Sarah Jessica Parker is classically beautiful (i.e. ugly)

October 3rd, 2007 // 169 Comments

Where’s He-Man? Skeletor’s running around in a wedding dress again. No, hold on, it’s Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of the Sex and the City movie. Gross. So the guy who has to marry her committed some sort of awful crime right? What’d he do; murder the president’s daughter by blowing up a bus full of schoolchildren and baby pandas? Even then marrying Sarah Jessica Parker is a bit harsh. Couldn’t they just give him a lethal injection?

NOTE: This is maybe the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

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  1. God she’s obese, I’m afraid she’ll engulf me in her sheer mass.

  2. craigj

    AH MY EYES!!!

    this is in no way an attractive woman. Oh I’m sure she has a sparkling personality and is an engaging converstationalist, but dress her up in as much fashion as you possiblly can and she’s just never going to be good looking.

  3. brenda

    Strapless isn’t for everybody. Oh and #151 is a man not a woman.

  4. LP

    @169 & 172
    alright u got me.
    it’s just stupid if u asked me. i don’t rly know if it’s true or not, i guess it must be if some ppl argue for it so much and admit they themselves are doing it. just seemed such an absurd statement.

    and @162 $30 on a lipstick is a waste if u asked me. go buy some fuckin’ condoms!

  5. roughdaddy

    #153 jfk jr. humps her when she was young, firm, and thight,,,im not a sjp basher but those days are different…

  6. zsa

    I love Sarah Jessica and can’t wait to see the movie, but that has got to be the ugliest wedding dress I’ve ever seen.

  7. zsa

    BTW-I totally agree with you peach #129, but even I’ve got to say that some of her clothes on the show have been strange. Doesn’t take away from her though, I love SATC.

  8. reminds me of baba yaga Oo
    spooky !!!!

  9. Julius Streicher

    what a fugly jewess

  10. xman

    when did they do a remake of the wizard of oz Is that not the wicked witch

  11. Chantelle

    68. JP- That comment was a bit generalized, don’t ya think? I have boobs, a vagina, ovaries, a uterus, and I think SJP is DAMN fugly. I never liked that show. I hate how everyone is like, oh SJP, she’s such a fashion icon! No…she’s not. Her face is fugly, her body is fugly, her dress sense is fugly. Everything about her is fugly, period.

    39. santa is my dad- Don’t speak for all women. Some of us have taste, and hate this stupid arse show, and some of us don’t spread our legs for anyone.

    78. Tits McGee- You said what I was thinking. Claps for you

    Boo freaking hoo, no spoiler alert.

  12. yo i think that she is the ugliest person on this earth and baby strapless is totally not her style i think that everyone who wrote whe was ugly is right!!

  13. jp

    i have sex all the time i dont think that she has sex and besides i like to have sex and whoever is marrying her i hope likes the sex!! sex feels good!!

  14. Poisson

    I am a woman, and not only do I find SJP to be one of the ugliest people I have ever seen in my entire life, famous or not, I also find her to be materialistic, air-headed, and totally fake. You all saying she is charming, talented, ‘genuine’, etc.–she’s NOT. She’s a bitch, she’s just less obvious about it. And her character on the show is the most annoying character I have ever seen.

  15. Dura


  16. The Laughing God

    I’d do her over Betty White any day.

  17. Lola

    Her fingernails look like she bites them down to the nub.

  18. Alys

    Christopher Reeve was a quadraplegic, not a paraplegic, jotos. Notice he didn’t move AT ALL below the neck.

    Sarah Jessica is obviously not a beautiful woman, to say the very least. But I’ve seen her interview and she’s very gracious and poised. To keep saying she’s ugly over and over is beating a dead horse. Haha…… HAHAHAHAHA…………… whew! But seriously, no one ever seems to notice that the media and most people seem to think that it’s normal and desireable for hot women to be with ugly ass men. Like every hideous carrier of the y chromosome is entitled to a beautiful woman. But WHOA THERE Seabiscuit (couldn’t resist), don’t ever say that maybe they would be better suited to an uglier, or God forbid heavier woman. Fat, ugly ass men everywhere believe they are better than fat and/or ugly women. I say it should be law. The legion of hot yet incredibly stupid women with no taste in men should be protected from themselves and we should make it illegal for uggo guys to hit on them, take them out, or marry them UNLESS they are brilliant. That’s an equalizer. Actually it’s superior because if we breed brilliant people they could genetically engineer hot people, so the human race would be brilliant and beautiful. Weed gives me great ideas % p

  19. Rich guy

    This page is ugly, all you do is pointing that she is ugly, at her wedding…
    Are you stupid enough to not write something else INTRESTED
    Ye whatever commenter nobody cares that you agree shes ugly.

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