Everyone, Relax, It Was The Devil Who Made The Devil On The History Channel Look Like Obama

“I, uh, would like to spend, uh, 40 days, and, uh, nights with you. In the, uh, desert.”

Last night on The History Channel’s The Bible miniseries, Satan made an appearance (above) and looked an awful lot like a certain secret Muslim turning America into a socialist butt sex factory. A similarity that Glenn Beck immediately noticed and tweeted about sparking a giant media shitstorm that I’m honestly amazed was surpassed by the Steubenville rape verdicts. So while speculation ran rampant all morning about why the producers would do such a thing and if it was red meat tossed to the show’s presumably conservative audience, creator Mark Burnett, who claims to have nothing but “respect and love” for Obama, finally set the record straight about what happened here. TMZ reports:

Burnett — a deeply religious man — tells TMZ … he believes there is a devil on earth. Burnett says the devil has stirred the pot and created a false likeness between Obama and the TV devil.
Why, you ask, would the real devil care about a TV show? Fact is … the show is HUGELY popular and is having a big impact on viewers. Burnett notes the show last night featured a face-to-face meeting between Jesus and the devil … BUT it’s not the first time the TV devil has appeared on the show. The TV devil appeared in the Garden of Eden scene awhile back and no one said anything.
Burnett believes the real devil is scared that Jesus has now entered the picture and is trying to distract from Jesus’ message by creating a false story.
Burnett says, “What could be more annoying to Satan than talking about Jesus?”

Phew, thank God. For a minute there, I thought this was a TV show blatantly pandering to its target audience, but fortunately it’s just another case of the unholy ruler of the underworld clouding our vision to further his nefarious agenda. In fact, if I rub my eyes, I’m pretty sure this is just Eartha Kitt. Not to mention, this is way better than The History Channel’s previous explanation that they hire Arabic-looking dudes to play Satanic characters all the time while casting beautiful, white Americans to play Jesus because everyone knows he’s from Kansas. Ha! Could you imagine if that were the case?

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Aw, shit.

Photos: The History Channel