Sarah Palin Used To Do Coke, Black Guys

September 14th, 2011 // 193 Comments

Putting her opposition to Obama in perspective, Sarah Palin reportedly banged basketball star, and more importantly to her fanbase, not-white guy Glen Rice shortly before marrying Todd and becoming snowmobiling cokeheads. So basically the most believable shit you’ll ever read in your life. RadarOnline reports:

The book, which is due to be published on September 20, alleges that just one year before she eloped with Todd, Sarah enjoyed a steamy interracial one-night stand with 6-foot-8 basketball great, Glen Rice. Sarah is said to have met the sportsman in 1987 when he was playing a college basketball tournament in Alaska and she was working as a sports reporter for local station KTUU.
The book also charges that before she became Alaska Governor, both Sarah and Todd dabbled in cocaine use and claims she was once seen snorting the drug off an overturned 55-gallon oil drum while snowmobiling with friends.

I love how this book tries to portray Sarah Palin as such an out-of-control, oil-loving Scarface that she feels the need to snort blow off a fucking drum of crude. Granted, it could all be completely true because who doesn’t love black penis? but there seems to be a lot of reaching going on here. Notably the parts where nothing gets shot from a helicopter while palming out another baby in front of a nine month old. You’ve got to know your characters, is all I’m saying. That said, I may have added captions presupposing we live in a world where Sarah Palin secretly craves the deep chocolate with a side of pure Colombian. You’ve got to reach for that low-hanging fruit, is also something I say.

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  1. Buddy the Elf

    I cant stand wannabee political rhetoric spewers trying to sound intelligent on gossip sites.

    Just show us some tits, compromising photos, etc and let us goof on rich famous people and keep your religions and political cliche opinions to yourself.

  2. kimmykimkim

    I’m soooo surprised….

  3. Cardinal Fang

    Drug user and wanting the acceptance of blacks – Doesn’t this make her a Democrat?

  4. chev70

    No way was she a sports reporter!

    I hate her, but her tits look nice in these pics.

  5. Obama did coke and black guys.

  6. Sarah Palin
    guy rossi
    Commented on this photo:

    “when I go huntin it feels like I’m having sex with a black man and when I’m having sex with a black man it feels like I’m hunting.

  7. Sarah Palin
    Commented on this photo:

    This is the best one.

  8. dork

    She’s a big boob. Well, two big boobs. She pretty much disgusts me. But I would rub my wiener all over those boobs.

    • Albert Einstein

      then you have no honor. but then… that would make you a liberal. sorry to be redundant. and btw… she wouldn’t let you. cuz you’re a dork.

      • Any Guy

        and Albert wins TROLL OF THE YEAR for his inane chatter in this thread. way to go big boy! your neo-con lapdog attitude shows your ignorance by leaps and bounds. typical, SO typical. your little troll-belly must be bursting with so much bait. way to take it and look like the fool you truly are. when you can secure a Harvard Law degree then you can talk shit about our president. we’ll wait….

  9. Sarah Palin
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  10. Beefarino

    So Nailin’ Palin was more truth than fiction?

  11. Bill Clinton's zipper

    M Bachman did a Chinese guy and heroin !True

  12. slappy magoo

    I looked and walked like this for a week and a half. It was so worth it!

  13. Sarah Palin
    slappy magoo
    Commented on this photo:

    And I’ll say to all those naysayers, those negative Nellies in the lamestream media: You are all wrong. You CAN “go back.” I’m living proof.

  14. Sarah Palin
    slappy magoo
    Commented on this photo:

    And I did it like this and that is why it was only a one-night stand. What did I do wrong, ladies? Yes, in three words: Too much teeth.

  15. Sarah Palin
    slappy magoo
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    Even after all these years…aftershocks…

  16. Sarah Palin
    Commented on this photo:

    And you finished this off perfectly.

    I’m sure that’s what she said to him too.

  17. Sarah Palin
    Commented on this photo:

    You’re a boss, Fish.

  18. Sarah Palin
    Commented on this photo:

    This explains a lot. Does she realize we’re not drilling for cocaine?

  19. TIGER


  20. This kind of crap is just desperation. I can’t wait for 2012 when the Dems get their ass handed to them.

    • Albert Einstein


    • Sari

      I’m a black lib female and the insults against this woman is nothing short of pathetic. No grown up actually believes these rumors, do they? McGuinness purposely parked his toukis next door to them and is spewing nonsense.

      I think after 2008 and the big letdown Obama gave us, such rumors are finally being accepted as that.

      Don’t like her? Don’t vote for her. Simple.

      This stuff? Ridiculous.

      • Any Guy

        because Ken Starr didn’t waste MILLIONS of tax payer dollars on a witch hunt right? such short memories for the Republinazis.

    • Cardinal Fang

      Voters were stupid enough the first time they may just have it in them to do it again.

  21. AdamG

    I assume all Republican babes do coke and black guys.

  22. Glen Rice

    She quit half way through

  23. Sarah Palin
    The Most Interesting
    Commented on this photo:

    Why am I reminded of that scene in Police Academy?

    • Asif

      He finally firuge it out. Before he selected Palin as his running mate, his campaign was going nowhere. After her selection he even took the lead for the first time. Palin’s rallies drew thousands and even tens of thousands of people who were willing to stand in line, and wait for hours to see her.

  24. Sarah Palin
    The Most Interesting
    Commented on this photo:

    “Seriously! After Trig, it was *this* wide! Todd put a moose head up there!”

  25. Sarah Palin
    The Most Interesting
    Commented on this photo:

    “So, I hear you’re into ‘going rogue’?”

  26. Sarah Palin
    Commented on this photo:

    Posts like this are why I love you.

  27. jamman

    Obviously these morons have mixed up Sarah Palin with Bill Clinton.

  28. An Englishman

    There’s nothing wrong with any of that , unless you want to become a right wing Politician . You have to become president before anything gets out, then you can get away with assassinating the witnesses. To protect the institution of the presidency .

  29. Sarah Palin
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    best caption ive ever seen on this site blogger man

  30. Sarah Palin
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    good stuff my man. And what is up with her hair? Horrible colors.

  31. Wow, what a rugged woman. She does her blow off of oil drums after snowmobiling.

    Us pussy “elitists” use mirrors while playing PlayStation.

    • Albert Einstein

      you pussies still play playstation when you’re adults.

      • Any Guy

        ah, the angry TROLLS talk tough about ‘pussies’ yet confront no one in real life. i guarantee you’re a little balding fat man sitting in his mom’s basement. don’t break your chubby little arm patting yourself on your back fat. try not to cum in your pants when you pull that lever for the tea baggers. however, throwing your vote away will be serving the country’s best interest, so have at it you angry little nerd.

  32. Sarah Palin
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    Does this photo really need a caption? I mean, in every picture surrounding this sort of topic there’s a white woman who says it all with her hands

  33. a reagan

    what’s the problem?
    ………she simply goes for HUGE c*cks like kim kardashian.

  34. forrest gump

    you don’t know how many politicians take cocaine.
    ….EVEN TODAY, folks!!

  35. SlapKatyPerry

    Sarah palin = “I used to snort coke with Bush–I MEAN IN THE BUSH, IN THE BUSH. Ahem

  36. Sarah Palin
    Steve Rodgers
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    The slow jams made me laugh at my desk. Good job getting me in trouble!

  37. Mark

    Didn’t Obama used to get gay with Rahm Emanuel? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  38. Gerry O Reilly

    Oh I wish I was Black she is one HOT lady bit dim but who cares :)

  39. Sarah Palin
    Commented on this photo:

    “I’m KOO KOO for Cocoa Cock!”

  40. daryl

    Sarah palin rocks i love her style.i can’t waite for 2012 in november to vote for her president.It’s ashame that sorry for an excuse of a president who name shell not be said will longer be president. And if yall want some come get some.

  41. Sarah Palin
    Commented on this photo:

    “Oh you betcha ahhfficers. The one with the engine, or the one with the penis?”

  42. Hickok

    So much for your claimed love for diversity

  43. Randy AsIAm

    You don’t think Obama banged fat white chicks while.smoking crack?

  44. Sarah Palin
    Commented on this photo:

    I would fuck her titties all night. In front of her daughter’s even bigger titties. In front of a black man/black bear.

  45. me

    lmao….. in that pic she looks like she just got some black cock and had to do some blow to give a speech.

  46. Average Black Guy

    As a dem , I’d like to spooooge all over her tits !

  47. Darnell Jackson

    Oh Hell Yeah! I did her from the backside and snorted coke off her tits !She likes the dark meat real good !

  48. Cardinal Fang

    Join the conservative movement if only because the women are hot and actually shower a few times a week. But if you like your granola girls and hairy armpits you can stay where you are if you like.

  49. Sarah Palin
    Commented on this photo:

    Cocaine, Palin & inter-racial fucking. I’m real glad I can type with one han… too late, I’m cum.

  50. Lies

    The woman was/is a trendsetter with her foresight and bold exploration of means and positions to get the BBC vote. I am now reconsidering voting Palin. Not mad atcha.

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