Scarlett Johansson, Just Stop Talking

February 8th, 2012 // 40 Comments
I Blame Sean Penn
Scarlett Johansson
She's More Fart-Sniffer Than Woman Now. Twisted and Evil. Read More »

“Just ignore Al Gore and he’ll stop trying to light your hair on fire, brother. He’s so droll.”

During the 2008 presidential election, Scarlett Johansson didn’t do Barack Obama any favors by claiming to be his e-mail buddy (She wasn’t.) and then showing up to his inauguration with her vaginal flaps aflutter, so of course here she is claiming “fashion” will help get Obama get reelected because that’s not at all the type of elitist fart-sniffing even liberals hate liberals for and God knows we love a good fart-sniff. E! News reports:

Tuesday night in New York City, the stars came out for the launch of Runway to Win, a collaborative effort by American designers to support President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign.
Actress Scarlett Johansson, who cohosted the fete alongside Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, explained just why selling super-cute T’s and totes can help give some Obama job security when the 2012 election rolls around…
“I think the most important thing is that the fashion world has an international spotlight shown on it,” she told reporters. “To be able to use that spotlight on a cause like this is incredible.”

She also goes on to say Obama will win because Republicans are so “unfashionable” which is clearly the deciding factor here and not at all the fact that they’ve already eaten each other alive in the primaries to the point that no one’s even showing up to vote. So thank you, Scarlett Johannson, for boiling this election down to its purest essence. Namely white people be dressing all like “Snort. My suspenders would like ranch dressing on the side, please,” but Obama’s all like, “My shit’s Gucci.”

Photo: Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. Cameron

    Hey butter butter SWING butter butter!

  2. JC

    Luckily for Obama, it’s rumored that Kim Kardashian’s Bible Study Group will endorse whatever Republican candidate gets the nod at this year’s convention.

  3. dafs

    Why does the guy in the blue suit have a tiny blowtorch?

  4. if she didn’t have gigantic tits, nobody would care if she even had a pulse, let alone what she thinks about politics

  5. Dan

    I think we should all ignore anyone who uses the word “fete” in a news article describing how fucking awesome they are.

    Hollywood for the most part is one big circle jerk.

    Also, I went to my caucus last night to vote for Ron Paul. But all those fuckers picked Rick Santorum. Ron Paul sent me an email about it.

    • john q public

      Sent you an email?

      Well, good work nonetheless. Santorum is a big gov’t hack who will further the illegal wars overseas. So will Obama, for that matter. What, exactly, is constitutional about bombing Iran without a declaration of war? Dr. Paul is the only candidate asking this question. Six thousand troops dead, untold civilian casualties, and 4 trillion spent on the ‘war on terror,’ including ‘proxy wars’ in Libya and Syria, and smatterings of bombings in Pakistan, with no end in sight.

      Ah yes, inflation nearing 20 percent, energy prices soaring, the dollar dropping, the housing market still not rock bottom, budget deficits at 100 percent of GDP, and unemployment continues unabated, despite what the soulless meat puppets on the tube will tell you.

      Yeah, more of the same. That’s what we need, eh follywood?

      • Political Masturbator

        I prefer to get my facts from soulless meat puppets on celebrity gossip sites.

        PS – Ron Paul’s face is covered with Santorum.

    • it had to be said

      Of course Ron Paul sent you an email. At this point he KNOWS all of his supporters.

    • Hollywood is one big circle jerk.

      Had to fix Dan’s misstatement.

  6. Peace Out

    Hello African Americans, our African American President Barack Obama has opened a website for us all to come and show our solidarity. African Americans for Barack Obama will allow all men and women of African decent to show their support and re-elect Barack Obama. President Obama urges all African Americans to join African Americans for Barack Obama today.

  7. Scarlett Johansson Runway To Win
    Commented on this photo:

    uh that dress is horrible btw.

  8. forrest gump

    …………african americans?

    • Cameron

      I think they meant to say black americans with possible and partial african ancestry who’ve never stepped foot in Africa, nor have their parents or grandparents.

  9. lily

    god she is boring, and not hott or relevant anymore.

  10. Frank Burns

    She been trolling the high schools for dates? Dude looks like he’d rather be home playing Black Ops with his crew.

  11. teledildonics

    I’m pretty sure I could still hate fuck Sean Penn through her. And I would. I so would.

  12. Kodos

    shut up vacuous whore

  13. Lissa

    Unfashionable huh? Well I guess it’s better than being called a complete effing moron, which is what I’m calling her from such a stupid comment!

  14. EricLr

    She should be forced to shut her mouth the second either knee leaves the ground.

  15. vgirl

    Her brother is kinda cute.

  16. Obama-Hater

    With clueless airheads like Scarlett Johansson working for Obama, we have nothing to worry about, he’s gone! Keep up the good work and keep those “pressing” issues in the forefront your fucking pinhead! God save us, ’cause Obama sure as heel can’t!!

  17. That meat sack she’s with is her twin brother.

  18. Scarlett Johansson Runway To Win
    Flame On
    Commented on this photo:

    I like the guy saying it all with a mini- flamethrower in the background.

  19. Cracker

    Man, I hate the “fashion” industry. It’s embarrassingly pathetic. NO ONE would ever wear what they try to say is “fashionable.” And yet people cover it like it matters and take it seriously. If you look at some fashion shows, you’ll always seem the front 2 rows full of asshats with serious looks on their faces.

  20. virus-inflicting spam.

  21. fuck-off spammer

  22. The Royal Penis

    She’s typical Commie skank material.

    Put a bottle of vodka in her arms and strip off the make up hiding her blemished face and you’ve got a run of the mill $10 Soviet street walker.

    Her ass will blow back up soon from to much bread with her Borscht.

  23. Scarlett Johansson Runway To Win
    The TROOF
    Commented on this photo:

    Pretentious cunt.

  24. Scarlett Johansson Runway To Win
    The TROOF
    Commented on this photo:

    Try not to wrinkle your nose, bitch. YOU are the one who fucked Sean Penn.

  25. Scarlett Johansson Runway To Win
    The TROOF
    Commented on this photo:

    Vacuous bitch.

  26. Scarlett Johansson Runway To Win
    Commented on this photo:

    That was the first thing I saw in this picture

  27. Ethel

    Sure he is. When I see action to acualtly fix the goddamn war we’re in then you can talk. Just the extension of the war by sending in more troops is strong enough evidence that he has a different agenda. And don’t say it’s to secure Iraq enough so we can pull out, we would be withdrawing, we would have confirmation that we would have some move in the affairs of the middle east that shows we are acualtly stopping this monster. We need a health care reform, but nothing of what Obama has in mind.

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