Sean Bean is Kind of Badass

Sean Bean was apparently stabbed during a bar fight Sunday night after a ruffian made some untoward comments about his companion, The Lady April Summers, prompting the Game of Thrones thespian to defend her honor, only to be met with cowardice and bad form. The Daily Mail reports:

According to witnesses, a passer-by then made lewd comments about Miss Summers, a topless model who has appeared in a number of UK lads’ magazines as well as the Italian edition of Playboy.
As a result, Mr Bean followed the man down the road to challenge him.
Later in the evening, Mr Bean went out for another cigarette and was then attacked by a man.
The star, who lives close by, was said to have been stabbed in the arm – believed to be with a broken glass – and punched in the face, according to witnesses. Police were then called.

Now, Sean Bean has been jumped, stabbed and punched which would’ve killed a lesser man (Played by Ashton Kutcher) or at least prompted him to go to the hospital. Not Sean Bean:

Mr Bean was said to have a cut arm and a bruised face, according to witnesses.
However, extraordinarily, he declined to attend hospital.
Instead, the star walked back into the bar and, after staff gave him aid from a first aid kit, ordered another drink.

Jesus Christ. Either Sean Bean was sent to Earth in a rocket as a baby, or he has the largest drinking problem known to man. Let’s assume both.

Photo: WENN