Sasha Grey Read To School Kids, Oh Good

November 11th, 2011 // 117 Comments
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Sasha Grey
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Apparently it’s Screw The Little Bastards Week in academia because porn star Sasha Grey was recently invited to read to a class of first graders which somehow didn’t go over awesome with the parents. I guess they saw that season of Entourage where Vince dated Sasha and became a coke addict/adrenaline junkie. Or as I like to call it: That time my TV Holocausted my brain in the dick. TMZ reports:

Sasha tweeted about the experience — calling the students the “sweetest” ever. However, not everyone saw it that way … some angry parents complained to the PTA — which then contacted the school’s principal … but there’s one problem.
A rep for the school district is flatly denying Sasha was ever inside one of its classrooms — telling TMZ, “We have several celebrities who read to our students each year. The actress you have indicated [Sasha] was not present.”

What’s great about that statement is TMZ has goddamn photos of Sasha reading to the kids – 10 of them. – so it’s really comforting to see another school let something unfortunate happen to its students and then lie its face off when it gets caught. Apparently the first thing they teach teachers is to throw those little fuckers under the bus. “It’s not like we’re gonna run out of them,” they probably say.

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  1. it had to be said

    It’s not like she read them Penthouse Forum, right? I mean, if your kid knows who Sasha Grey is, isn’t there a bigger problem?

  2. it had to be said

    Also, I like Sasha Grey when she’s getting double anal and gagged at the same time. That’s all in good fun. However, this whole “mainstream” thing for her? Not working. She seems to be a pretentious asswipe whose acting skills max out in porn. Sheesh. Do porn or shut up.

    • Cock Dr

      I have to ask….
      Is it really possible for people to do “double anal”? The logistics of the act seem daunting.

      • Richard McBeef

        How about do porn and shut up”? or even better do porn and ughhghh ughhhhh hhghgh uuggh

      • TomFrank

        One dildo, two asses, CD. See the end of Requiem for a Dream for illustration.

      • it had to be said

        Not what TomFrank is thinking. Google (in private) “Asa Akira” “double anal”. The logistics are about the same as regular DP, except for the ability to pass a Volkswagen through your sphincter.

      • Rooster

        You guys aren’t very well versed in hardcore pornography.


      • kimmykimkim

        Yep, seen it done. Pussyman’s Big Tit Paradise. Long time ago, but its fucking hot. Then again, I’m sick in the head.

      • Go to Youporn or keeezmovies or xnxx. It is the act of having two penises (normally very large) inserted into the anal cavity of the same person at the same time. How you would not need to wear diapers after that? I really don’t know. I almost died after anal with my small-penised boyfriend.

    • John The Terrible

      Double anal? At what point did that become erotic?
      She’s never going to shit right again…that’s for sure.

    • TheListener

      I learned something new on the Superficial today. I didn’t even know double anal was possible.

      • Cock Dr

        I’m even more confused about it than ever.
        Many thanks to the poster(s)for providing internet link info…which I won’t dare try because in truth I really don’t want to witness those kinds of stunt fucking.

    • Want to really blow your mind? Look up “DVDA”… and not the band. If you haven’t seen it, “Orgazmo” is a hilarious flick. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are hilarious.

    • Personally I’m over anal porn. I didn’t mind it when I was younger but ‘m not into it at all now. Also damn near every pornstar is showing her blown out starfish in scenes where they aren’t even doing anal. That’s not sexy.

    • Came here for the “actress” comment; stayed for the porn recommendations.

  3. Racer X

    A bunch of FAT at home moms get pissed, so what. Good for Sasha Grey, pornstars are people too.

    • Rooster

      Uhhh, try again. The US Supreme Court has upheld several lower court decisions ruling that pornstars are not people.

    • it had to be said

      “pornstars are people too.”

      Well, there’s your problem right there. Porn stars are paid to not be people. They are paid to be fantasies. The last time one of my fantasies started lecturing me about philosophy I had to ball punch myself to make it stop.

    • cc

      People who are fucked in the head, mostly. Sorry, I am not saying that as a moral judgement, I am saying based on what I’ve seen of them, read about them, and how many of them end up.

      Sasha is one of the most fucked up of the bunch.

    • Or they don’t want their kids getting all sticky….

  4. Christina

    What’s wrong with a pornstar reading to kids? I mean why the **** not, right? I’m sure she wiped herself down before hand.

  5. Sasha Grey
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s cute from a distance but when you get closer problems emerge.
    Saw her in a mainstream movie once….terrible actress.

  6. Richard McBeef

    Who wants to read to kids? Fuck that, I’ll sit my kids down in front in the TV, pop in Anal Cavity Search vol. 6 and then come back in 90 minutes.

  7. Sensei John Kreese

    Weird, this is the first time I’ve seen her and I haven’t been sitting naked in front of my computer.

    • it had to be said

      Note to self, do NOT use John’s desk chair.

      • cc

        It’s probably okay if he uses one of those new mesh ones designed to keep you cool. However, do NOT fart in it. Those things provide no muffling effect whatsoever. In fact, the mesh seems to amplify the sound much like the cone of a speaker.

      • Sensei John Kreese

        I’d like to reply, but the thought of that has me laughing too hard. Well played.

      • little turtle head

        + 100!!! I CANT STOP LAUGHING AT THIS COMMENT!!!!!!!!!

      • kimmykimkim

        You also shouldn’t fart on wood. Unless it would be really funny. Like at a funeral or a wedding or if you’re sitting on a solid wood bench with your girlfriend and she’s on day 3 of the same fucking topic. But try to hold it until she asks your opinion on something.

  8. The real test will come when these kids, many of whom probably know their way around the internet, dial her name into Google or Wikipedia. That’s when the real learning begins.

    Let’s be honest, most of the “parents” that complained were the moms and I’m fairly sure they were more concerned about their husbands than their children. Also, she is a former porn star so it’s not like she’s coming from the set directly to the school.

    We need to be a less judgmental society.

    • stratacat

      seriously. of all the possible “celebrities” who can actually inspire and serve as much needed role models to the growing generation of assholes, the administration asked a PORN STAR to come to the school.

      • They were probably on a budget. Sasha is cheaper.

        Seriously tho, you are right but I’m not surprised. Our society as a whole stopped worshiping role models decades ago. We worship and award beauty, wealth, popularity, fame and fortune. It’s why we haven’t found a cure for any diseases in decades and why we’ve become a nation of idiots.

        …and keep in mind they could have invited Kim Kardashian. At least Sasha is honest about who she is (or was) and was VERY good at what she did.

    • I’m going to take a wild stab here and guess that the regular teacher did NOT say, “Today, children, we have a guest reader. Her name is Sasha Grey, G-R-E-Y. I can’t tell you what Sasha does for work, but you can look her up on the internet. Just don’t tell mommy or daddy…”

      I suspect she was identified as “Sasha, who is our new friend, will be reading to you today.” And the little kids, being LITTLE KIDS, didn’t give two shits one way or the other. They listened to the story the pretty lady was reading, and by recess they probably had forgotten about the “guest reader” as well as anything that might have implied.

      • That Bastard Tony

        The thing is, these kids in this particular class (and possibly the school) will find out who she is within the next week. The funny thing is they’re going to find out because their parents are over-reacting to this and talking about it way longer they what they should be.

        Can I go to the alternate reality where people are more open-minded.

    • BE

      I’d say we’re very non judgmental now.

      The Hiltons, The Kardashians and The Girls Next Door (the originals) are all hailed as role models.

      Need we lower the bar even further just to be “open minded”?

      I can’t help but think of that old saw about the guy who offers a girl a million bucks to sleep with her so she says OK.
      Then he slaps a ten spot down and says lets go.
      The girl draws back horrified and asks “What kind of girl do you think I am”
      The guy says “We’ve know what kind of girl you are, now we’re just arguing about the price.”
      Couldn’t Sasha just find a way to get publicity that doesn’t involve small children?

    • BE

      And, That Bastard Tony-

      Don’t knock those moms too much. So many of them have daughters to raise in this messed up society.

      And as everyone likes to believe, silence is consent.

  9. Ghost

    Parents are always rising up righteous and screeching about the children.

  10. Sasha Grey
    Commented on this photo:

    Kris Jenner, take note. You open your mouth like this, and cup the balls as so. That’s how you whore yourself out.

  11. Beefarino

    I bet the parents are ashamed they were stroking or diddling themselves with the thought of meeting Sasha so they decide to take it out on her. She read to the children, not use a double ended dildo.

  12. rough

    I agree with the concerned moms. June 17 is not even close yet.

  13. Venom

    I like porn as much as the next guy but I am sorry, it is totally inappropriate for this woman to be reading to children in a school, especially elementary children.

    Not to mention that she is a pretentious douche that truly thinks she is some great actress and intellectual rather than what she truly is, a mediocre porn actress that is a cum dumpster for multiple men at a time.

    • belly savalas

      Fuck yeah. What’s next?? Sex offenders running the school bake sale?? They’re people too, ya know.

      It’s about these parents wanting their children to remain innocent!!! That is all. Let them be children. There will be plenty of time to twist their brains once they reach middle school age and are instructed how to drape a rubber on a banana, or bend over for their football coach in the shower.

  14. Kids I’m going to read you the story of the Monster C….uh…Goblin. He likes to run in and out of his gaping…..cave. That’s it…cave.

  15. Reece

    I truly hope none of you who find anything wrong with her being invited into the school as a “celebrity” have children…your offspring will have no chance in life and will likely bring the little good bit of society that is left down to the gutter with them. There is nothing wrong with porn and the people who make it (well thats not true, most have daddy issues). I think the real concern is the kids sitting there for 10 mins confused as to who this person is reading them ‘Hop on Pop’…”She’s not Miley, she’s not Beiber, she’s not one of Will Smith’s kids…let’s google her….omg momyyyyyyy !?!” How is she remotely relevant to these kids?

  16. TomFrank

    Didn’t Sylvester Stallone do porn once? I guess that means he can’t ever read to children, either. Or appear in children’s movies *cough*SpyKids3*cough*.

    • stratacat

      sylvester stallone is not known for taking multiple cocks in every open orifice simultaneously.

      at least… not that i know of.

    • MJB

      Sylvester Stallone doesn’t go around publicizing that. In fact, with his Rocky money, he tried his best to bury that part of his past.
      When you google his name, ‘porn star’ doesn’t come up. HUGE difference.

      • Schmidtler

        ok, but then what about ‘Over the Top’? you think we should expose our nation’s children to someone who thought it was a good idea to make a movie about the competitive world of arm wrestling? at least Sasha Gray can point to her body of film work with some pride.

      • TomFrank

        So I Googled Sylvester Stallone. His IMDB biography (2nd hit on Google), his Wikipedia entry (4th hit), and his Notable Names Database entry (5th hit) all mention his porno stint, and fairly early on. (Fun fact: the NNDB entry begins: “Sylvester Stallone was a difficult birth, yanked from his mother’s womb by a doctor’s forceps…”)

        But you’re taking my in-jest comment way too seriously. And belated happy birthday, MJB. Stop being such a stranger around here!

    • Dave Mustaine

      Ya but he’s Sylvester “effin” Stallone!

      Rocky, John Rambo, Marion Cobretti, Barney Ross etc. He gets a huge pass.

      • DeucePickle

        I think you’re all missing the point here.
        Have you ever heard Sylvester Stallone talk ? No one can understand a freakin word that guys says. You think 1st graders would ?

      • Richard McBeef

        sumbitch can’t read either.

      • Wow. I really can’t believe that you think that Sasha Grey is prideful of her ‘work.’ Half of the time she looks like she just smoked a bowl. It is so sad that she did it so young and was so boastful about it. She got into the industry to ‘challange’ it, and ended up like so many other porn stars: stretched out and ejaculated on. She’ll never be mainstream. She’ll never have that chance for the rest of her life.

      • MJB

        @TomFrank: Aw, thanks. Missed you, too! Now, you’re going to have to tell your birthday. ;p I figured you were joking with your Stallone comment.
        But I’m surprised at the people who think Sasha Grey is an acceptable choice. Can’t we agree that schools should be pedophile and porn star – free zones?
        Couldn’t they just have had the teacher read to them?

  17. I have not seen this chick in action yet. Does her performances live up to all the hype?

    • Venom

      I have watched her in action and honestly she does nothing for me.
      There are so many other girls out there that are better than her.

    • it had to be said

      Do you have one of those strange internet connections that only comes to this page? Watch her and let us know.

  18. Brought It

    We can all thank Steven Soderbergh for legitimizing her as an actress.

  19. Trillian

    What the hell?? So she has sex – everyone does – that’s how those children got there. Give me one good reason why porn stars should be looked down upon? She does it for money? Trump does terrible things in the naem of business and he does it for money, but he’s respectable? There are no good logical reasons to have such a hate on for her. I’d rather have her than some skeezy pedophile football coach or religious leader around my kids.

    • Brought It

      Trump is respectable…?

    • Bianca

      Because they’re disease ridden whores with no self-respect? I think that’s a good enough reason.

      I’d rather not my (hypothetical) children surrounded by whores and pedophiles period and pretend I have to settle on the lesser of 2 evils, but that’s just me.

    • Not everyone publicizes their sex life, either. There is a reason for that. Trump does do terrible things, but you’ll never hear him admitting to it in public. THAT’S THE DIFFERENCE. You don’t want to go airing your dirty laundry and then get upset when other folks talk about how badly it smells. Trump isn’t respectable either, but dirty business deals and dirty, gangbang-style sex are two different things. I can actually relate to doing a dirty deal for money. I can’t understand being a cumdumpster for money. You know Trillian, there are many people in the world that could have been invited like a police officer, nurse, or small-time businuess owner.

      • Jon Hex

        You can understand a shady deal that can negatively affect someone’s livelihood or life, but not someone making a porno everyone’s a willing participant in?

  20. JasonB

    I’d rather have a porn star read to my kids than, say, GWB.

    • stratacat

      you’re missing the point, dipshit. the options weren’t:
      a) sasha grey
      b) gwb
      they could have invited someone who isn’t a delusional worthless sack of holes.

      • JC

        If they were set on having either a celebrity OR a politician reading to them, then no, they couldn’t have invited someone who wasn’t a worthless sack of holes.

        That said, Sasha is welcome to read to me. She can read to me hard.

    • belly savalas

      Oh but good ol Barry Hussein would do, wouldn’t he JasonB?

      They’re all empty suits, you hack. Obama is a soulless puppet just like the rest.

  21. Sasha Grey
    Dave Mustaine
    Commented on this photo:


  22. Schmidtler

    It’s not that she’s a porn star that makes me question why they’d let her read to kids, but letting her read to kids after her godawful guest star role on ‘Entourage’ should get her banned from gigs at schools for life. that was the most obscene thing she’s ever done on film.

  23. Alexa

    thumbs up if you have ever volunteered to read, oh wait no thumbs available, for a reason, good job Sasha Grey reading to students, kudos.

  24. What did she read to the kids? Poking the Little Puppy?

  25. BonDotts

    No truth to the rumor she read Harold and the Purple Strap On

  26. DeucePickle

    It’s not her fault. She didn’t just decide to go up to a school and read to kids. Her agent or whoever scheduled this event and someone at the school said that would be great.

  27. God is Black

    This some weird shit? A porn star reads to 1st graders?Only in fucken USA! Actually I would not be offended if that’s all she did. Christ sake ,would you rather have a pedophile with a criminal record read to the kids or a cult fanatic? The people that went ape shit would have been the fathers……Could you imagine the dads trying to hide their boners or those only staring at her as if she was in a porn film right there? I would give a case of beer for photos of the parents/teachers expressions!

  28. Jon Hex

    She read a kids’ book to kids. She wasn’t there for Career Day. Jesus, like these kids are going to be horribly scarred when in eight years they realized an actress that read a book to them used to do porn. “But she spoke clearly and did voices? Should I have sex on camera, too?”
    And Fish, how is it unfortunate that someone read a book to kids?

  29. The guy “leaking” this story is Dr. James Bozzuto and he’s doing it to promote his book. He’s has been stalking Sasha since she rebuked his ass.

    The chick’s actually really cool.

  30. Sasha Grey
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m sure the reading was educational: “The Story of O” could be seen as teaching the kids about a letter of the alphabet…if we lived in a timeline where the Marquis de Sade is the producer of Sesame Street.

  31. MILF

    A warmonger like Dubya can read (ok, try) to kids at school, but not an adult film star? Come on! Speaking if which, my hubby & I just watched her in a gang bang and she is ROUGH. At the end the guys lined up and each shot off in her mouth & she didn’t swallow until the last one made his deposit. Sofa. King. Nasty.

  32. Rico Jones

    I would be more upset if George Bush read to my kid.

    • belly savalas

      Oh but good ol Barry Hussein would do, wouldn’t he Rico?

      They’re all empty suits, you hack. Obama is a soulless puppet just like the rest.

  33. Sasha Grey
    Mr. Sweden
    Commented on this photo:

    Best anus in porn.

  34. lolz

    From regular whore to publicity whore. Why would she do this other than for attention.and controversy

  35. “This is the story of Dick, Jane and Spot. Dick had a very large, throbbing, purple-headed weenie and Jane had a pretty, pink box that was really wet…”

  36. BTW, I kike Sasha Grey. She has a magnificent ass as well as pretty, moderate sized, natural breasts.

  37. I like how she’s considered an actress. I don’t think she’s pretending to be fucked up the ass. Although her motivation seems to be “get fucked up the ass”.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I need to compile my best fake orgasms of the year to submit for best actress awards. (Don’t tell LiLo, she’ll get ideas)

  38. Dan

    I really don’t understand this.

    Did she stick the book inside her? She she talk about sticking the book inside her? Was the book about sticking things inside her? Did she mention she could probably put the book inside her?

    Or did she just read a book for 30 minutes to some kids?

  39. Sasha Grey
    Commented on this photo:

    Totally bonable.

  40. Sasha Grey
    Commented on this photo:

    Would the parents that complain volunteer to read to the kids? Can they read? What kind of dirt can tmz dig up on those parents?

  41. Sasha Grey
    Commented on this photo:

    Gotta love the cold, dead eyes.

  42. plus KB

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  43. Arzach

    The girl is doing a good thing, and OK she is no role model at all but I doubt that she’s presented as such. I rather have her reading to kids than Lindsay Lohan

  44. Sasha Grey
    Commented on this photo:

    she did it for the money and sex.

  45. Sasha Grey
    Commented on this photo:


  46. Sasha Grey
    Commented on this photo:

    she embodies everything we stand for in capitalist society, sell urself

  47. Jon Hex

    It should be noted she was dressed like this when she read to the kids:
    Not in tight clothes and baring cleavage like in the photos accompanying this story.

  48. Netsurfer2

    I think Sasha Grey is awesome! Great personality, beautiful and cute! It should not affect her from reading just because she was a porn star! I wonder if she is thinking of having kids of her own some day???

    Do I dare say she is cute? I think so!

  49. This is for Ronnie, I did report the story to TMZ but sasha is the one who twitted with pride of her clandestine appearance at the school. I told TMZ they made the world a better place publicizing this event. I did write a book and published a scientific paper on sasha, the paper is Sasha Grey and Faust. In case you forgot, when you sell your soul to the devil for a few shekles, you do get what you want for a while, but he does come to take his pound of flesh. Old story, new players. goerthe is brilliant, worth reading again. Anyway, my thesis is that sasha is dying and it is sad to watch. She doesn’t get it, no empathy, she wants to “continue to read to the little sweet children”. She forgot you have to invited by parents or children. She will never be allowed in a classroom for the rest of her life. The developmental task of 6 year olds is to protect them nor overstimulate them with sex. It is called latency, good to learn math reading and science. Latency continues till adolescence. Sasah had no adolescence, never really went to school, no one cared. So she plans her own destruction, sad, she now has to pay the devil for her pact, she has every imaginable illness and is morally dead, trying to force herself into classrooms with her message of death. Sad, parents will never approve. It is like watching charlie disintegrate before our eyes. The thesis of my book is that it takes only one man to stand up and stop the madness. If there was “one man” at Penn State who would have stood up when a 270 lb. man was raping a ten year old boy, in full sight, it would have ended. When I saw 15 grown men penetrated sasha anally, continually, with bleeding, I said I have to speak up, you cannot do this to an 18 year old, even if she consents. Enough said, sad.

  50. TheVoice

    Double anal is regular stuff. Vanilla. Triple anal is a bit risque now. As well as aggressive throat f*****g, throat-bangs you may call it, with gagging, slapping, spitting and puking.

    Sasha’s used to the latter, not so much the former. She’s proud of the word she did, good for her.

    But if she was still in porn I’m pretty sure she would have done trip-A by now, given her A+ record.

    Btw I’m glad to see so many supporters of the porn-career on here, I hope you all have daughters. I know that you will guide them into this promising field. There’s lots of jobs here. By the time they grow up quad anal will be the norm. I look forward to seeing your daughters’ scenes.

    I look forward to seeing your daughters, sisters and mothers(when her house is foreclosed) licking toilet seats, getting their heads flushed, peed on, c*m in their eyes, double an*l stuffed, gangbanged by 15+ guys. Slapped, spit on in the face, and aggressively throat f****ked until they cry, puke and pass out- at which point the sex will continue and they’ll be slapped back conscious and on they go.(this happens) Rinse and repeat.

    The economy is down, they need money, and this is a great career choice for any female. They’ll enjoy it and feel empowered and so will I.

    Just like Brandon Iron(famous male pornstar and producer of the great “Slap Happy” series) said in an interview,”Porn is a scummy business.” and ” You’ll have the worst 30 minutes of your life, but I’ll pay you for it.” (about the girls). I disagree with him though, they enjoy this sh*t. Pissed on, male-anal-licking, slapped around, spit on repeatedly, gangbanged by masses of strangers.

    They’ll self-actualize by getting c*m shot in their eyes!

    Ciao folks!

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