Scarlett Johansson’s snot worth $5,300

December 23rd, 2008 // 55 Comments

Scarlett Johansson has mucus-y gold coming out her face. She recently auctioned off a used tissue that she blew her nose into on The Tonight Show and some sucker paid $5,300 for it. And by sucker I of course mean serial killer. BBC News reports:

Johansson blew her nose twice, leaving some lipstick and mucus behind, before putting it in a bag and signing it.
Proceeds from the sale are going to hunger charity USA Harvest, the charity of Scarlett Johansson’s choice.
The actress appeared on Tonight to promote her latest movie, The Spirit, in which she stars in alongside Samuel L Jackson.
Johansson told Leno she had caught a cold from him and thought her illness had more “value” as it had been passed from one celebrity to another.

Before all you wiseasses out there say “Heh, I’ve got something in a tissue you can sell.” You should probably know I spent the past five minutes cornering the market. On that note, I’m taking a nap under my desk. Hey, whose tissues are these?! Oh, right…

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  1. kev

    I am a guy and I think she is damn ugly. She has good tits but an ugly face.
    I’d hit it if she put a bag over her head.

  2. Since Obama seems to have a burgeoning gift industry, I foresee Scarlett putting her face and image on t-shirts, etc. Its gold Jerry!

  3. the models blow scarlett johansson away they should auction somthing off id buy it i love those girls they are so hot

  4. Not really feelin this one. She’s a charmer, but that’s a strange fetish for some people out there. I’d rather just download classy images of her (oh yeah…sexy photos too!)

  5. At that rate he should have just left their careers, ziplock bag, sneezing, and start selling on eBay in the bag for whatever flies out of her face. A great plan since I was a Kleenex to wipe on the market did not know It was so strong in the economy.

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