Miley Cyrus credit for dressing surprisingly tame on Good Morning America today and then this happened. Someone explain me to how “KIDDIE PORN!” was screamed all over the Internet when half an almost-18-year-old’s labia popped out on a photo shoot, yet suggestive pubic bone stroking is choreographed into her stage show and no one bats an eye. No, really, somebody had to literally walk Miley through this set and go, “Step. Step. Twirl. Vagina diddle!” Even better, now she’s calling herself a role model for “not holding back” which in her defense apparently still involves girl-on-girl motorboating. We should probably hear this out.

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  1. devaltree

    My first FIRST! Suck it!

    • Good for you *stands up and claps*

      • Got Brain Damage?

        I was acting like one of the characters from The Sarcastic Clapping Family From South Hampton.

      • Silvio

        I did not become my “friends” with my pnreats until I was an adult living outside of the family home. As long as I was under their roof, they were still my pnreats and I had to follow their household rules (it didn’t matter my age). I think that’s the way it should be!

      • shankyouverymuch

        She’s a real disgusting little piggy-wig that deserves a good spanking from my monkey-

    • Got Brain Damage?

      Also, that Impossible IQ Question above, that’s totally pussy right. I keep spanking it like a monkey every time I look at it, so it’s got to be pussy. Anybody else been rock hard for hours over that snatch shot?

    • Miley oozes sexuality as she matures into becoming a young lady and it clearly shows, not only in her music but also her attitude. This fresh, edgy young chic has raised the bar for others who try to follow in her footsteps.


      • Adult type

        Yeah she oozes something alright. And no, we don’t want anymore bar raising in our young women, you Homo sultus.

      • Randal(l)

        Miley oozes from her sexual parts. she is raising the bar for underage girls who want to be huge sluts as soon as possible and don’t want to wait for college to whore it up. way to go Miley, i look forward to your Lohanesque downward spiral.


      • Blech

        RANDAL. I’ve missed you!

      • Abigail

        Randal!!!! let me eat your ass.

    • joe

      The crabs make your crotch itch….

  2. devaltree

    Ya wanna know what’s effed up? She might be a slightly distant cousin of mine according to my grandmother and my father who are both avid genealogists. Far enough cousins I presume that in most states I could still dick her.

  3. gogo

    that ‘s because I felt pity for ya…

    • Viraj

      Interestingly enough, this was just tetesd by Mythbusters. Until their show, there was no documented evidence of anyone actually breaking a glass with just their voice. They did find out that it is possible, but only by the most rare of individuals.Pretty cool stuff.

  4. Drew

    She has to claim she’s “not slutty” or “I am a rolemodel” until she’s at least 18. Then shit can hit the fan, and I think we’re all patiently awaiting that day.

  5. Ashley
    Commented on this photo:

    So if a girl ever puts her hand anywhere near the front of her pants, she must be mimicking masturbation.

    It looks to me like her hand is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Girls grab their belt loops all the time.

    • Mary

      Yes, I agree. Her hand is definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time–for three different shots to capture (facial expressions/movement not the same).

      ‘spose you’re right in that girls (guys do it more) may tend to grab their belt loop frequently. I on occassion my find my finger curled around my belt loop here and there…all though, my stance is more calculated and that I actually think about where I place said hands. I find that it’s more natural looking to hook my hands on the side loops rather than the front. I just am not comfortable and haven’t yet been granted COOL status a la Marlboro Cowboy dude or that Cheetos Tiger to place my hands in front of my crotch.

      Miley is so overrated. I don’t care what happens to her–sex tape to ruin career, drug over usaged to ruin career, running over kittens to ruin her career, general public finally catching sense and realizing how much she sucks to ruin Miley’s career, just make it end soon.

    • Selena

      So u finger urself, ah me too, it’s honestly the best feeling ever!

    • Priscila

      I love it too! I love the thought and the cfmoort every sentence of The Climb gives me amidst all my trials in life. I gotta keep moving on cuz there’s always gonna be another mountain.

  6. memem

    Such a whore, so early on. She’s probably already a herpes incubator.

  7. Doc Schweinstrudel
    Commented on this photo:

    She is really cute when in everyday life with less makeup, that pic where she was in starbucks so awe cutie pie.

    Why dressing all in dark trashy and having the witch makeup?

  8. ROUGH? his [sic] got an edge! totally.

    Cant you get your mind out the gutter for once Fish. Unlike her counter part, she’s craving a microphone. Thank you very much! Ugh, the nerve.

  9. Commented on this photo:

    aside from the fact that she realllllly over-accessorizes, I think she’s quite attractive…

  10. Richport's Ghost

    That fucking face (I guess that can be & should be taken 2 ways) has to go.

  11. Puppet string cutter
    Commented on this photo:

    She has been programmed successfully.

  12. Grand Dragon
    Commented on this photo:

    Nice muffin-top, fatty

    • Roo0942


  13. Grand Dragon

    nice muffin-top, fatty

  14. Dakota

    I really don’t get it. This girl is NOT hot at all.

  15. FrankNfrtr

    Along with her stunning good looks, Ms Cyrus is a very eloquent speaker. True quote from the Cyrus “there’s so much stuff you’ve got to get through before you can get to the stuff that’s real”.
    Whew! Heavy!

  16. Lady Blah Blah

    She’s touching herself in an inappropriate way. There is no way Jesus would approve of this. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before Miley begins making Satanic gestures on stage, thereby letting the world know where her true allegiance lies.

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      Prude who cares! We love women like this.

    • Guest

      Um wasn’t she supposed to be a bible freak or something? Carrying a bible around for publicity. I wish somebody would just shoot her.

    • Jimbo

      Would love to f*ck her right on the alter

    • Sinistergreeneyes

      Seriously? Take your bible and stick it up ur a***. I am a Traditional Satanist, and am wondering what the hell this has to do with religion. Your so ignorant.
      If your worried so much about ur so called Jesus, why are u even reading this???? So there you insulted my religion, now I insult you. HAIL SATAN666
      Check out the best SATANIC MATERIAL I have ever seen at the site that sells the best publications. I received my books fast.

  17. Sais
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    I can’t wait for the sex tape. Should be amusing.

  18. Bunny

    When I see this girl it makes me sad when I realize just how old I am becoming. Crows feet, grey hair, older guys, bad breath, etc.
    Anyhoo, I don’t see anything wrong with her behavior, I started out very very young myself.

  19. classydirtychick

    ugh! pug face

  20. iys
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  21. public enema


  22. i love miley
    Commented on this photo:

    miley #1

  23. wb
    Commented on this photo:

    Dude, this thing is so effing slow I’m about to give up on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Marites

      - How beautiful and sweet. Awww, my boy has a Mama’s Boy fecthing tag, too. What a sweet face. It’s so very special to have an art tribute to a passed loved companion.

  24. jack hammer
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    I would wreck that.

  25. stevebeagle

    she has that moron look about her , kinda like ol ceiling eyes from that show the hills

  26. Fred Mramor
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    Jeez I wish this girl would turn 18 already so we can stop obsessing over her as though she was a naughtly little girl and we’re all her grandmothers. I wonder who the next provocative little pop tart will be.

  27. retarded
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    This girl is not attractive. She has a super fat face, her eyes are too close together and her lips look ridiculous. She also has a weird lookin’ body. And yes she is a little tramp. Look at her pictures! This one of course could be one taken at the wrong time but she is not a good singer and looks retarded everywhere she goes! HAHA!

  28. Amy

    Look, I don’t care what women do…it’s fine. What I’m tired of is girls doing this to “proove” something. It’s not new, cutting-edge, or whatever else you think it means to grab your crotch, kiss another girl, wear suggestive clothing, or motorboat. It’s been done a billion times before. It makes no sense.

    Also, I understand that “sex sells.” I understand that. However, to whom is she selling sex to? Women? Because no matter what she does, men will not buy her music. Sure, they’ll look at her and comment on sites like this, but they aren’t going to buy her music or go to her concerts because she dresses like a whore.

    • Nik

      I concur.

    • Jon

      Exactly.. I don’t get it. Pop stars like this have female audiences. So who is the sex for?

    • FrankNfrtr

      Actually, I think that (some) dads will go with their teenaged “Hannah Montana” enthralled daughters to the shows & be watching with lecherous intent.
      Slutty Cyrus better be very careful with the fine line she’s walking. Lucrative endorsement deals are hard to come by if your claim to fame is on stage labia rubbing & simulated lesbianism……..I think Lady Ga Ga has that market already cornered.
      That Cyrus is moon faced fugly. She needs to make bank now before it gets even worse & she loses whatever chipmunk-like cuteness qualities she still has.

    • Fuckston

      I think the sex is being sold as faux-empowerment to her young, naive, female fans. It’s McRationalization for those girls who would see themselves act/dress a certain way for attention, but need some reassurance from a “friend” (i.e., Miley) that they’re not slags for doing so; They’re simply “comfortable with their bodies, refuse to “hold back” or some other equally vapid soundbite.

      I also agree with FrankNfrtr’s “moon faced” comment. Miley’s going to age like an Arby’s beef and cheddar sitting in the Arizona sun.

      • Amy

        Fuckston–that’s a valid point. And it’s sad. I understand the need for girls to be comfortable with their bodies (hell, we all benefit), but the “shock value” involved with these tired stars has…well, lost its shock value. Why not gradually transform into a woman without “coming out!”? It’s like they are all 17 and then the minute they turn 18 the vag comes out as if to prove something. It’s old and boring and again, most men aren’t going to buy your music no matter how golden your vag looks. And yes, most girls are always looking for an excuse to dress like whores and get away with it…look no further than Halloween.

        Oh, and I’ve been wondering what her face looks like. It’s def the moon.

  29. Skippy
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    I bet that girl loves to bang.

  30. Messy Keyboard

    Umm, you don’t mind posting photos of Miley Cyrus and yet you chickened out about posting the ‘Upskirt’ photo that you referenced in this post?

    I think there is an unwritten rule that you can’t talk about an incident when you didn’t care enough to offer comment while that topic was actually relevent…

  31. w.

    I feel bad for David Bowie, having his name stamped across her chest….

  32. gatito
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    WTF.. so the outrage in this post is not directed at the fact that this weiner poseur is wearing a Bowie tshirt even though she knows jack shit about the thin white duke?

  33. Dr. Doogie McStickit
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  34. Commented on this photo:

    Then she wonders why people think shes slutty….. again this is what the mouse teaches…. Its ok to be slutty just deny everything then smile and act like nobody asked.

  35. Randalmyhandle

    Randal wants to hump dis

  36. yayo

    dirty moustached whore

  37. permmyworm

    pew dude I can smell her dumb ass waft coming off them dumb ass dyke’y fingers

  38. FrankNfrtr
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    Miley is badly constipated here, so ya’ll should stand back.

  39. Hannah
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    oh so now she can’t even put her hands lower than her belt without been critisized.great.really people she’s 17 not 7 she’s a big girl now :L n ooo ihs a fukin tattoo… she’s grabbin her belt loop which girls do all the time. idk…poor miley shouldnt take this shite n im glad shes not put off by it. shes gorg-uzzz! like i’v luved dis girl since i was 11 n now im 15 :D n as she’s aged shes gotten sooo pretty i luv her clothes n her jewelry dayummm gurrrl :D

    • what kind of drugs are you smoking i want some. If you actually watched the show this am you would have seen exactly what everyone is talking about. She was not simply putting her thumb in her belt loop. Second it was only yesterday she was whining about everyone calling her new act slutty. If she doesnt want to be called slutty then she needs to stop listening to people who suggest this kind of move. Your right shes 17 shes not grown up and by some standards she wont be untill shes 21. Dont get me wrong I dont blame her she is only doing what 17 year olds do I blame her parents just like Britneys and Lindseys they sold her soul to the mouse now she is trying so desperately to look (growed up) and her parents are to blinded by the money to notice shes a train wreck waiting to happen just like the others.

  40. Oh, SW, you’re so naive. You see, the upskirt photo was almost a crime and a travesty of good taste because the person who did it is a universally hated douchebag. Footage of Miley masturbating through her skin-tight jeans is family-friendly because it appeared on wholesome & honest Good Morning America. See the difference?

    I can’t *believe* I have to explain this to you.

  41. Piglet

    because all pigs were once young…

  42. bar room hero

    M u l l e t s p a w N

  43. shankyouverymuch

    She’s a real disgusting little piggy-wig that deserves a good spanking from my monkey-

  44. Yeeaa

    I predict shes pregnant by 19 and a drug addict by 21

  45. Bob Lee
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    GMA sucks. They were gushing all over this pice of crap.

  46. Bob Lee

    GMA sucks. They were gushing all of this pice of crap.

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