Selena Gomez Swimsuit Photos, Anyone?

March 5th, 2013 // 35 Comments

There’s really not much to say about Selena Gomez‘s butt in a swimsuit that wouldn’t turn into a 800-page novel where my penis is a stoic, misunderstood Lamborghini trying to find it’s way back to Butt Mountain in the midst of the Civil War. (Disney, call me.). So to make these pics even better, below is Justin Bieber who, on top of no longer getting to have sex with Selena, got booed by his own fans at the 02 Arena in London last night after being a little diva and going onstage two hours late. So if one of these things doesn’t get you off, congratulations, you’re incapable of human emotion which will slowly alienate everyone around you until you die alone.

See? That didn’t even make you sad.

Explain to me again why we broke off from this country. I want to see if it sounds as stupid as it does in my head.

Photos: ADTJ/AKM-GSI, FameFlynet, Pacific Coast News


  1. Brooke

    Oh man, is that what swimsuits are going to look like this summer? Finally! I really fucking hate bikinis. I’m white as fuck and I’d like to cover up my paleness as much as I can without wearing a goddamn wetsuit.

  2. Selena Gomez Swimsuit Butt
    Commented on this photo:

    Granny girdle is the new bikini? I’m awash in gilf glee!

  3. JC

    The American Revolution happened because of breakfast foods. Seriously, have you seen what passes for a morning meal in England?

    • I thought it happened because we refused to eat a raisin pudding they call Spotted Dick.

      “And would you like to eat our spotted dick for dessert?”
      “Get your muskets, Minutemen! This Englishman just called me a Sodomite!”

  4. Selena Gomez Swimsuit Butt
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    squashes her boobs, looks funny around the waist and crotch and makes her ass flat. not a very flattering style on her.

  5. It might take me the better part of an hour, but I’d totally rip that suit off and ravish her completely. Well, the ripping off of the suit. The ravishing would be like, two minutes, tops.

  6. Selena Gomez Swimsuit Butt
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    Oh yeah, he is sooo checking that out!

  7. Selena Gomez Swimsuit Butt
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    Selena’s mom looks kinda hot.

  8. Inner Retard

    This chick never worked for me. Other than looking 16 (a step up from 12) she’s just weird.

  9. Selena Gomez Swimsuit Butt
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    So, it’s a video about a 10-year old girl out and about?

  10. Deacon Jones

    Looks like my ex except much smaller boobs….

    Memmmmories…pressed between the pages of my mind…..
    memories….sweetened through the ages just like wine……

  11. Selena Gomez Swimsuit Butt
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    zoom in on that chain…

  12. Cher X

    She went from kind of cute to “Real Housewife” in the blink of an eye….

  13. Selena Gomez Swimsuit Butt
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    I’m going to assume that this outfit is a ploy to get on “Mad Men” and bang Jon Hamm. Well played, young lady, well played.

  14. Selena Gomez Swimsuit Butt
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    Her ass got a flat tire.

  15. Good Lord her ass is flat.

  16. Selena Gomez Swimsuit Butt
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    Umm.. someone said something about their being an ass here…fraid I just don’t see it.

  17. anonym

    she does look tasty here.

    I dunno, maybe i’m having a pedobear day today.
    She is 20 though, so that’s ok.

  18. Selena Gomez Swimsuit Butt
    The Pope
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    Not even the dwarf-arm would stop me.

  19. Selena Gomez Swimsuit Butt
    The Pope
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    Dammit, we need a higher fence!

  20. Selena Gomez Swimsuit Butt
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    That is one fabulous collection of hair extensions.

  21. Weeblo

    She’s no ‘Nessa

  22. kery

    That new bikini looks granny so she wants to look `classy’ :o0

  23. Selena Gomez Swimsuit Butt
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    Damn, she’s flat in the front and the back. That being said, she does look pretty good here.

  24. Selena Gomez Swimsuit Butt
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    I’d tongue bang her asshole and pound her vag.

  25. I have to admit … I like the swimsuit. It’s different, and it’s a far cry from the ‘this string is, like, totally clothes’ shit that most celeb hoebags wear. I don’t like her, but I applaud the choice.

  26. Selena Gomez Swimsuit Butt
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    I have to say as a young woman, its refreshing to see a celebrity that isn’t stick thin, and looks like a normal 20 year old girl.

  27. Selena Gomez Swimsuit Butt
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    Something is missing from this picture….my tongue.

    I feel like a dirty old man, and I think I like it!

  28. Selena Gomez Swimsuit Butt
    Throb the Wonder Mule
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    Nibble the buns and TITTY fuck the shit out of her ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    Oh, sorry.

  29. Selena Gomez Swimsuit Butt
    Throb the Wonder Mule
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    I’d cram my tongue so far up in there that I’d be able to taste her chewing gum ! ! !

  30. Leo

    so..where´s the butt??…………..

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