Selma Blair in a bikini

August 15th, 2008 // 238 Comments

These are shots of Selma Blair in a bikini on the set of her new show Kath & Kim, but that’s not important right now. Can somebody tell me what in the hell is going on with Selma Blair’s crotch in some of these photos? Is her vagina trying to escape? That can’t be healthy. Should somebody notify the National Guard, or is it one of those deals where it’s more scared of us then we are of it?


  1. She is shaped like a linebacker

    DUDE she is up and down and should never ever in her life wear a bikini..especially not a pink one..No wonder her marriage went to shit

  2. dirt chicken

    Why the surprise ? It is against the law for anyone named Selma to be hot. No, seriously – it is ….

  3. Stoopeedo

    It’s an extremely large IUD… Because, a girl can never be too sure right?

  4. Piper

    The bikini she’s wearing is for the role she plays in the new sitcom together with Molly Shannon: it looks trashy for a reason guys!

  5. Anal Rape Afficianado

    I’d give her asshole a tongue bath.

  6. dirt chicken

    @ 104

    It’s not the suit that’s the problem … it’s what is/isn’t IN it. Not enough meat in the chestal region , and a bit too much meat in the groinal region. It’s a MAN, babyyyy !

  7. Toejammn'

    A “B” cup would be nice,but totally hittable.

  8. Hmm

    Seems like she has many male features…
    no boobs- growing a dick? -no curves
    I’d have to say we got a trannyyy

  9. Brodster

    Man, I wish america would stop ripping other peoples shows off.

  10. Brodster

    Man, I wish america would stop ripping other peoples shows off.

  11. so much betta

    i have been looking at this site for years to catch up on my gossip. only recently have i begun to check out the comments. i gather that there are only a few regulars. every post has the same type of comments( racism, insults about the celebs looks, bodies, juvenile gross sexual shit etc). at first i was extremely disgusted, but now i am extremely bored by the repetitiveness. don’t you people get annoyed by how unoriginal and stupid you all are?

  12. Piper

    @ 106

    Ok, she is kind of flat in the chest area, but don’t you agree that she would look trashy with breast implants, having a big waist? I think she is a cutie, and she is a very funny actress ….

  13. farthammer

    Pirate’s dream. Anyone that finds her attractive likes little boys.

  14. bosendorfer

    wow — not much to work with — possibly why she always looks like she’s been sucking on lemons. at least she’s not fat. that’s the one applicable positive statement to make about these images.

  15. jesus

    how can she gain all of that weight and still have no tits? my dad must really hate that bitch to punish her that way.

  16. Venom

    Selma Blair is hot. Especially when she has her pouts.

  17. Venom

    Selma Blair is hot, especially when she pouts.

  18. Janine

    Wow, I honestly feel bad for her. I didn’t realize she has literally NO boobs at all. I may be bigger than her, but at least I have nice breasts and a booty!

  19. mfbinc


  20. Ted from LA

    I’ve never seen this woman in my life. I have nothing good or bad to say about her. She looks really okay. Janine, I love you. Please meet me at a bar called O’Malley’s and we’ll plan our escape.

  21. Here’s the deal….I’ve always thought Selma Blair was HOT in a strange kinda way….and she has now reconfirmed that feeling….kinda….

  22. oshkoshb'goshdamngosh

    She’s got a bad case of elephant paw.

  23. Australigay

    Okay the show that she’s on, Kath & Kim, it’s from Australia originally, any other australian’s looking at these photos would know that she’s supposed to look bad, her character is white trash and completley stupid.

  24. pepepe

    In the australian version Kim is overweight and wears things that look stupid on her (too tight, too revealing). If you ask me, she needs to put on weight to properly potray the character.

    The americans will surely ruin their version of kath and kim, no doubt.

  25. Javid

    That’s either bush or she has a clit boner. Or a piercing. I’m going with a female boner.

  26. jesus

    why the hell is her naval so high on her body? no tits, no curves. this dude is a man!!

  27. dirt chicken

    @ 111 Nobody is forcing you to read the comments are they , you twit ? It’s really pretty simple – scroll on past – you dottering jackass.

  28. Sangria

    Wait… She’s doing Kath & Kim? That’s an Australian TV show….

  29. Sangria

    If she IS doing some kind of remake of the Aussie show, then you people are all fucktards, she’s in character and hell she certainly LOOKS like Kim. It’s called, use it.

  30. She’s fucking disgusting.


    helps us grow and have a good time, with no rules.

  31. cranky

    I’d gobble a bucket of shit to lick that bunghole

  32. Pitchman

    Happy to know that although she is rich (at least well off) and famous (kind of) she doesn’t feel the need to over trim her love bits. I know this may be the Wally Balls in me talking but, “Bush is back baby!”


    45. Barely Stearn – August 15, 2008 2:48 PM

    Hey looky here folks – I’ve got my very own Mini Me! Cool!

    By the way: Selma = Tranny. Has someone alerted Tyra Banks? I smell ratings!


    By the way, 45. Barely Stearn – August 15, 2008 2:48 PM — IF you’re going to use the name at least be f*cking funny ya’ witless douche.

  35. kevtha

    i did not need to see that….

  36. beefcurtains


  37. cindy

    thats normal!!!

  38. kevtha

    cindy, cindy, cindy….

  39. jabba

    it looks like she’s wearing a pantyliner :(

  40. This is hilarious. I couldn’t have done better myself, very funny. Who knows what’s going on in Selma Blair’s pants. Perhaps she doesn’t shave down there and she has all the hair in a pony tail. *mental image yuk!*

  41. lawrence

    Fucking gorgeous picture~~~~~~!!! I see it in this lady’s profile at that is a site for model and beautiful people. is she still a single? Still looking?

  42. Narcissist

    A less than spectacular bikini figure. Posture and stance not good either.

  43. yohko

    hey, how about something original? here we go:

    omg u guyz!! she’s got no boobies and a penis!!! she’s a man!!!!!

    gets funnier anytime we read it, no?
    to sum it up: she’s famous. you are not.

  44. w

    “…more scared of us then we are of it..”


  45. fdsfdsfr4d

    looking at this makes me sick,
    I’d rather get raped mate.

  46. thats kim!!

    her character is supposed to be trashy and boganish. she looks a bit like kim, except the other version of kim is more pudgy and trashier

  47. mel

    looking at her body (body of a 12 year old boy) is exactly why I dont complain about Kim K’s butt. Most of the women in hollywood have bodies like this (nicole, paris, olson’s, victoria b) unless they inject rock boobs.

  48. rania

    i think she was a man

  49. christopher walken

    i’d hit that after a nice glass of cham-pag-na and massive amounts of more cowbell.
    all these comments from pimple faced keyboard jockeys that have obviously never been any closer to a vagina since their mom pushed them out of one, are completely hilarious.

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