Scarlett Johansson and Kevin Connolly?

January 11th, 2011 // 59 Comments

The newly-single Scarlett Johansson was invited to Jeremy Renner‘s 40th birthday party over the weekend (Wait. 40?) where she reportedly spent most of her time with Kevin Connolly effectively proving there’s been tear in the very fabric of our universe and soon ducks will bark like dogs. Us Magazine reports:

Johansson’s pal for the night? Kevin Connolly, an insider tells”They were together all night and talked,” the source says.
Was it romantic? “They weren’t kissing, just drinking together.”
According to the onlooker, Johansson chatted up Connolly, DiCaprio plus a “bunch of agents. They were standing there listening to her.”

Oh, phew, she was just trying to talk to Leonardo DiCaprio. For a second there I thought someone was having sex with Kevin Connolly. Ha! Could you imagine? Elf penis all flying around. It’d be like babysitting a toddler who keeps taking his pants off except you’re allowed to use mace. Although, now that I put it that way, I can kind of see the appeal. Well played, Kevin Connolly. Well played…

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  1. Who is Kevin Connolly?

  2. HeyNow

    she’s getting chunky.

  3. The Troll and The Hole.

  4. Leave the Gun, take the Connolly … errrrr … Durrrrrrrrrrpp … Canoli.

  5. zilly

    Her boobs aren’t even very big. I don’t understand what the big huff over her is. She’s rather plain looking to me.

  6. So ScarJo is into a little midget porn now? When will the madness stop?

  7. Robin

    *coughs* Rebound *coughs* …. And that is not a flattering picture of her. She can be quite beautiful when she dresses for her body type , and I dunno, brushes her hair …. She’s bullshit that Ryan is with Sandra so she’s gonna go slumming …. it’s sad really

  8. RoboZombie

    Pig nose.
    But loogadatazzz!!!

  9. krutboo

    she looks god damn delicious to me. better with longer hair though – besides that, I see nothing about this pic that would prevent me from looking at it as I drain my balls into a tissue.

  10. Blanche DeverauxBlanche Marie Elizabeth Devereaux (née Hollingsworth)

    Thighs that could choke a bear..

  11. Seriously though, that Connolly kid must have some amazing rap.

    • Deacon Jones

      Not really if he didn’t seal the deal.

      He was probably trying the “nice guy” approach, which doesnt work with a newly single women. They want the prick that’s going to demand doggy-style and treat them like they’re nothing special.

      Hey, it’s the truth.

  12. pee

    she looks like a chipmunk.

    and she has a cortisol belly now. she isn’t handling the stress well.

  13. burton

    jeremy renner is that old??? damn i thought he was early 30s,LOL…old guy.

  14. Ilikeyp


  15. Scarlett Johansson
    Tommy Lee's Dick
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d tap that round derriere of hers all night lawng!

  16. datroof

    I bet she tastes like a peach.

  17. Seebs

    Free boobies to anyone who can direct me to the store which sells her top.

  18. Rough: I like you & I like others too

    I cant stomach this story. I just cant…

  19. Scarlett Johansson
    Commented on this photo:

    Keving Connolly’s man chowder should be shipped out to feed starving Ethiopians….apparently that shit will put some meat on your bones.

  20. Svend

    I’m sure there is a,”He’s Just Not That Into You” joke somewhere in all this….

  21. Rough: I like you & I like others too

    That would be something, if she lose the gut and keep the thighs.

  22. lightdragon

    Like Nikki Cox ,Scarlet will loose her beauty real quick as Kevin will suck it out of her.

  23. kidchaos

    Her grill is completely jacked!!! Are we not looking at the same person?? I honestly don’t see how anyone finds this girl attractive, at all! She has a pig nose, a mouth like a dolphin, and her whole face is just..wrong. Never mind the fact that she looks like she’s storing a midget in her ass now.

    • dave

      You said it……..that girl is a P I G ……she has let her self go.

      I mean that is her job to stay hot and she should be fired !!!!
      wow, all washed up in her 20′s !!! ha ha ha ha
      No more film roles for her.

  24. the World

    I used to thing she was cute, like 10 years ago, but now she looks like the before Kate of Kate + 8, not the cuter after John, Kate. Stupid, stupid hair-do, she’s so fat now, and her legs are just plain, plain, dull and fat. What happened to her? Did someone hit her with a ugly stick.

  25. Jerry

    If she came up to me in a restaurant, I would think that someone is trying to play a joke on me, by having a tranny come up to me.

  26. See Alice

    Have you read Baba Booey’s book ?

  27. MLVC

    i just don’t get this…she looks like she has been doing too much swallowing…what am i missing??…my balls have a formidable scent to them today…mila kunis is the way to go….

  28. Scarlett Johansson
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Old pictures.
    Bad hair.

  29. puddleduck

    There’s a lot of meat on that hoof…

  30. ben

    i love this girl. she looks great, glad she is putting on some weight. hope she shows her beautiful tits in some movie this year. you are the best scarlett (beautiful, intelligent, classy). Marry a rich tech nerd, scarlett !!

  31. oh my GHOD…the butt…it’s… it’s indescribably beautiful! It’s like the Fourth of July!

    we must do the bidding Scarlett’s amazing curvy rear end…

    welcome back, “back”…

  32. uncle bill

    celebrities just LOOOOOOOOOOVE dumb personalities.

  33. kelly

    LMAO at all the people saying she looks chunky and ugly. I wonder what you lot look like. Hahahaha. You’ll never be as famous, talented or rich as her, get over it. Hopefully posting insults helps your ego, yeah.

    • Del

      While your underlying point (which I agree with) is that others have no room to talk, its a pretty rididulous statement that you just made imo to basically suggest jealousy. Maybe some people just are rude but that doesn’t mean that they want what she has. Not everyone that has certain opinions, even negative or idiotic ones, has any desire to have acting talent, be well known or even have an overabundance of money and prefer to be comfortable and have other talents.

  34. nes

    when did she gain weight

  35. Greg Grigsby

    I thought at first that Ryan Reynolds was crazy for getting divorced from Scarlett then I saw who he went out with and I was like wow!! Be hard to pick between the 2 of them!

  36. Kristen

    What’s so surprising about her knowing Kevin Connolly? They played lovers in “He’s Just Not That Into You”, so obviously they’ve met before.


  37. She is looking kind of heavy in the butt….Black is not her color….

  38. Don Juan

    It he that goofy dude from entourage ? She def must be on the rebound.

  39. Scarlett Johansson
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like that corset is having some problems holding in her gut!

  40. Andreas

    Scarlett Johansson is really beautifull. My favorite hollywood star
    how to win the lottery

  41. Cara

    They worked together a lot on “He’s Just Not That Into You” so it’s probably nothing. Not that it matters, she’s so overrated.

  42. Cardinal Fang

    I would masturbate while she showers on the other side of a frosted glass shower door for her. Just to be near her.

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