Scary Spice Dressed Up As Rhinestone ‘Mystique’ To A Thing Yesterday

The drama around Mel B’s divorce with her abusive ex Stephan Belafonte has been pretty thick for months now. Here are the highlights: they had freaky-deaky sexcapades and filmed them, everyone knew he was a psycho who liked watching ISIS decapitation videos and whooping her ass, Mel has moved on to date a Beverly Hills police officer or something while Stephen sells off his expensive stuff to buy canned chili.

It’s a true example of the Hollywood dream – famous girl falls for famous guy, they have a kid, girl realizes he’s a controlling psychopath with a history of the same shit with past women and needs to get the hell out before she gets killed… Stephen Belafonte is basically Chris Brown in 15 years.

Anyway here she is dressed like Mistique with a diamond vagina ring or something. I hope it makes you realize that Scary Spice can still smile because she’s a bazillionaire who can afford to cover her yoni in jewels.