Scott Disick Has A Giant Penis? This Guy?

“BOGO ascots at Bloomingdales? What are we waiting for?!” *throws Mason into a gutter*

There are several things I’d believe about Scott Disick without even questioning them: He stabs homeless people for fun. His father invented the cumberband. He can only ejaculate while wearing a cardigan condom, etc. etc. But that he’s hung like a horse? Well, he is banging a Kardashian sister and God knows they love giant cock. Probably from seeing O.J. shower at their house then getting away scot-free with murder if I had to take a guess. Via Us Magazine:

Speaking to, the three women — Kourtney, 32, Kim, 30, and Khloe, 27 — poked fun at Scott Disick, 28, who leaves little to the imagination when he goes commando on their hit E! show.
“Honestly, it’s way too much,” Kim said. “He has to start wearing some tighty-whities.”
Kourtney raved about Disick’s manhood, proclaiming: “It’s like an elephant’s trunk!”
Khloe seemed less impress with Disick, who often joked that he was “trying to compete” with her husband Lamar Odom, 31.

SCOTT: Alright, listen up. I found this paper bag full of money just sitting in my dad’s house, so I’ll share some of it with each of you, but only one on condition.
KIM: Yes, I’ll have sex with you.
KOURTNEY: And I’ll agree to let it happen.
SCOTT: Oh, no, no. Tempting, but I have something else in mind: I want you to say my penis is as big as Lamar’s. If not bigger.
KHLOE: As much as I love money, you’ll have to do better than that.
SCOTT: Will this half-eaten Snickers bar left out in a tent all night do the trick?
KHLOE: Ohmygod, Scott, you’re so huge!

Photos: Splash News