Selena Gomez in a Bikini

June 25th, 2010 // 179 Comments

I’m assuming God wants to test just how depraved society has become* because here’s yet another almost-18 starlet in revealing attire. This time around it’s Selena Gomez on the set of Monte Carlo today and had I known this was going to turn into Underage Summer, I would’ve made sure all my forged passports are up to date. So thanks for not sending me the memo, Disney. It’s always been a dream of mine to Polanski it up one day. *puts on fake mustache* This is not the blogger you’re looking for….

*We’re doomed.

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  1. Just_As_it_Is
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  2. yo
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    waaay hotter than demi lovato

  3. ron
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    Wow, Daddy like :) She’s a cutie…

  4. whatthe
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    Alabama 16
    Alaska 16
    Arizona 18
    Arkansas 16
    California 18
    Colorado 15
    Connecticut 15
    D.C. 16
    Delaware 16
    Florida 16/18 (bill pending)
    Georgia 16
    Hawaii 14
    Idaho 14
    Illinois 16/17
    Indiana 16
    Iowa 18
    Kansas 16
    Kentucky 16 – [1]
    Louisiana 17
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    Maryland 16
    Massachusetts 16/18
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    North Carolina 16
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    Ohio 16
    Oklahoma 16
    Oregon 18
    Pennsylvania 16
    Rhode Island 16
    South Carolina 14/16
    South Dakota 16
    Tennessee 18
    Texas 17
    Utah 16/18
    Vermont 16
    Virginia 15
    Washington 16
    West Virginia 16
    Wisconsin 18
    Wyoming 16

  5. Pekod
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    35yr old + 15 yr old made more sense 50 years ago when there was less expectation (or desire) for advancement. The female was trying to find a suitable support, and a 35yr old with a great job was a victory.

    These days standards should be different, because females can almost match males in social, financial, and intellectual success.

    That having been said, the extreme level of emotional whimpering over things like that, or (example) war crimes that happened 100 years ago is basically just obnoxious. The more people praise intellect, the less they exercise it.

  6. Budda
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    I would tongue punch her fartbox!

  7. Izzie53
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    Almost 18? I’d almost hit it! But then again NOT!!!!

  8. Mindy can't
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    Buddha, best comment

  9. Andrew

    So a day before her birthday I’d be a pedo, but the day after I’m not. Interesting perspective.

  10. melanie
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    Last time I saw her in a bikini she looked like a kid, finally filled out! She looks amazing :)

  11. Observer
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    is it just me or does this look lees like a bikini top and more like a bra?

  12. captain america

    this because for 95 percent of the other americans this is just a dream.

  13. Clara

    *Heads to the fridge*

  14. Dedrax

    Wow some of you are idiots. It’s for a MOVIE. A 17 year old in a bikini is not creepy or wrong. She’ll be 18 in like a month. So what if 30 days separates her from being an adult. She’s practically there. Plus it’s not like her box is on display like Miley.

  15. StabbyMcStabface
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    Stop posting kids…unless they’re hot like this one.

  16. tc
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    Dunno who she is, but I was just getting all stiff and hard and that, and I saw the last picture.

    She has the face of a little girl.

    That’s almost as banging a girl who looks disconcertingly like her dad.

  17. Rhialto

    Well,well,what a wonderful looking young lady! Have a good day!

  18. Gando

    She’d like a well-raised catholic girl to me.

  19. Jimboooo!
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    Best get in quick. I predict the years will not be kind.

  20. Darth

    She’d look allright which isn’t much a surprise since she’s only 18.

  21. Guest
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    A padded, underwired bikini? Not very flattering. They look old and saggy.

  22. There is no Roughstitute

    Speaking of Polanski, I wonder if *Thanks heaven for little girls* is his favorite song. its very catchy, I don’t see why not.

    Is this a koinkidinks Miley just had tons of press about revealing outfits?

  23. gyis
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    the top is a bit big on her but she’s cute

  24. Raydawg
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    Oh im going to hell for my thoughts…

  25. NotAPervButMightBe
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    I love the looks of her. Too damn bad she’s underage and therefore illigal. Wait there are some states in the U.S. that have the age set at 16…. hmmmm Wait a second I’ll still be thrown in jail AAAAA!!!!!!!!!! STOP TEASING ME WITH SMUT SUPERFISH!!!

  26. Just_as_it_is
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    Actually not so fantastic. So young and already with implants. Sad.

  27. Roughly my two cents

    And who are her handlers? This after school sweet tart is not doing enough to empower young girls…

  28. anonym

    She has a promise ring from church in which she promised she would not have sex until she is married.

  29. Moral Majority
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    OMG here is an attractive 17 year old on the Beach in a bikini. Jeez what a shocker. She’s on the beach! She isn’t wearing a bikini in a mall! The paparazzi are a bunch of leeches that use your voyeuristic tendencies for their own pocket. Judge yourself!

  30. facialcumshot
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    Zij is wel wat

  31. yayo
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    i wanna a piece of this pie

  32. schorpioen42
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    Smile, you’re on GeenStijl.

    Nice looking girl but too young

  33. bribios
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    She was under my radar before but GOOD LORD those are fantastic boobs. Really cute face too. Pretty sure those are real also, she just won the genetic lottery in terms of shape.

    OK now I feel like a creepy old man. Stupid biological hard wiring, making me all attracted to hot girls in their child rearing years!

  34. mike

    Holy crap! You can see her nipple through the bikini top!

  35. mike
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    Dang! Selena Gomez has boobs! I want to shove my penis up her vagina and then shove it up her rear end.

  36. mike
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    In fact, I’m masturbating to the picture right now.

    Commented on this photo:

    She looks really young. It’s making me feel creepy.

  38. Laura

    Oh gesh she is out of control seriously I mean who would ever think to wear a bathing suit near a pool such a crime!!!!! Get over it what do u want her to wear next to a pool it’s a bathing suit she is not naked or taking pictures of herself in a bathing suit or bra and underwear in her room it’s in a pool!!!! oh n ppl need to STOP being so perverted get over it

  39. Nice
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  40. Eric

    I would have her stickier than a glazed donut in an hour.

  41. Rose
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    the bikini top isn’t her size or something… not even a push-up bikini looks that stupid. it’s barely touching her.

  42. Loppy

    The pictures are so much more tasteful than the comments.

  43. Camila
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    shes so cute!

  44. Camila
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    and shes has great boobs! watch out blake lively

  45. shhhhea
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    her head is freakishly small

  46. Hugh Gentry
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    I love 17 year old tits

  47. BRAAP
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    Not that good

  48. Pat2C
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    People really have nothing better to do than to say big words and put their options and views out for us to read. WELL SHUT THE FUCK UP! Uhh blahh- blah moral. I think blah I dont blah… I like the recent posts. As soon that I saw she was 17 and saw those tits and ass again my penis became full with blood.

  49. Pat2C

    People really have nothing better to do than to say big words and put their opinions and views out for us to read. WELL SHUT THE FUCK UP! Uhh blahh- blah moral. I think blah I dont blah…All I know is as soon that I saw she was 17 and saw those tits and ass again my penis became full with blood.

  50. Toocool4aname
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    Who cares if she’s almost legal, that doesnt make her any less appealing to me. She’s cute, nice body and she’s a virgin. I’d definitely tap it. As for the girl next to her that someone commented on, eh, she’s decent. Selena is cuter though and she’s definitely filled out some since we last saw her in a bikini.

    WTF is the guy talking about her “hedge” talking about. You don’t see anything downstairs.

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