Sasha Grey Read To School Kids, Oh Good

Apparently it’s Screw The Little Bastards Week in academia because porn star Sasha Grey was recently invited to read to a class of first graders which somehow didn’t go over awesome with the parents. I guess they saw that season of Entourage where Vince dated Sasha and became a coke addict/adrenaline junkie. Or as I like to call it: That time my TV Holocausted my brain in the dick. TMZ reports:

Sasha tweeted about the experience — calling the students the “sweetest” ever. However, not everyone saw it that way … some angry parents complained to the PTA — which then contacted the school’s principal … but there’s one problem.
A rep for the school district is flatly denying Sasha was ever inside one of its classrooms — telling TMZ, “We have several celebrities who read to our students each year. The actress you have indicated [Sasha] was not present.”

What’s great about that statement is TMZ has goddamn photos of Sasha reading to the kids – 10 of them. – so it’s really comforting to see another school let something unfortunate happen to its students and then lie its face off when it gets caught. Apparently the first thing they teach teachers is to throw those little fuckers under the bus. “It’s not like we’re gonna run out of them,” they probably say.

Photo: Getty, WENN

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