Selma Blair in a bikini

August 15th, 2008 // 238 Comments

These are shots of Selma Blair in a bikini on the set of her new show Kath & Kim, but that’s not important right now. Can somebody tell me what in the hell is going on with Selma Blair’s crotch in some of these photos? Is her vagina trying to escape? That can’t be healthy. Should somebody notify the National Guard, or is it one of those deals where it’s more scared of us then we are of it?


  1. Is that a boy person?

  2. Dick Cheney

    I heard she voted for bush — twice…

  3. Deacon Jones

    She’s disgusting.

    And that’s saying something, considering Ill fuck just about anything. Nuff said

  4. JustAs_it_is

    Oh and that goes for #3 too… Stop looking at yourself in the mirror and letting us know how you look like!

  5. pistolita

    i thought she was skinny before i saw these pictures.

  6. Jordan

    she has the body of a 10 year old……. and whats with the mean face, is life really that bad selma blair?

  7. Jordan

    she has the body of a 10 year old……. and whats with the mean face, is life really that bad selma blair?

  8. jen

    Nah, the pussy isn’t trying to escape. It’s either so grossly hairy it makes the bathing suit bulge or she has stuck a damn panty liner in there to catch God knows what

  9. Tim

    “Chances of the joke carrying over into US market as they rely on subtlety, timing and a knowledge of the society in which its based….er, 1 in 10.”

    Yes, other countries find it difficult to match Australia’s level of subtlety and refinement. CRIKEY!

  10. JustAs_it_is

    @49… if you looked like she does I’d fuck you till your lungs were sore

  11. Bobby

    Hey dummies, the outfit is for a new TV show where she basically plays white trash. She’s not “out in public”.

    I’d bang her in an instant.

  12. Bwap


    you like to have sex with boy people?

  13. Cindy

    Why on earth would she step out of her house like that?!?

  14. some regular

    I sure hope you aren’t the bobby I fucked last night….. cause you’re kinda lame.

  15. Patty

    I can’t believe nobody noticed that BULGE in her bikini! It’s huge!!!

  16. Todd

    Or maybe its a pad? Geez, you act like she never has a period?

  17. miggs

    I can smell her pussy.

  18. Johnny Cockrun

    Not bad except she has the breasts of a 10 year old boy

  19. The Office Whore

    Just because..

    how could she go out in public like that??

  20. Eric

    She’s so nice and flat, I’d love to scoot on her.

  21. Salvatore Gravano

    It looks like a pad. The show must go on.

  22. Beth

    Boring story. I’m quite sure Fish is off somewhere masturbating to the replay of the gymnastics competition. I hope he’s looking at the women’s competition. I hope he’s not looking at those tumbling Chinese fetuses.

  23. hahahaha

    lol #6

  24. Webster

    I hope she’s not meant to be attractive, ‘cos if she is I’m gonna haveta re-define that word in my dictionary.

  25. Angry Beaver

    No boobs, no curves and a bulge in the bikini bottoms. She’s all set to be the next Mrs. Tom Cruise!

  26. signeverywhereasign

    The signs are at it again (see LL with the see-through top). In this case, the “hand rails” refer to the aforementioned “bulges” which are there no doubt to assist any brave spelunkers…

  27. mer

    Um. Nevermind unsexy – she looks absolutely ridiculous.

  28. alli

    You guys are all stupid, she didn’t go out in public like this, she is dressed for a movie role, which she had to gain twenty pounds for.

  29. Big Joe

    I bet her pussy tastes great!!!! I like them fat lips…it’s always the skinny girls who have the fat ones…yum!!!

  30. JPRichardson

    Not what one would expect from a sort of famous Hollywood actress.


  31. Bilbo

    I think that is a maxi pad with wings!

  32. Sarah

    Her crotch isn’t trying to break away…it’s just the material of the bathing suit. I hate that crap. It’s like wearing foil.

  33. Ted Mosby

    She appears to be the unhappiest little boobied woman on the face of the earth.

  34. Kraka

    What I find mind-boggling is that she gained 20 pounds for this role.

  35. jesus

    yea baby, that is one man i would love to fuck!!

  36. me

    Every woman is different, it really is disgusting that people aren’t accepting of those differences. Just accept people for who they are, are you’re bodies perfect in your eyes? Would you want someone critiquing your body parts? Come on people, just love, don’t hate.

  37. Plobes

    she’s playing a tacky trashy person on the show


    she is not just walking around in that in public for the fun of it, you IDIOTS

  38. Vince Lombardi

    Understand that she’s in character wearing that outfit, which may very well include a comment about whatever she’s got inside her panties. My limited understanding of the role is that she’s coming in around a “Kelly Bundy” mentality.

    I like her look, esp in Hellboy. I didn’t realize she was an A-minus cup, but still, she’s pretty.

  39. woodhorse

    The tuck is proper but i wouldn’t say pink is his color.

  40. Big hands, big feet, no curves: I hate to be the one to break this to you, but Selma’s a guy…or used to be.

  41. tp

    She gained 20 pounds for a role and NONE of it went to her chest?? Right.

  42. Jenn

    Lol. I burst out laughing as soon as I saw her pic… it looks like a a tranny in a cowboy hat. xD

  43. Jimboooo!

    Cruel Intentions. Hot. Nothing else matters.

  44. jenny

    Selma really is an elegant, beautiful girl with a look all her own..She is without a doubt~ striking. Never have i seen her like this- its for her role. My hats off to her for having the guts to don this outfit. Probably why she looks so miserable/embarassed.

  45. Joe C

    That Selma guy kind of looks like a girl.

  46. ljlk

    even if she did have boobs, she’d just look like a man with boobs.
    if my waist looked like that i’d shank myself.

  47. Please note that you are staring at a dude in a pink bikini. (s)He has no tits. And that bulge in his panties is just his penis tucked in.

  48. Yoyo

    Maybe she is wearing a pad.

  49. oh woof

    woof woof woof….god, HE looks awful. its not the weight, its not even the tits…its the serious lack of waist. and also the busted up face. it might have a more successful career as a male. seriously!

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