Scott Disick Has A Giant Penis? This Guy?

September 27th, 2011 // 54 Comments

“BOGO ascots at Bloomingdales? What are we waiting for?!” *throws Mason into a gutter*

There are several things I’d believe about Scott Disick without even questioning them: He stabs homeless people for fun. His father invented the cumberband. He can only ejaculate while wearing a cardigan condom, etc. etc. But that he’s hung like a horse? Well, he is banging a Kardashian sister and God knows they love giant cock. Probably from seeing O.J. shower at their house then getting away scot-free with murder if I had to take a guess. Via Us Magazine:

Speaking to, the three women — Kourtney, 32, Kim, 30, and Khloe, 27 — poked fun at Scott Disick, 28, who leaves little to the imagination when he goes commando on their hit E! show.
“Honestly, it’s way too much,” Kim said. “He has to start wearing some tighty-whities.”
Kourtney raved about Disick’s manhood, proclaiming: “It’s like an elephant’s trunk!”
Khloe seemed less impress with Disick, who often joked that he was “trying to compete” with her husband Lamar Odom, 31.

SCOTT: Alright, listen up. I found this paper bag full of money just sitting in my dad’s house, so I’ll share some of it with each of you, but only one on condition.
KIM: Yes, I’ll have sex with you.
KOURTNEY: And I’ll agree to let it happen.
SCOTT: Oh, no, no. Tempting, but I have something else in mind: I want you to say my penis is as big as Lamar’s. If not bigger.
KHLOE: As much as I love money, you’ll have to do better than that.
SCOTT: Will this half-eaten Snickers bar left out in a tent all night do the trick?
KHLOE: Ohmygod, Scott, you’re so huge!

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  1. Facebook Me

    Fish, my only dispute for this heading, as it should read – “Scott Disick IS A GIANT PENIS”

  2. Dude of Dudes

    So little people have huge dicks? Tom Cruise must be hung like a prehistoric woolly mammoth…with magic thetans inside.

    • Fletch

      Well hell, if these dude have huge dicks then Dinklage and Troyer must really be packing!

    • TomFrank

      Does anyone remember that series Action with Jay Mohr? In one of the early episodes, Mohr’s Hollywood producer character discovered that diminutive mogul Lee Arenberg was hung like a horse, and when he relates this to his V.P., Ileanna Douglas, a one-time call-girl, she says something about short guys often having big dicks.

    • Truth, just-ice and the rough way

      I’ve seen Ron Jeremy in person; I doubt he makes it to 5 feet.

    • Truth, just-ice and the rough way

      Correction: Eye witness Sir Wicka Pedia was not in the room when I saw RJ. Sorry Tommy!

    • Truth, just-ice and the rough way

      I have some respect for the administrator of this website now. Dealing with the public, you have to tell them when you’re going to tell a joke, tell them the joke and tell them when it ends. Although, what I said was not a joke but you could’ve easily put together that I was surprised by how short RJ appeared when I saw him being so infamous, one would expect him to be taller. It’s either that, or you enjoy seeing me type. I don’t think that’s the case.

    • Truth, just-ice and the rough way

      Not to plagiarize, that dealing with the public bit was a quote from Johnny Carson. HiYOOOO

    • Talan

      The biggest dicks I’ve ever seen in my life all happened to be on men less than 5’8. There’s the optical illusion thing, and there’s also the ‘damn that’s a huge dick’ thing. Height has never equated to size so, while we’re all glad you’re tall, most likely your dick looks small in comparison.

  3. A.T.

    lmao the conv at the end is priceless =))

  4. Cock Dr

    Close up color photos or GTFO.

  5. naano

    he looks like he should be an extra in american psycho

    • TomFrank

      Just wait. Before the day is done, there will be a slew of Patrick Bateman quotes.

    • naano

      “I’m on the verge of tears by the time we arrive at Espace, since I’m positive we won’t have a decent table. But we do, and relief washes over me in an awesome wave.”

  6. Mr. Poop

    Who’s this fuck?

  7. Colin

    The reason Khloe later recanted was because she found out it was a Milky Way.

  8. Scott Disick Penis
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s not a giant penis….it’s a box of Milk Duds. No wonder the Khore sisters love him so much.

  9. Duke

    GOD: I’ve sent them disease, earthquakes, tornadoes, global warming and humanity still won’t quit.
    SATAN: How about we say Scott Disick has a giant penis?
    God: That will do the trick.

  10. Venom

    Nice Fish, how much did this loser pay you to post this BS story?

  11. Trousers

    This makes more sense once you realize her vagina is the size of a 2-litre

  12. Mr Obvious

    He does have a giant penis…up his ass and it’s Khloe’s penis.

  13. I’d sort of believe it, because midget chicks have a tendency to overestimate size. He seems like a lanky dude and lanky dudes usually have the hammer..and its not necessarily correlated with height, although tall lanky guys, according to chicks, usually have the larger side of the equipment.

  14. Kourtney: “His dick is huge, like an elephant trunk!”
    Khloe & Kim: (simultaneously) meh…

  15. TheListener

    There is absolutely no correlation to the height and build of a man and the size of his penis. It’s completely random, ladies. You get what you get.

  16. Scott Disick Penis
    uncle paul
    Commented on this photo:

    Giant cock notwithstanding, I wonder if he thinks “Sussudio” is a great song, a personal favorite? Or if he likes Huey Lewis and the News?

  17. boy

    He could be Superman. He looks like Clark Kent. Why didn’t he get the role? I don’t get it. And a large cock? wow. I’m baffled.

  18. Tristyn

    Throwing a hot dog down the hallway..

  19. goel

    “hung like an elephant” = never gets fully hard…who wants a limp, mushy dick!

  20. Anonymous

    Khloe’s just pissed because it’s not as large as Odom’s but it’s thicker than hers.

  21. forrest gump

    well, his brains aren’t hidden in his head.

  22. Vice Magnet

    Didn’t Paul “Shitbreak” Finch do the exact same thing in American Pie? He paid off Jessica to say he had a huge cock and a giant tattoo on his chest of an eagle or something. And he beat up Steve Stiffler.

  23. It’s always the most undeserving assholes who get blessed with the giant schlongs, it seems, with rare exception.

  24. Milo

    You can’t spell “Disick” without “dick”!

  25. Milo

    Also, an anagram of “Disick” is “is dick”….coincidence? I, yeah probably.

  26. SitonmyFacebook

    He has to have a large wang since the Kardashian women only hook up with hung guys, You have a big cathedral you need a big organ………..

  27. a pornstar

    Scott reminds me of my uncle Nick. He was a bastard, a well dressed bastard.

  28. little turtlehead

    Well I’m 5’5 black and have a 4 inch cock so short guys aren’t always packing

  29. Freebie

    Other than putting his giant dick into Kourtney, why is he famous? What did he do before he laid her?

  30. Where Do I go to see a picture of this famous schlong??

  31. fiona

    if she says it’s like an elephant’s trunk, the only thing i assume is that he isn’t circumcised

  32. Scott Disick Penis
    Commented on this photo:

    All you people coenmmting are morons. Stop calling everyone who’s being honist a hater . Bottom line is they are famous for no reason other then people keep supporting and watching there big dum asses. Kris (who’s like what 70?) needs to stop doing interviews. Get out of the media you greedy cunt. She’s clearly promoting her book.

    • spelling nazi


      you should get a spell checker. or a dictionary. something.

  33. wtf

    wtf did i just read??



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