Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver Are In ‘The Avengers 2′ Now. Okay…

April 25th, 2013 // 19 Comments
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While at the premiere of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Side-Butt: The Movie last night, Joss Whedon basically came right out and told Yahoo! Movies that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will be in The Avengers 2. Which seemed pretty random because everyone just assumed Fox had the rights to them and WHY?

“I’ve got these two characters, two of my favorite characters from the comic book, a brother-sister act, they’re in the movie. That’s exciting! You lock certain things in, there’s a fluidity.”

Turns out the characters are up for grabs to whoever ever uses them first. However, if Fox uses them they can’t mention them being Avengers, and if Disney uses them, they can’t be Magneto’s kids. Pending, of course, the rumor that Mark Millar brokered a deal where Disney and Fox can “borrow” characters that was probably started by Mark Millar. What we do know is that Joss Whedon definitely wants to bang his sister. And trust me, non-nerds, that was a hilarious joke if you know anything about Wanda and Pietro here. Several twelve-sided dies were just erroneously cast in fits of snorts. I bet my commemorative plates on it.


  1. MD2020

    “However, if Fox uses them they can’t mention them being Avengers, and if Disney uses them, they can’t be Magneto’s kids”

    No offense, but what? Christ, bring back the Studio system so they can loan stars to one another again.

    If Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse could share time in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, I think we should be able to work out a deal for a couple of C-list comic book characters.

  2. Great. Angsty Flash and his sister with the mysterious mastery of shitty costume design. This should make an AWESOME sequel.

  3. PJ Bandit

    I would pay serious money if I could take a wiffle ball bat and hit that annoying Michael Yo in the balls for just 5 minutes.

  4. That Bastard Tony

    Marvel seems to only have enough resources to make two movies per year which is no where nearly enough to satisfy the fans. So, instead of them trying to buy back all of their characters, just broker deals with Fox and Sony so that all of your characters can co-exist in the same universe so I won’t have to sit in the theater looking at a movie where New York is being terrorized and wondering where Spiderman is…

    …and maybe we’ll get Blade and Punisher reboots sooner.

  5. Sounds good to me. I never liked Quicksilver. He’s just a crappy version of The Flash, but I do like Scarlet Witch.

  6. Still waiting for everyone to get their shit together so the X-men can show up in things that matter. And without Halle Berry.

  7. I just want a non-shitty version of Silver Surfer on the big screen. That’s really it. I finally got a good Hulk and now I want a good Norrin Radd. And an Excalibur movie written by Chris Claremont and Alan Davis. And also I want to stop having to pay for sex.

  8. testington

    I’m just gonna say it, we’re all thinking it. Felicia Day and Enver Gjokaj

  9. SMB

    …being a child of the bronze age (back when it was the silver age), and a fan of just about everything marvel shat out back then (yes, even paste pot pete and stilt man), i had no idea there was any wanda/pietro hatred out there …especially in the wake of house of M, a major series that centered around them …to me, the avengers will always and forever be the classic 70′s line-up (thor, cap, shellhead, vision, quicksilver, scarlet witch, hawkeye, giant/ant man, wasp…maybe wonder man), so yeah, i’m kinda diggin’ this… (altho0ugh i am curious/sleptical how they’re gonna portray wanda’s powers)

  10. Fucking Stilt man. That was a long time ago. I remember him fighting Iron Man one time and he just kept extending his legs at Tony. I’d love to say I was above such lunacy, but I ate that shit up as a kid.

  11. Nerd Girl

    I’m overjoyed at the possibility, I think i’m the only Quicksilver Fangirl alive…

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