Selena Gomez Swimsuit Photos, Anyone?

There’s really not much to say about Selena Gomez’s butt in a swimsuit that wouldn’t turn into a 800-page novel where my penis is a stoic, misunderstood Lamborghini trying to find it’s way back to Butt Mountain in the midst of the Civil War. (Disney, call me.). So to make these pics even better, below is Justin Bieber who, on top of no longer getting to have sex with Selena, got booed by his own fans at the 02 Arena in London last night after being a little diva and going onstage two hours late. So if one of these things doesn’t get you off, congratulations, you’re incapable of human emotion which will slowly alienate everyone around you until you die alone.

See? That didn’t even make you sad.

Explain to me again why we broke off from this country. I want to see if it sounds as stupid as it does in my head.

Photos: ADTJ/AKM-GSI, FameFlynet, Pacific Coast News