Hey, Look, Scarlett Johansson Made A Sequel To ‘Limitless’

April 3rd, 2014 // 15 Comments
Scarlett Johansson Lucy
WATCH: 'Lucy' - Official Trailer

Here’s the trailer for Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow a young woman who gets slut-shamed by the Japanese into becoming Black Widow a walking Matrix with boobs, or something. (I shot my load with the Limitless headline. You got me.)


  1. brick

    Whoa..and I don’t even like SJ that much. Well, I didn’t, before now!

  2. buzz

    It’s got a bit of Keanu’s Johnny Mnemonic as well.

    Not the biggest fan of SJ but she looked damn hot in Winter Soldier pulling up to Captain America in a new Corvette to pick him up.

  3. Bryan

    That debunked “10% of your brain” stuff is such a lazy, played-out plot device. I was pretty psyched at first when it looked like whatever they put in her caused a cool X-Men style mutation/transformation, but it ended up being a cliche Limitless with Boobs.

  4. Deacon Jones

    Through the Wormhole is looking pretty good

  5. Meh, I might see this. Or maybe I’ll just watch Johnny Mnemonic, Limitless and March of the Penguins on three tablets at the same time.

  6. Forget This

    This looks stupid as all get out. Scarlett’s movie, ‘Under the Skin’ coming out tomorrow, however, looks good.

  7. So i guess Luc Besson decided to start making good movies again.

    Maybe. Let’s wait and see before judging.

  8. By the looks of that picture, ScarJo has reached her daily limit.

  9. I love how drugs have somehow given her the capability to change the laws of physics. That’s all it takes, huh?

  10. Juch

    Too bad they didn’t put something in her stomach that would teach her how to act.

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